Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 33 Lei Tie Zhong Wu!
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Lei Tia was a practical person, the soil of the Heaven and Earth had long been plowed until it became soft. He had to first water and seep into the soil to ensure the moisture of the soil. It was just that Qin Mian was a small child, he had only picked a single bucket of water, and only had half a bucket of water in each bucket.

Lei Tia frowned, and took the carrying pole from him, "Go back."

"But …" Qin Mian rubbed his shoulders and looked at the field with difficulty. He was not a man for heavy work, but he was also a man. It was impossible for him to come and go as he pleased. He had to do something for the family. Since he wasn't good at farming, he would do what he was good at.

"Then I'll go back first. Leave this place to you? Will you? " He was a little doubtful. Looking at Lei Tia's appearance, the ten years that he had been gone for was definitely not to be spent farming.

Lei Tia said casually, "I once lived with an old farmer."

Qin Mian noticed a flash of sadness in his eyes, and then, as if he was hallucinating, he opened his mouth. Lei Tia was born into a peasant family, but his skills in farming came from outsiders. The past ten years had not been a pleasant one, and although he was curious, now was not the time to ask. Only, the sadness he saw earlier caused him to be slightly concerned.

He walked two steps forward, and strongly patted Lei Tia's shoulders, and said sternly: "It's all over. When the sun goes down, I'll come back. "

Lei Tia nodded and glanced at his shoulder.

Qin Mian hurried home. He would leave the matter of farming to Lei Tia, but he was not a freeloader either.

He took out his pencil and the stack of white paper he had sold in town and leaned over the table, trying to remember the things that might be used to make money in the Modern World. Lei Tia relied on his physical strength to earn money, but he relied on his brain to earn money. In fact, he had a preliminary plan on getting rich, but that plan was too big and he didn't have enough manpower or money. It was difficult to start up, so he could only take it slowly.

Don't think too much into it. Take care of your surroundings first.

He found a straight stick and used it as a ruler. He picked up a pencil and began to write on the paper. After about an hour, he raised his head and looked at the map with satisfaction. With these few things, he could earn another sum of silver.

It was still early, so he took out another piece of paper and continued to draw on the table. The modern design of the tables, chairs, cabinets, and designs gradually appeared on the paper. He did not intend to sell any of this, but rather to find someone to make it for him when the house was built. As a modern man, he was still more used to modern furniture. Since he had nothing better to do, he decided to use another interior design for reference.

"Wife, I'm back." Lei Tia looked at the person who was writing with his head down, the strange thing that was used to write the letter in his hand had caught his attention. Glimmers danced in his eyes. He didn't disturb his wife and retreated a few steps. He only walked closer after shouting a few words. The paper was still on the table, but the writing was gone.

"It's quite early today." Qin Mian stretched his muscles and bones as he stood up, then casually took the hoe from him and placed it on the side, "You go wash first, the rice is already cooked, I'll go cook."

After Lei Tia led the cow to the pond to drink water, he tied it up and pulled over a small bundle of straw to the kitchen to scoop some water to wash his face.

Qin Mian poured oil into the pot that was boiling dry, "I've thought of another idea to earn money, I want to go to town tomorrow."

"Together." Lei Tia said.

"Are you done with the fields?" Qin Mian asked.


Qin Mian hesitated for a moment, and knew that Lei Tia would not let him go to town alone, "Forget it. Sigh, it would be great if you could learn kung fu. It's not a good idea to keep asking you to accompany me to town. "

"I'll teach you." Lei Tia suddenly said.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mian was shocked, the water in his hands dripped into the oil pot, with a sizzling sound, a drop of oil splashed, landing on the back of his hand, it was so hot that he almost threw the spatula in his hands away.

"You know martial arts?" He looked at Lei Tia in both surprise and joy.

"Yes." Lei Tia frowned, holding his hand tightly, rubbing the back of his hand, his calm tone was as though learning kung fu was a trivial matter.

Qin Mian held onto his hand, unable to conceal his joy. "Good! When do I start teaching them? " What man hadn't had a martial arts dream? To him, Lei Tia who knew kung fu was as much of a surprise as gold that fell from the sky.

Lei Tia indicated towards the pot, "Stir-Fried Vegetables first. We'll talk about it when the house is built. "

"Why?" Qin Mian immediately poured the washed vegetables into the pot that was almost smoking, "Can't we start teaching tomorrow?"

He tugged on Lei Tia's hand, signalling for him not to rush out.

Lei Tia then sat on a small stool in front of the stove, and added firewood to the stove, "I do not wish for others to know about this. At the begi

ing of martial arts practice, one had to practice the horse stance. When the house is built, you can practice in the yard. "

What he said made sense, but Qin Mian could only let out a regretful "oh". His excited mood had not calmed down, and when he thought of the day when he could not only protect himself, but also act in a chivalrous ma

er, he became extremely excited. He became increasingly curious about Lei Tia's past experience, and he did not forget the dishes in the frying pan, "Who taught you martial arts? How long have you been studying? Can you fight one against ten? "

Lei Tia paused, "Fighting one against ten is not a problem. We'll talk about it later. "

Qin Mian was a little disappointed, but he was not an irrational person. During this time, he had never seen Lei Tia practice martial arts. Presumably, Lei Tia was intentionally hiding this from him. Since he revealed it to him today, doesn't it mean that the relationship between the two of them is gradually getting closer? Thinking about this, his mood became even better, "Since that's the case, from tomorrow onwards, I will continue to run to train my body and lay a good foundation. This master of yours is going to teach you a great deal in the future. "


He smiled at Qin Mianxin and picked out a sweet potato from the ashes under the stove. It was very hot and quickly threw it over to him, "It was buried inside when I was cooking, it should be familiar."

Lei Tia weighed the sweet potato in his hands, and after a while, it broke into two and gave to him.

After eating, Qin Mian took a bath again. Now that the weather was cold, he didn't dare to bathe outside anymore. He could only bathe in his room. However, the floor was not concrete, nor was it floor tiles. It was just compacted earth. The water was dripping on top of it and it was getting wet. It was really inconvenient for him to not get dry after a long time.

"Sigh, looks like there are still many areas to be renovated." Qin Mian was soaking in the bath barrel and watering himself. Through the curtain, he looked out. The lights of the village were visible from here. There was only one house nearby. It was too quiet, but what made him puzzled was that even though there were only two people in the house and one of them didn't like to talk, he still didn't feel lonely at all. Instead, the lights in the living room made him feel warm.

Sitting inside the bathtub, he could still hear Lei Tia washing the dishes in the kitchen, and he couldn't help but smile.

There were no entertainment activities at night, so after washing up, Qin Mian laid on the bed.

Lei Tia was bathing in the living room.

Qin Mian still had something to say, so he could not help but urge: "Come."

Lei Tia stopped and when his feet touched the wet ground, he almost slipped and quickly grabbed the edge of the bucket. He glanced at the open door and shook his head slightly, but his hands quickened.

Qin Mian stretched out his neck to take a look a few times before he finally came in with an oil lamp. Under the light of the lantern, the side face of the young wife that was waiting for him was very hazy, making people's heart go soft.

He went to bed and blew out the light.

Qin Mian moved closer to him in the darkness, "Persistence is the key to practicing martial arts. If you don't practice it for too long, you will become unaccustomed. How about we go to the mountain tomorrow morning. You train well, and I will also see how your chivalrous demeanor is. "

He heard a rustling sound, and then an iron arm came around his back and took him in its arms. His body stiffened. Being hugged when you're awake is completely different from being hugged when you're asleep, okay? He struggled, but the grip tightened around his waist.

"Why do you want to practice martial arts?"

"Self-defense, body strengthening." he asked without thinking.

The top of his head was gently stroked, and the arm around his waist loosened a little, as a deep yet steady voice sounded in his ear, "Sleep." I have to get up early tomorrow. "

Qin Mian had a feeling that if he struggled, Lei Tia would hold him even tighter, so he did not move. However, he felt that it was necessary to explain, "Actually, we don't —"

Before he could finish his words, his waist tightened, even to the point of hurting. Qin Mian compromised and said: "Be gentler." Carry on, carry on, be careful of waiting for me to get your true teachings and then destroy my master.

Because he had something on his mind, Qin Mian woke up early. When he looked at the window, it was already dawn. He sat up and pushed at the sleeping man beside him. "Get up, get up."

Lei Tia opened his eyes and rested his hands under his head. He watched Yue Yang quickly put on his clothes and his gaze slipped from his clear eyes to the corner of his mouth.

"Hurry up." Qin Mian turned around and saw that the man was still lying down lazily, raising his voice and throwing his clothes to him.

Only then did Lei Tia sit up and slowly put on his clothes. The undergarments on his body were a little messy, revealing a bronze coloured chest.

Qin Mian shifted his gaze away uncomfortably and ran to wash up.

After the two of them were done packing, they carried their bows and baskets on their backs and strode up the mountain in the morning sunlight.

The village was quiet. No one had woken earlier than they had.

When they reached the top of the mountain, the two penetrated deep into the mountains.

"Here." Qin Mian stopped and could not wait.

Lei Tia did not say anything, he put down his basket and bow and arrows, and stood there upright. If he was a silent tree as usual, he was now like an unsheathed sword, emitting a piercing aura with his sharp gaze, pursed lips, and taut muscles.

Before Qin Mian could regain his senses from his shock, he saw Lei Tia had already started to demonstrate a fist technique. He did not see clearly the changes in the moves, but the unpredictable moves and the tiger's strength had shocked him, his heart pounded and his blood boiled.

After Lei Tia finished demonstrating his fist technique, he raised his head and looked at the pair of sparkling eyes. A thin smile suddenly surfaced in his eyes.

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