Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 35 Tease
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"No matter how much money we have, it's all spent on him. Should we live our lives in the future?" We have only one or two silver coins left. Do you have to pay to build a house? You have to treat someone to a meal, right? This amount of money was definitely not enough. So, I thought, can I trouble Mother, Second Brother, Third Sister-in-Law, to borrow some? We'll definitely return it as soon as possible. " Qin Mian looked at Madam Du with sincerity and sincerity, then took the initiative to add, "We can write a IOU and guarantee that we can repay you if we can!"


The expressions of Madam Du and the other two changed at the same time.

Mrs Zhao rushed to speak, her voice loud, "Eldest sister-in-law, aren't you making things difficult for me and Third Sister-in-Law? Since our family is run by Mother, how can we possibly have money on our hands? "

Madam Du's face turned gloomy, she was so angry that her chest felt stuffy, her hands grabbed the sides of the plate tightly, her fingers turning white. She wanted to throw the plate on the ground, but she couldn't bear to do so. She thought that Qin Mian was easy to control, but who knew that he was not a kind person! Not only did he not want to pay, he even wanted to borrow money!

"It's none of your business if you don't have enough money. I'm here to collect my debt." Madam Du glanced at the peanut, then looked at Qin Mian with his chin held high, "That's fine too, I haven't seen you in my home for a few days. From today onwards, I will have to trouble my daughter-in-law to manage our family's meals."

When Lady Zhao and Madam Qian heard this, their lips curled into a smile. They looked at Qin Mian in schadenfreude as they chewed on the peanut nonstop.

Qin Mian's eyes were filled with ridicule, his face stiffened, and pleaded: "Mother, it's not that we don't want to pay, but it's just that we are in a difficult situation, and do not have any money on hand. "At the time when the contract was established, we agreed to give it to you in two to three months —"

Madam Du waved her hand, her expression extremely ugly, "It's useless to say all this. If you guys want to go back on your word, you must go to Precinct Head. "

Mrs Zhao clicked her tongue and added oil to the fire, "Sister-in-law, it's only a hundred dollars. That cow of yours is worth at least five taels of silver. How can you spend only five taels of silver? "I think you should just give it up. Otherwise, I'm afraid Mother might think you want to go back on your word."

You can't stop your mouth from eating. Qin Mian looked at her with contempt, but pretended to be embarrassed on the surface and muttered: "Forget it, I will give you the one hundred gold coins."

He went close to Lei Tia's ear and whispered in a tone of discussion, "Brother Tia, after you return the money, we won't have enough money. "Why don't we talk to Dad in a few days and see if we can borrow some money from him."

Lei Tia looked at him, his gaze was strange, as he nodded without a word.

The Madam Du heard everything clearly and her expression instantly became vigilant. In the bottom of her heart, she had already made up her mind that she would definitely get some fresh air from Lei Daqiang once she returned, and also let her family avoid Qin Mian and Lei Tia in the future.

Qin Mian then stood up and walked into the room. When he turned around, he snickered and closed the door.

After a while, he came out with a handful of copper coins. He placed the money on the table and used his arm to cover it. He squeezed out a smile and said softly, "Mother, don't worry. I'll count first, lest I give less."

Mrs Zhao muttered in a low voice, "Pitiful."

Qin Mian lowered his head and counted the coins one by one, "One, two, three... Seventy-six … Seventy-six, seventy-seven … "One hundred."

Madam Du was startled, she stared at him mockingly. She did not even know how to count, and mistakenly counted five times.

Madam Du's eyes flashed, she extended her hand, about to take the copper coin.

"Mom, I'm afraid I'm not counting enough. Let me count it again." Qin Mian hurriedly stopped her with a smile.

Madam Du slapped his hand away and frowned, "You are my son, my daughter-in-law after all. How can I ask you for three or four coins less? "That's it, I'm still in a hurry to go back and cook."

Without waiting for Qin Mian's response, she put the coins back into his pocket, stood up and picked up the plate, "I'll take it back for your father to drink."

With that, she quickly left as if there was someone chasing after her.

Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian hurriedly followed.

As Qin Mian watched them leave, he finally couldn't hold back his laughter. "Hahaha …"

Lei Tia walked over to his side and rubbed his head.

Qin Mian turned around to look at him, and couldn't help but smile, "Do you believe me? Keep them around us for a long time. "

"Not hungry?" Lei Tia asked indifferently. He didn't have any feelings for the people there.

"Hungry." I'll go cook. " Qin Mian spread his arms out, shrugged his shoulders, and quickly went back to the kitchen to continue working.

Without the people from the old house stopping them, Qin Mian's and Lei Tia's lives were restored to normal.

Soon, most of the people in the village finished their farm work. Qin Mian told Lei Tia to find someone to ask about the auspicious hour, then set the time to go and inform the twenty helpers that he had hired.

Qin Mian had asked before, but most people only asked for around 25 gold coins to pay for their rooms. Qin Mian pla

ed to give them 20 cents a day for a meal at noon. There were four dishes and two meat dishes. He asked Lei Tia to tell him all of this when he invited them. Normally, these helpers all came from the same village, so they could eat at home three meals a day. They didn't have to make meals and could only get a few extra wages. But make them a nice lunch, and they'll be more attentive and hardworking when they're building a house. They don't usually eat such good food at home.

The people who were invited were all very happy. Even when they weren't working in the fields, the farmers would go to the town or county to look for work, and the wages they offered might not even be enough. He was earning a lot in the village today, so who wouldn't want to have a good lunch? As for the rumors about Lei Tia and Qin Mian, who would be against the money?

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