Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 34 Daughter-in-law Pk Mother-in-law
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"Too awesome!" Qin Mian quickly walked in front of him and excitedly grabbed his hand, "I will definitely study hard in the future, you must do your best when you teach me!"

Lei Tia calmly looked at the hand he was holding, small and thin, "Look at you."

Qin Mian said straightforwardly: "No problem! If I'm not mistaken, you like me very much — like eating the food I make? Your appetite is now larger than it was in the old house. In the future, can I cook a few more delicious dishes for you? "

Lei Tia was surprised, the wife seemed to have misunderstood his words. When he said "seeing your performance", he meant seeing his wife's talent in martial arts. But he did not intend to correct it. A smile flashed across his lips.

"Yes." "The dew on the mountain is heavy, let's go back."

Their shoes and trousers were wet with dew from the grass.

The two held hands and went down the mountain. Qin Mian habitually looked at the scenery in the forest, completely unaware.

After returning home, Qin Mian immediately ran around the house in circles.

Lei Tia hesitated for a moment, but he was in no hurry to go to the fields. He took out his toolbox and sat at the door, seizing the moment to complete the last step of the wooden carriage.

Qin Mian ran five laps, he was sweating profusely, he was panting heavily, and even if he knew, it would be too late. He washed his face and went to make breakfast.

The carts were soon finished. Lei Tia had originally only pla

ed to make it a normal flatcar, to pull the goods. Under Qin Mian's suggestion, the carriage was made into something that could be dismantled. If it was for loading firewood, the carriage could be destroyed and its capacity could be increased. If it was for loading people, the carriage could be installed to shelter from wind and rain.

After spending a total of two days, Lei Tia had grown two acres of land by himself. It was half an acre of vegetables and half an acre of wheat. Paddy fields and dry fields are basically universal, so an acre of paddy field was carefully managed before wheat was planted.

After finishing all the work in the fields, Lei Tia went to Zhang Dashuan's place to ask about the purchase of the construction materials, and then went to the town to purchase the materials.

Very quickly, the villagers all knew that Lei Tia Family was going to build new houses. Qingshan Village was neither big nor small, so many big things could be spread and discussed everywhere. There were some that were envious, some that were jealous, and there were also quite a few sour and sour words.

The people at the old residence must have heard the news as well. Qin Mian had always been on guard against them finding fault, so even if he went to the garden to pick vegetables, he would either let Lei Tia go or try his best to divert the time.

But even so, there was no avoiding it.

On this day, as he was cooking in the kitchen, Qin Mian heard a sharp female voice coming from afar. Qin Mian's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

"Big brother, he's feeding the cows."

Madam Du, Madame Zhao and Madam Qian came over together. Madame Zhao greeted them with a smile, while Madam Qian was beaming with smiles.

Only the Madam Du had a straight face. Her eyebrows were long and thin, her cheekbones protruded, her lips were thin, and the corners of her mouth were drawn down when she pursed them.

Lei Tia's action of shaking the straw in his hand did not change at all. He turned around to look, and asked indifferently: What's the matter?

Madam Qian was a little afraid of this uncle of his. His pair of cold, emotionless eyes immediately grew fearful, and he silently took two steps back, falling behind Madam Du and Lady Zhao. This was a advantageous position. If there were any losses, Madam Du and Madame Zhao would take advantage of it. However, her eyes continued to roll around. When she saw the carriage under the eaves, her eyes lit up.

"Look at what you're saying!" You are our big brother, can't you come visit us if you have nothing to do? Mother and we came here today specifically to see you. Big brother's words are not kind. " Mrs Zhao said in a reproachful tone, with a hint of intimacy in her tone, as if the relationship between the two families were quite good.

Unfortunately, she had met Lei Tia, so this method was useless against him. Lei Tia did not make a sound, as if he did not hear her words.

Madam Du had fought with Lei Tia many times before, and she knew that he was not easy to deal with, so she was too lazy to waste time talking to him. Furthermore, there were no outsiders here, so she no longer bothered to hide her disgust towards Lei Tia. How could I dare to offend you again? "Since you have the money to buy cattle and the money to build a house, then you will have to pay the two hundred dollars."

Madam Qian frowned, looking at her with dissatisfaction. No matter how Qin Mian looked at it, it was easier to deal with than Lei Tia. Why would the old lady directly attack Lei Tia? Thinking of this, she still didn't want to stick his head out.

Mrs Zhao clicked her tongue. "Big Brother, this is your fault. Since you have the money, then take the initiative." The fact that you bought the materials for the cow was seen by everyone in the village. Who doesn't know that you are rich now? If they knew that you hadn't paid the money yet, how many bad things would they say about you behind your back?! Why should I? Brother, don't you think that's the reason? "

Lei Tia turned and walked inside the house.

Qin Mian had been peeping from the window in the kitchen. Seeing that, he was sure that Yue Yang came to ask for money, his eyes turned and he smiled. He put down the spatula and walked out.

When Lei Tia saw him, he wanted to say something.

Qin Mian winked at him and walked over to stand in front of him. It was obvious that she didn't want him to speak.

"Mother, Second Brother, Third Sister-in-Law, why have you come? Sorry, I didn't hear the sizzling of the dishes in the pot. Please sit down. "

Lei Tia could see that he had other plans. As he wished, he remained silent and watched him pour some cold water.

Madam Du looked at Qin Mian coldly, and sat down on the side of the table.

Mrs Zhao and Madam Du slowly walked into the main hall, secretly glancing at the room through the half-closed door. The furniture in the room was still the same, which made them a little disappointed.

Madam Du did not look at Qin Mian, "At first, we agreed on two hundred coins per month, boss should not have forgotten, right? "Since you've agreed, then be more self-aware and don't let others rush you. Those who don't know will think I'm the one forcing you guys into a corner."

Lei Tia replied: "My wife manages the money."

Instantly, all three of their eyes were filled with surprise and shock as they looked at Qin Mian.

Madam Qian shouted in shock, "It's actually like that? "Big brother, sister-in-law is still young and doesn't have a family to look after. Isn't it inappropriate for him to mind the money?"

Hearing that, Qin Mian's face turned black. Who couldn't tell that she meant that he was from outside the city, so she was afraid that he would take the money and run away.

Mrs Zhao also agreed with ill intentions, "Third Sister-in-Law is reasonable. Big brother, you must treat your own wife with more snacks, otherwise, in the end you will lose both money and money. Yo, look at my mouth. I mean, what if there's something wrong? "Sister-in-law, don't you find my words unpleasant. I am a straight mouth."

Qin Mian was not angered at all. Smiling slightly, he picked up his teacup and took a sip, then said slowly: "Second Brother, Third Sister-in-Law, we have already split up. "If this gets out, it will affect our reputation." Do you think this is your home?

Lei Tia remained silent, as if he had given Qin Mian the right to speak.

Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian were even more shocked as they looked at each other. It was not good for the two of them to continue their conversation. But if it was the Madam Du speaking, it would be fine. The two of them looked at Madam Du.

Madam Du was not stupid. Before splitting up the family, she didn't get any money from Lei Tia, but now, she had even less hope. She glared at Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian, then looked at Qin Mian and impatiently said: "Enough, hurry up and give me the money. I don't have the time to bicker with you guys. "

"Mom, don't be impatient." Qin Mian went to the kitchen and brought out a stack of fragrant fried peanuts for them and said enthusiastically, "This is from the pot just now, it smells really good. You guys can try it."

Lei Tia looked at him. He didn't think that his wife wanted to fix the old mansion, but he still didn't say anything.

"This peanut is good at stir-frying. It smells good, and it's not sticky at all. "Sister-in-law is good at cooking!" Mrs Zhao praised him a few times and smiled at Qin Mian. She immediately extended her hand and grabbed a handful of the peanuts on the plate, immediately losing a quarter of their original value.

Madam Qian did not want to fall behind, so she immediately reached out her hands, stopped eating, and quickly stuffed the peanuts into her mouth.

Qin Mian blushed on their behalf. Seeing that Madam Du's expression wasn't good, he hurriedly placed the plate in front of him and smiled: "Mother, Sister Second Brother, Third Sister-in-Law, even if you guys didn't come today, I had pla

ed to go see you guys."

Madam Du thought he was prepared to give them the money and her expression eased a little.

The Zhao Family and the Madam Qian also thought the same.

However, he heard Qin Mian say: "Ai, I won't hide it from you all, the s of the branch families did indeed have some money at that time. It's not fair for a man to have no money. Second Brother, Third Sister-in-Law, don't you think so? Especially since Second Brother is a person who dotes on children. Two days ago, I saw him buy a huge treasured snack … "

A dessert from the Delicious Restaurant? Why didn't she know? Madam Du glared at Madame Zhao. Even though she was an old woman, she had often heard the villagers say that the snacks at the Delicious Restaurant were delicious and expensive. Most people wouldn't be willing to buy them. Where did the number two come from? It had to be private money.

Mrs Zhao shuddered and opened her mouth to explain. Qin Mian didn't even give her a chance to, as if he hadn't seen it, and was extremely sharp mouthed, "But Brother Tia simply can't hold back his wealth. Look, how long have we been here? He's buying cattle, land and a house! "I told him this wasn't urgent, but he doesn't listen …"

The corner of Lei Tia's mouth twitched u


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