Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 36 Building a New House
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Lei Daqiang, Lei Xiangren, Lei Xiangyi and Lei Xianglee. Qin Mian also asked Lei Tia to bring the people he had on the way over. He went to ask them to express his attitude. If they were to refuse, then he and Lei Tia's reputation in the village would really decline in the case of a "unfilial act". It was their business whether Lei Daqiang and the others were willing to come or not. Now, the two families only had to maintain their pride.

Since the days were not up yet, Lei Tia carried his bow and basket to the mountain. If he could catch some prey, he wouldn't need to spend money to buy them.

Lei Tia was beating grass and alerting snakes in front of him with a stick. He even had a new, slightly smaller basket in his basket.

Qin Mian followed behind empty-handed. He thought that Lei Tia was a strong warrior, they wouldn't encounter any danger on the mountain, so he decided to travel up the mountain. It had rained in the autumn two days ago, and the mushrooms in the moist grass were packed together like umbrellas. They stood in the grass in high spirits, making people happy when they saw them.

The mushrooms were fresh and beautiful, Qin Mian took out the shovel from his basket and started digging. Even though he and Lei Tia had not communicated with each other, they had a tacit understanding on how many times they had gone up the mountain. Lei Tia took his bow and arrows and circled around to find prey. Not long after, he had obtained a three-pound wild rabbit.

Since they were free from work, the two of them did not rush. After Qin Mian finished digging the surrounding mushrooms, they continued to walk deeper into the mountains.

It was just that the dew was too heavy. Despite the two of them wearing an extra pair of pants, the legs of the pants were still wet and slightly cold as they stuck to the flesh.

Lei Tia's pants were also wet below the knees, he did not care at all.

"Are there big guys in the mountains? If you can hunt a big guy, you can make some leather knee pads to keep warm and waterproof. "

"Yes." "Let's go further in." Lei Tia caught a glimpse of a brown colored snake quietly sticking its head out from the bushes on Qin Mian's left. Without batting an eyelid, Lei Tia stabbed the rod in his hand forward and the snake flew far away.

"What's wrong?" When Qin Mian heard the rustling of the leaves, he looked up in puzzlement.

"I'm fine."

Qin Mian felt a sharp pain on the back of his hand, and he lowered his head. A small tree about the height of a man was covered with red fruits about the size of a grain of wheat.

"Why weren't you careful?" Lei Tia saw a long and thin scratch on the back of his hand and frowned.

"This is …" Qin Mian didn't dare believe his eyes. A few days ago, he was still lamenting that there were no pepper in this world, but today, he was found on the mountain. In his previous life, his grandfather had planted three pepper trees in his garden.

Lei Tia replied: "Ma Guo."

Another new name. Qin Mian did not know whether to laugh or cry. He picked a fruit and placed it in his mouth.

Lei Tia suddenly grabbed his hand, "Put everything into your mouth?"

This was the first time he spoke to Qin Mian with such a strict tone. Qin Mian was a little curious, so this person also had a temper, and was a little worried. He smiled at him, "This is a pepper tree, this fruit is a type of seasoning. I have a premonition that we have gained another path of wealth. "We have to mark this place and dig up this tree when we come back.

Lei Tia stared at him for a long time, without saying a word, he took out a shovel from his basket. Without even looking, he stabbed it into a tree nearby, turned around and walked away. A piece of bark larger than the face of the tree was poked out, exposing the beige heart of the tree.

Qin Mian had the illusion that his skin was peeled off, and his back felt cold, as he looked at the man's back with suspicion. Was this guy angry?

He took a few quick steps forward and caught up, then looked Lei Tia's expression — expressionless, his expression cold.

Really? Qin Mian was extremely surprised, as he vaguely realized something. He once again chased after Lei Tia, raised his arm and hooked it around Lei Tia's shoulder, and smiled at him. Due to the difference in height, this posture was a bit awkward, but he did not let go.

"I know what I'm doing. I won't recklessly eat things I don't know. I didn't eat the pepper from before, I just licked it with my tongue. "

Lei Tia's expression finally eased up.

"That thing is called Ma Guo? Don't you know it can be used as seasoning? "

"The taste is spicy, the old man thought it was poisonous."

"So that's how it is." Qin Mian rolled his eyes and smiled.

Around two o'clock, the two of them went down the mountain hungry. After half a day's harvest, the harvest was plentiful. There was a wild hare, three wild chickens, and two deer each weighed over forty pounds. They were most likely brothers, a basket of mushrooms, and chestnuts. Because there were too many things, Qin Mian's hands were not empty either. The pepper tree will not be dug for the time being until the new house is built. Qin Mian picked a lot.

When they got home, both of them were sweating profusely. Qin Mian's body was currently very healthy, and did not feel tired at all. It was just that his arm was a little sore, so he sat for a while to prepare some food.

Lei Tia already knew that his wife wouldn't be happy even if she didn't have any meat, so he picked up a chicken and went to deal with his without any orders.

Qin Mian watched him walk towards the river with satisfaction and decided to cook chestnut chicken at noon.


In the blink of an eye, it was time for the construction of the new house to begin. The sun rose high in the sky, and the sky was filled with the beauty of the heavens.

Qin Mian invited Sister Zhang and another Aunt Wang with better cooking skills to come over to cook. Aunt Wang was around 40 years old, her skills were top of the bunch in the village. The son of the Sister Zhang had a good relationship with the Aunt Wang, so she immediately agreed when Qin Mian came to invite her.

After eating breakfast at home early in the morning, the two of them brought each other to Qin Mian Family and brought some bowls and chopsticks along with them. Because Qin Mian Family was not enough, he could only borrow it from someone else.

The night before, Qin Mian had prepared the rice noodle soup for today, and he explained in detail to Sister Zhang Zi and her lunch.

The two had already heard that Qin Mian had prepared two meat dishes. When they saw the chickens and rabbits in the kitchen, they were still a little excited.

The staple food is steamed bread, and the meat and vegetables are potato stewed rabbit meat, pheasant stewed mushroom, stir-fried garnet and stir-fried eggplant.

Sister Zhang's and Aunt Wang's work was done very quickly. They rolled up their sleeves, washed their hands, and began to busy themselves.

After reminding the two of them not to forget to boil some tea, Qin Mian hurried back to his house.

The helpers were all honest and did not come late on purpose. They also came after breakfast. When Qin Mian arrived, everyone was already busy. Lei Tia held onto a piece of paper and said something to Zhang Dashuan.

Not far from the pile of bricks and tiles were two tables and a few chairs, most likely borrowed by Lei Tia.

Qin Mian walked over quickly.

When Zhang Dashuan saw him, he smiled and said to Lei Tia: "This painting couldn't have been drawn by your wife, right?" The houses and structures of the villagers were basically the same — the three rooms were divided into three parts, with the main hall on the center and more bedrooms on both sides. However, Qin Mian's drawing had divided the three houses into four, two of them were small, and the two to the north had a path between them, with one of the back doors. This kind of arrangement was unique in the village, so Zhang Dashuan was a little curious.

Lei Tia did not deny it.

"Brother Zhang." Qin Mian greeted Zhang Dashuan, and did not immediately go over, but welcomed the helpers' gazes that were secretly sizing him up. With a smile on his face, he raised his voice and said, "Big brothers and uncles, thank you very much for showing up and helping us out. Today's lunch is potato stewed rabbit meat, pheasant stewed mushroom, stir-fried chrysanthemum and stir-fried eggplant, ensure oil and water. Everyone, work harder. Let's start our meal on time at noon! "

Looking at the thin and careless young man, his words were straightforward and open. All of the men immediately stopped looking down on him.

Some particularly active young men even took the lead in applauding.

The atmosphere instantly heated up. Everyone was busy digging up the foundation, moving the bricks, stirring up the pulp, and chatting with each other with loud voices at the same time. The children who were attracted by the commotion ran over one after another, playing around the pile of bricks. They were not afraid of being scolded when they accidentally got in the way of the adults, and ran away laughing and laughing. How lively.

Zhang Dashuan laughed and whispered to Lei Tia, "Your family is very powerful."

Lei Tia looked at the approaching youth and nodded to him.

"Brother Zhang," Qin Mian stood beside Lei Tia and said warmly, "Brother Tia and I don't have much experience in this area, so I'll have to trouble you to take care of us today."

Zhang Dashuan said straightforwardly: "Of course, don't worry. I'll go get busy first. "

"I don't need your help here. Bring the tea over later." Lei Tia said to Qin Mian.

Qin Mian said: "I understand, you just need to worry about this side, I will make the other arrangements."

When he didn't see the people from the old house, he thought that they wouldn't be back. When he was about to leave, he saw Lei Xiangren, Lei Xiangyi and Lei Xianglee walking towards him. He did not see Lei Daqiang.

He did not mind and could not help here. He turned around and went back.

The Sister Zhang and the Aunt Wang had their own division of work. One dealt with the dishes, and the other dealt with the noodles.

This straightforward reply allowed Sister Zhang and Aunt Wang to receive his trust, and their hearts were filled with trepidation.

Qin Mian went to take care of housework, took out his and Lei Tia's clothes and washed them. After that, he took some water to feed the oxen, hid himself in his room, and took out a brush and paper to write and draw.

It was already cold in early October, and the winter here was expected to be very cold. He felt the need to make a kang in his room. He knew very well how the brick bed was made. He had stayed in the house of a Northeast person for two days when he went to the Northeast to film a gourmet food show. He had asked that out of curiosity.

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