Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 28 Doting
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Because he had earned money, Qin Mian was in a very good mood. Although Lei Tia was still expressionless, it could be seen from his light footsteps that he was in a good mood. He carried all the things he bought on his back. Qin Mian held onto the buffalo's head as he walked, occasionally stroking its back and neck. The water buffalo had a meek personality and did not mind his harassment. It walked forward at a leisurely pace, wagging its tail from time to time. It looked very leisurely.

Lei Tia was puzzled.

Qin Mian smiled at him and continued to stroke him, his tone was firm, "I am nurturing my relationship with him, come back to the town after we get to know him well, we can ride him like a horse." He had not seen any horses in the market just now. After all, they were ancient horses that were left behind. They were probably controlled by the imperial government as military supplies.

Lei Tia shook his head and looked at Shui Niu thoughtfully. He did not say anything further and his gaze fell on the smiling face of the wife of his wife.

The journey home seemed to take less time than the road, and it didn't take long for them to reach the foot of the mountain where they could see the village.

When the manor owners, who were drenched in sweat, saw Qin Mian return with the cow, and turned their heads to talk to Lei Tia, they were all deeply surprised. They began discussing in low voices, their gazes mostly on the water buffalo.

"Sigh, is that Lei Tia and his wife?" Sister Zhang straightened her back and wiped her sweat. She inadvertently glanced at the two people on the way out of the village and patted her man in surprise.

The sickle in Zhang Dashuan's hand slanted, almost hitting his own hand. He helplessly stared at his wife, then looked towards the road, startled, "Yes."

Sister Zhang said in a low voice: "Such a big cow is not cheap, looks like Lei Tia did indeed hide some money before the branch family."

Zhang Dashuan was displeased in his heart. Frowning, he scolded: "You care so much about other people's matters!"

Sister Zhang knew what he was worried about, but she was not angry. She smiled and looked at him sideways, and said warmly: "Alright, I still don't know what you're worried about. Just the two of us in private. "Don't worry, I won't speak carelessly."

Zhang Dashuan heaved a sigh of relief, the look in his eyes softening as he looked at his wife, then lowered his head and continued to cut. How could he not know that his wife was not a talker? He only reminded her once more so that nothing would go wrong.

"Just this news will probably spread to Old Lei Family soon, and the two of them will not be able to live peacefully again." Sister Zhang shook her head, feeling pity for Qin Mian and her.

Over there, Qin Mian and Lei Tia were walking towards the village. Very soon, someone came up from the fields to greet them.

"Lei Tia, did you guys get another big gift? "If you buy the cow well, it will look healthy and healthy." Xiulan's aunt was full of envy. She looked at the buffalo and praised it. Her clear voice sounded a bit sharp.

Lei Tia nodded, "Aunt."

He immediately revealed a gentle and intimate smile to the woman, saying, "Brother Tia and I are not very familiar with oxen, and we don't know if it's good or bad. We were even worried about whether it would be good or bad, listening to Aunt's words, we can finally be at ease."

He had taken Xiulan's hand without leaving a trace. Hearing this, Xiulan's sister-in-law was relieved. She felt good about the only daughter-in-law in the village. She smiled and said, "Don't worry, this is great." I have two cows in my family, and I am familiar with them. Was this cow healthy? The first thing he needed to do was to look at its spirit. Was its spirit not enough? Second, we must look at the hair, look at the hair, neat and shiny; third, we must look at the pace, steady and healthy gait. The easiest way is to look at your appetite, so it shouldn't be a problem if you can eat it. "

Qin Mian nodded and said admiringly: "Aunt sure knows a lot. We saw him eat fresh straw and then we decided to buy it. " At this moment, he vaguely understood why this aunt, whom he didn't know before, suddenly came to express her goodwill. She mentioned that his family had cows, which meant that his family didn't have cows.

He patted the cow on its back and said, "Thank you for telling us so much. If you need it in the future, you can ask for it."

Aunt Xiu Lan was truly happy now, and secretly praised this little brother's intelligence. She laughed, and looked at Qin Mian with an even more satisfied expression, "Aunt, thank you very much. "You are tired after walking so far. Aunty will not delay you any longer."

"Aunt, you're busy."

As they continued to walk towards the village, a few villagers warmly greeted them. Qin Mian replied politely. Although he knew that they were doing it for the sake of the cow, he did not feel disgusted with them. As long as the villagers stopped pointing fingers at him and Lei Tia, what difference would it make if they borrowed from him?

After returning home, Xiao Hu lazily leaned on the back of the chair and waved the bamboo pole in his hand from time to time. Surprisingly, there was a young boy his own age, whose clothes were still stained with the bits of straw. He was squatting on the ground and playing with the bugs, constantly mumbling something and was in high spirits.

"Xiao Hu."

Xiao Hu immediately jumped down and smiled at Qin Mian. He unconsciously looked at the basket on Lei Tia's back.

The other little boy also stood up. Seeing Qin Mian and Lei Tia, his face red, his eyes swimming, he also called out, "Uncle Lei, Uncle Qin." His voice was quite loud.

How could Qin Mian not see through the thoughts of a little kid? He secretly laughed, but he did not tease them, and took out two packs of dim sum from the basket. At that time, he had only bought one bag for Xiao Hu in the snack shop. Lei Tia had also bought one bag for him, but he had bought two bags.

He gave one bag to Xiao Hu and opened the other bag. Inside there were eight pieces of grayish-white pastries, and he gave four pieces to the other little boy.

"Thank you for your hard work."

"Thank you, Uncle Qin." Xiao Hu held the dessert happily.

The little boy roughly understood why he got so few pastries and chuckled, "Thank you, Uncle Qin." He could not wait to take a big bite out of it and chew it quickly.

When Qin Mian saw this, he was somewhat emotional. He had tasted it before. Compared to the modern snacks, this snack was far worse in appearance, color and taste. It was a good opportunity for him.

"Go and play."

The two kids ran away happily, showing off to their companions.

"Uncle Qin, if there's anything else, I can help you in the future." Xiao Hu waved and ran.

"We've tasted the sweetness." Qin Mian laughed.

"Yes." Lei Tia waited for him to open the door.

Qin Mian's left hand crossed over his chest, and he stretched out his right hand, smiling at him without saying a word.

Lei Tia was startled, then handed over the money bag to him.

Qin Mian looked at him approvingly as if he was a "child worth teaching". He then took the money bag and opened the door with the key.

Lei Tia shook his head again, he did not even realize the affection in his eyes.

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