Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 29 I Ask for an Olive Branch
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Lei Tia put down the basket on his back, took the rope that Qin Mian was holding and tied it to a tree, then carried over a bundle of fresh straw.

The buffalo lowered its head and chewed, its tail wagging happily.

Qin Mian did not leave, but bent down to pick up a handful of straw to feed it. He turned his head and said to Lei Tia: "You get closer to it too, so that you don't listen to what you say when you're plowing the fields."

Lei Tia was startled, and as expected, he picked up a handful of straw to feed the water buffalo.

Qin Mian was startled, then he could not help but laugh, "Hahaha …" He was only teasing Lei Tia initially, but he never expected that he took it too seriously. The water buffalo is usually very docile, and will not cause any trouble unless it is deliberately provoked.

Lei Tia vaguely understood that he had been tricked, and was still the same calm and composed person. He only gave him a deep look and did not leave, but picked up another handful of straw and continued to feed him.

Qin Mian smiled as he glanced at him, vaguely feeling that it was a little awkward for the two of them to feed the cow together, but for some reason, he did not find any excuse to leave either.

Lei Chuntao, who was rushing over, saw that the two people's shoulders seemed to be touching but didn't seem to have anything. Her back was extremely harmonious as she stopped in her tracks. This scene was extremely comfortable, and no one wanted to disturb him. Actually, it didn't seem like there was anything bad about her brother and sister-in-law living together.

After hesitating for a moment, she continued to run over, purposely raising her voice, "Big brother, sister-in-law!" The bells attached to the purple skirt rang out with a melodious sound.

Qin Mian immediately threw away the straw. Lei Tia's body stiffened for a moment, before uncomfortably releasing her hand. She then turned around and glanced at Lei Chuntao.

"Little sister, why are you here?" Qin Mian asked politely as he wiped the broken pieces off his hands. He had already noticed these few days that girls who didn't go out of the pavilion would avoid getting too close with men when they went out. It could be seen that this was indeed an era where the feudal etiquette was more strict. Although Lei Chuntao was his nominal sister-in-law, she still had to be careful of the consequences.

Lei Chuntao felt that she had disturbed the two of them, and was a little embarrassed. I just came to tell you that someone might come... "Causing trouble for all of you …" The further she went, the redder her face became. Thinking of his mother, Second Brother, Second and Third Sister-in-Law, he became even more embarrassed. But those were her own mother and. However, she did not remind his elder brother and elder sister-in-law. Feeling uneasy, she had no choice but to rush over.

With that, she lowered her head and ran away.

Both Qin Mian and Lei Tia were well aware of what she meant by "there are people".

Lei Tia subconsciously looked at Qin Mian. Seeing that he had settled down, either because he did not care or because he already had a plan, Lei Tia did not mind. He turned his head to look at the water buffalo and felt a tinge of regret.

Qin Mian thought of an important thing, "Where is the house you bought?"

Lei Tia breathed a sigh of relief. And here I thought he didn't care at all …

"Lock the door."

Qin Mian locked the door and looked at the Buffalo. He was initially worried that someone would steal it, but then he remembered that the villagers were simple and honest, and that the farmlands were not far away. Many people in the fields relaxed and followed Lei Tia to the village.

Soon, they arrived at the western end of the village.

The house that Lei Tia bought was in the west side of the village. There were three houses in total, and the mark of the Precinct Head's previous measurement still remained on the ground. There were neighbors to the east, and a clearing to the west. There was a small forest not far away.

Qin Mian looked around and felt that this place was not bad. The old Lei Family was in the east of the village, and lived in the west side of the village. Secondly, there was an open area to the west and an open area to the north. It would be easy to expand that area in the future. He felt that Lei Tia was a person with an idea.

"This place is pretty good." Qin Mian said to Lei Tia with a face full of satisfaction.

Lei Tia nodded, "I will go buy the ingredients after I finish plowing the fields."

Qin Mian said: "Brother Zhang should know more, you can go and ask him what is the market price for bricks and tiles, don't let him slaughter you."


A woman's head peeked out from behind the wall. Seeing that Qin Mian had noticed her, she forced a smile and quickly retracted her head.

Qin Mian reckoned that the person was their neighbor and there was no need for them to get close to him.

The two strolled back.

Lei Tia took the saw and bow, and carried the basket on his back, "Wifey, I'm going up the mountain." He left without saying anything.

Qin Mian did not ask, but just casually said, "Be careful," and took the rough wooden rake to dry the grains, so he did not notice that when Lei Tia heard his name, his body trembled, and he turned to look at him before leaving, his eyes looking deeper than ever.

Qin Mian went to the garden to pick the vegetables he wanted to eat that night, and when he returned home, he was surprised that there was still no "someone" looking for trouble.

However, Madam Du and the Zhao Family did not hinder his happiness. They turned around and saw the hawthorn and apple on the ground.

He chopped down a bamboo, creating over ten thin bamboo sticks. He grabbed a handful of hawthorn and washed them clean, cutting them in half and digging out the core. He closed the two halves and plucked a few apples from within the space.

He wanted to make candied fruits. So many hawthorn and wild apples can't be wasted, right?

Wash the sticks and string them with hawthorn and apple, two hawthorn and one apple each. After ten strings of water, he started a fire.

After the water was boiled, add the appropriate amount of sugar and simmer it slowly with a medium fire. Stirring constantly with a spade, when the sugar was bubbling large amounts of foam, roll the string of candied fruits quickly into the water and place them on the oiled plate.

After about ten minutes of cooling, the candied fruits were ready, bright in color and tantalizing in their fragrance.

Hearing a "bang" sound coming from outside the house, he picked up the plate and quickly walked out. Sure enough, it was Lei Tia who had returned, looking at the wooden block and the chopped bamboo stick. At his feet lay two logs.

Qin Mian picked up a candied fruit and took a bite, nodding his head, he handed the plate over to Lei Tia.

"Taste it."

Lei Tia frowned. He had never seen this before, but it didn't look like something a man would eat. His wife held onto the plate and did not withdraw her hand. He picked up a stick and reluctantly took a bite.

"It's not poison." Qin Mian laughed, "Don't worry, I won't force you to eat all of these. I didn't see anyone selling this stuff in the town before. I thought it was a new thing, it's quite sour and sweet, how about it? "

"Yes." Lei Tia frowned, he looked like he was eating poison, and only stopped when he was about to bite an apple.

Qin Mian saw it clearly. He swallowed all the hawthorn in one bite until the apple was in his mouth.

"What are these wood for?" Qin Mian didn't actually like sweet food either.

"Useful." Lei Tia answered vaguely, "I still need to go."

Qin Mian looked at the sky, and said, "Don't be late."

"Yes." Lei Tia quickly ate the candied fruits, took out the wild chicken from his basket, and left in a hurry.

After Qin Mian dealt with the wild chicken, he made some more candied fruits. However, he no longer used the apple in the air, it was too troublesome to get rid of the core, so he omitted the process. Finally, he counted a total of sixty spirit stones.

Lei Tia had already returned and was sawing the wood into pieces outside.

Qin Mian took a straw stick and stuck it into a firm shelf, inserting the candied flakes one by one into it.

Lei Tia looked at it, as if he was thinking about something.

When he finished, Qin Mian started to cook di

er again. A big pot of chestnut stewed chicken, the rich fragrance was alluring. After finishing, he scooped a big bowl and gave it to Lei Tia.

"Send them over there."

Lei Tia was startled.

Qin Mian knew what he was wondering and laughed, "We still have to stay in the village. We can't really form enmity with that place. As long as it looks good, then it's fine.

After he finished speaking, he winked at Lei Tia, "Right now, the people in the fields are slowly walking back, you should pick a place with more people."

Lei Tia's eyes flashed with a smile, and patted his head.

Qin Mian rubbed his nose, then turned and entered the kitchen, "Cough, I still need to cook other dishes."

The two hundred dollars for this month had long been prepared for the old house. However, Madam Du was an unreasonable person, even if the trouble this time was resolved with this bowl of food, there would still be a next time. The two hundred dollars would keep her mouth shut until the next time.

As expected, no one came to look for trouble from the old residence until the next morning.

When Qin Mian woke up early in the morning, he found that Lei Tia was no longer in bed. Seeing that the cow was gone, he was startled and ran back to his room.

Just as he was about to enter the house, he caught a glimpse of wooden planks nailed together against the wall. They were already in the shape of carts, and he was surprised and happy at the same time.

When he finished breakfast and did not see Lei Tia coming back, he carried the food over.

As expected, Lei Tia was shouting water buffalo that was plowing the fields. The buffalo was indeed meek, pulling the plough forward at a moderate pace. Half an acre of land had been plowed.

"Brother Tia, time to eat."

Lei Tia tied the ox rope to the wooden stake and walked over.

"I saw some boards outside the house. Are you going to make a car? " Qin Mian asked.

"I'll buy you a new one when I have enough money." Lei Tia looked at him, muttered something, and accepted the bowl.

Qin Mian could not help but laugh, as he did not know what to feel in his heart at the moment. He changed the topic, "I will go to town to sell candied fruits in a while."

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