Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 39 Im Living in a New Room(1)
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After that, when Qin Mian saw the three of them coming for di

er, he was not surprised in the slightest; Only Lei Chuntao, because her skin was too thin, did not want to come. However, Qin Mian still prepared her meals every day and let her bring them back to the Madam Du.

After almost half a month, the new house was finally completed. Green brick and black tiles stood there silently. It was because Qin Mian often went to the "supervisors", and entertained helpers who were warm and thoughtful. The helpers were meticulous in their work, and each brick and tile was neat and tidy.

On the day the house was built, Qin Mian moved the meal in his bag from noon to night, and even prepared some good wine. The helpers were both eating and drinking heartily. They were scolded and laughed at when their wives returned to their homes.

After this matter, they had a better understanding of Qin Mian and his character, and after that, they treated the two of them with more kindness. This attitude had affected the other villagers in the village to a certain extent. Qin Mian and Lei Tia's relationship with the people in the village had become better, especially Qin Mian. This is a later story, so let's not talk about it for now.

While the iron was hot, Qin Mian found a few experienced plasterers and showed them the blueprints of the kang he had already painted. He explained in detail and successfully built the kang.

Other than a hint of surprise when Lei Tia saw the map, he did not comment and allowed him to do as he pleased.

After the brick bed was finished, Qin Mian focused all of his attention on the bathroom. He and Lei Tia spent two days to find a few pieces of marble from the mountain to deliver to the Jade Pavilion that made the jewelry. They made them use special cutting tools to cut the stones into flat stone slabs, which were used to spread the bathroom floor and the kitchen stove. It only took Qin Mianxin a few cuts and a polish to get 5 taels of silver, which hurt so much that he did not buy any meat or vegetables that day.

That shop's cutting master felt even more wronged than him. His cutting knife was used to cut jade pearls, not stones. In the end, for money, he cut it.

After that, Qin Mian and Lei Tia took the furniture blueprints and went to the Rich Wood Store.

Liao Zhifu saw Qin Mian walk in the door with a smile on his face and Lei Tia silently followed beside him with a basket on his back. This familiar scene made him think for a moment that time had flowed back to a month ago.

"Boss Liao, how have you been?"

The bright smile on Qin Mian's face made Liao Zhifu suddenly feel a pain in his stomach, "Hehe, it was originally little brother. Last time, the drawing made their boss earn more than 5000 taels of silver, which was not much for a businessman. However, it was rare for them to find out that 5000 taels of silver was a month's worth of pure profit. Therefore, he didn't want to offend Qin Mian anymore.

"I don't dare," Qin Mian smiled even more enthusiastically, "I'm here to give you money again."

"Oh?" Liao Zhifu was interested.

Lei Tia's gaze never left Qin Mian's body. Since his wife was so good at earning money, he couldn't be any worse off than her.

"What are you thinking about?" Qin Mian nudged Lei Tia with his arm, but Lei Tia did not react even after he said it a few times.

Lei Tia snapped back to reality and was inwardly astonished. He was actually absent-minded and calm when he was not alone, but seeing that Liao Zhifu was also looking at him in confusion, he finally reacted and took out a few pieces of paper from the basket, handing it over to Qin Mian.

Qin Mian looked at the topmost one and passed it to Liao Zhifu, "Boss Liao, can you look at it first?"

Liao Zhifu looked over with rapt attention, and an expression of shock surfaced on his face, "This is a wardrobe?"

"Exactly." Qin Mian nodded.

Liao Zhifu did not immediately express his opinion. Seeing that Qin Mian still had a few pieces of paper in his hands, he stared at the shop assistant who was looking at him curiously, "If you don't have any discernment, why don't you serve the two brothers some tea?"

"Yes." The waiter quickly retreated.

Qin Mian smiled as he pulled Lei Tia to sit down.

Liao Zhifu sat in front of them. Looking at the blueprint, he said in a measured voice: "I've only seen the wardrobe with the sliding doors, but it's the first time that I've seen anyone move left and right." Qin Mian's drawing was very detailed and was not difficult to understand at all.

Qin Mian went straight to the point, "The reason why we came today is because we want to customize a few pieces of furniture in your shop, and also because we want to earn some money to subsidize our families. What do you think of this map, Boss Liao? "

Liao Zhifu was a businessman, with his unique eyes, the wardrobe was divided into different sizes and had one with the dressing table. In the middle, beside the mirror, there were a few small squares, which could be used to store items such as jewelry like rouge, cosmetics, combs, and combs. He was sure that such a wardrobe would be welcomed by his wife.

Strange to say, why didn't anyone think of doing this before? Liao Zhifu was somewhat upset, but he straightforwardly said: "This map costs 10 taels of silver, little brother, what do you think?"

Qin Mian did not object, this kind of closet was nothing special, he was too embarrassed to kill people.

Seeing that he did not call out a bid, Liao Zhifu vaguely guessed that he also had the intention to befriend her. The smile on his face became more sincere, and he asked: "What about the other pictures?" He looked at Qin Mian's hand.

Qin Mian gave him the sofa design. Explaining the details, Liao Zhifu praised the design and priced it at 50 gold.

In the end, Qin Mian took out a plate and a potato from the basket.

Liao Zhifu and the extremely curious young lad looked at him in confusion.

Qin Mian snickered, and turned his back to them. In a moment, he was going to peel off the potatoes, and turn around to show them.

"Is the peeling speed fast or not?"

Liao Zhifu was shocked: "This … "How did you do it?"

Qin Mian laughed but did not speak, and when he turned his back to Yun Che, he similarly did not turn around for more than a moment.

Liao Zhifu looked at the plate and saw that it was filled with thin shredded potatoes.

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