Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 13 - When Will She Be Able to Get Married?
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Chapter 13: When Will She Be Able to Get Married?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What’s up?” Yu Qianying could tell that Song Yu had something to say just by looking at her behavior.

“Nothing, just some last-minute matters with the company, which I’ll have to...”

“Are you working overtime again? You’re always working overtime, for you to come home is such a rare occasion. I even thought of hooking you up with Jian Yi but you’re not making it any easier for me. Maybe you should just spend the rest of your life with your job!”

“Ma. This business really is important.” Song Yu acted like a spoiled child and tugged lightly at Yu Qianying’s woolen sweater.

Yu Qianying shook Song Yu’s hand off moodily. “Go, go, go! Go and take care of your business!”

The argument from the kitchen could be heard from the living room, prompting Jian Yi and Song Donglin to enter the kitchen.

“What happened?” Song Donglin removed his presbyopia glasses and rubbed its lens against his shirt.

“All she knows is to work and she never knows when to come home! It was so difficult to get her to come home today! Yet she said she has to leave just after one phone call. All she thinks about is her business. When will she be able to get married?” Yu Qianying was curt in front of Jian Yi, as if her words were specifically directed for him to hear.

Song Yi smiled shyly at Jian Yi. He returned her smile with a wink and a smile of his own.

“I’m sorry, Jian Yi, I have some matters that need to be dealt with immediately.” Song Yu walked over to Jian Yi, then looked down and pouted her lips. “I was the one who invited you over for dinner yet I can’t finish the meal with you.”

“Don’t worry about it, there’s always another time. Let me drive you there.” Jian Yi had been meaning to pat her head – he lifted his hand to do so but stopped halfway since he felt that it was improper to pat her in front of her parents.

Before Song Yu could answer, Yu Qianying snapped and said, “Nonsense! The traffic is congested at the moment. It was already half past seven when you came. The journey to send her and come back will take two hours and the food would be cold by then. You were invited here because we wanted to have dinner with you. Let her go herself. You stay here.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about me. It’s only gonna take a while for me to reach there by cab. You don’t need to send me.” Song Yu smiled and touched his shirt sleeve lightly to make him feel more at ease.

“Ma, I’ll be back on Saturday. Promise,” Song Yu turned and said.

“Tell me only if you’re certain you can come back. I don’t want to be cooking spicy stir-fried squid if you’re not eating.” Despite pulling a long face, Yu Qianying still loved Song Yu dearly, and was she not hinting that she would be cooking Song Yu’s favorite spicy stir-fried squid?

Song Yu smiled and replied, “I’ll get going. I’ll call you both tonight.”

Jian Yi still insisted on sending her while Yu Qianying adamantly prevented him from doing so.

Song Donglin spoke only after Song Yu left. “It’s not easy for our daughter to make money. She may always be busy with work but she’s doing so for the sake of this household. Don’t be so hard on her all the time.”

Yu Qianying’s sighed while her eyes were turning red. She glanced at Jian Yi and brought out the dishes she cooked. She shook her head as she said, “Song Yu, my child, we’ve been burdening you.”



Song Yu hailed a cab once she stepped out of the house. Public transport was chocked full of people at that time and it was next to impossible to squeeze in them. Even the taxis were all booked and she had no choice but to take an unlicensed vehicle since she was afraid to keep Qi Chengzhi waiting.

It was half past eight by the time she reached the apartment building’s entrance. The sky was pitch black and tiny fragments of snow were falling.

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