Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 361 - Tiavanas vs. Arak
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Chapter 361: Tiavanas vs. Arak

If Li Cheng knew what Arak was thinking, he would definitely laugh out loud. A demigod powerhouse was not knowledgeable enough. Who was he looking down on? His cannons were all Immortal-grade!

Of course, Li Cheng could not be bothered by what Arak was thinking.

At this time, a beam of light descended. Li Cheng had already brought Tiavanas to Arak slowly. He looked at Arak with great interest.

Besides being a little embarrassed, Arak was exactly the same as he remembered.

Li Cheng was in a daze. Arak was an extremely strong existence in his previous life. The players on Earth had spent a lot of effort dealing with him, but in the end, there was nothing they could do. Arak was only defeated after many Gods stepped in to work together.

Li Cheng also obtained his first Legendary soldier during this large-scale world event. He still remembered their name. Retribution Knights.

Although he only managed to exchange for a few dozen of them, it was still pretty good for Li Cheng in his previous life. Relying on these dozens of Retribution Knights, his life got a lot easier.

But now, Li Cheng merely chuckled. With his current strength, it was hard for him to imagine who else in the mortal plane would be his opponent, this Arak in front of him? He was just a demigod. Li Cheng did not care about him at all.

Thinking of his previous life, Li Cheng was in a daze. Very quickly, he came back to his senses. He yawned and asked Tiavanas, “How do you plan to deal with him?”

At this moment, Tiavanas’s scarlet eyes were filled with hatred. She gritted her teeth and said to Li Cheng, “Don’t make a move. Let me handle him myself!”

“Okay.” Naturally, Li Cheng would not reject Tiavanas’s request.

If Arak was her enemy who she hated to the bone, her heart that was filled with hatred would only be able to obtain peace by personally killing him herself.

After agreeing to Tiavanas’s request, Li Cheng threw her countless bottles of Immortal-grade potions. As for the effects, Li Cheng did not care about them. He just gave her a few bottles of everything he had. He was never a stingy person to his own people.

Even if Tiavanas was just a demigod-level powerhouse, her combat strength would definitely increase significantly after using them. When she received the bottles of potion, her eyes lit up. Without hesitation, she drank them.

Then, a burst of extremely thick and dark-red blood exploded from her body. Her aura also continued to rise.

When Arak saw Tiavanas in this state, he was shocked. He was very familiar with this sister of his. They had exchanged blows many times.

What Tiavanas was using now was her ultimate move. Burning her own blood could greatly increase her fighting strength, but in contrast, she would have to pay a corresponding price when she obtained strength. After her qi and blood dissipated, the aftereffects were very terrifying.

Tiavanas’s current aura had already surpassed Arak’s by a large margin, even surpassing the limit of a demigod. Some weaker Gods might not be able to defeat Tiavanas when she was in this state.

When he saw this, Arak gave Li Cheng a deep look. He did not understand who this man in front of him was for Tiavanas to trust him that much. However, now was not the time to think about this because Tiavanas’s attack was approaching him.

Li Cheng gave Tiavanas some face. He said that he would not help, so he retreated to the side to watch the show. Naturally, Li Cheng was not worried at all about the outcome of the battle between the two of them.

Tiavanas had taken so many of his Immortal-grade potions and Li Cheng had secretly helped her. If she still could not defeat Arak, she could just dig a hole and bury himself in it.

A few minutes later, the battle had entered a white-hot state. Arak was now being beaten up by Tiavanas.

Arak was cursing at Li Cheng 10,000 times in his heart. He had always fought with a large number of people.

The reason why the Undead army was named as such was that they were large in number and easy to produce. Even if a lot of them died, he would not feel any heartache. On the contrary, he would be even happier, because this way, his strength would also become stronger.

But now, as long as his Undead army appeared, they would be instantly killed by Li Cheng’s troops. Moreover, they could not be resurrected. There was no way for him to win at all.

At this moment, Tiavanas let out a delicate cry. The huge blood-red sickle drew a red crescent in the air, looking extremely demonic.

Arak hurriedly raised the longsword in his hand to block. Then, he flew back like a kite with a broken string. The pitch-black light was like a broken stream of water, pouring out.

Seeing their battle, Li Cheng yawned out of boredom. As the strongest Death Knight, Arak’s defense and durability were very high. Simply put, he was very durable and he would not be killed in a short time.

Therefore, the bored Li Cheng opened his backpack and took out a broken piece of paper. After building the Wonder building, the system rewarded him with a small coordinate. The coordinate was for the Eastern Canyon.

Since he was already here, Li Cheng naturally did not plan to let it go. One had to know that the attributes of the Wonder building were pretty good.

Li Cheng’s eyes flashed with an extremely dangerous light. If he remembered correctly, the Red Dragon’s nest was in the east.

Among the four-colored dragons, Li Cheng already had the Frost Dragon, the Golden Dragon, and the Black Dragon. The only thing he lacked now was the Red Dragon.

If he could obtain the recruitment authority of the Red Dragon, then the Dragon Soul would become complete. He could also obtain the establishment authority of the ancient Dragon Empire. That would be very good for him.

The Dragon Soul had also helped Li Cheng overcome many crises. Hence, he had even higher expectations for the Dragon Soul once it was completed.

When he thought of this, he suddenly found the battle between Tiavanas and Arak to be very boring. Tiavanas was also intentionally torturing Arak to take revenge, so she did not kill him immediately.

Soon, Li Cheng said to Tiavanas indifferently, “It’s about time. We still have some things to do. Let’s settle this quickly.”

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