Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 27 Money Is Spent
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Liao Zhifu was speechless. After a while, he said: "Hehe, youngsters are truly sharp tongued, but I can't compare to you." He kept his word and did not break the agreement.

Qin Mian had made a lot of money and was in a good mood, so he did not mind his cold attitude at all, "We still have things to do, so we will take our leave. Manager Liao, you're busy. "

Liao Zhifu was not in the mood to speak anymore. He waved his hand half-heartedly and took the blueprint, allowing the shop assistant to carry the noodle machine. Then, he quickly walked to the workshop at the back of the shop.

After Qin Mian walked out of the door, he turned around to take a look, then pulled Lei Tia along to quickly leave. After walking a distance, he looked behind him a few times, his eyes turning left and right, secretly sizing up the passerby, and only withdrew his gaze when he didn't see anything suspicious.

"Why?" Lei Tia also turned his head around, and did not find anything abnormal.

Qin Mian said in a low voice: "Nothing. "I'm just thinking that after earning that person so much silver, he might be unwilling to secretly send people to follow us and snatch the silver back while no one else is around." He clutched the heavy purse in his hands and couldn't help but look behind him, baffled by the presence of a strong man who had been walking along the same road as them. He looked at him suspiciously.

"Heh …"

Qin Mian was startled, thinking that he had heard wrongly. He stood in the middle of the street in a daze, staring at Lei Tia with a face full of disbelief. Lei Tia actually laughed, and even laughed out loud?

Lei Tia seemed to be surprised by the fact that he was smiling at him. The corner of his lips curled up as he returned to his original position, took the money pouch and placed it in his arms. He pulled him forward without looking at him again, and said indifferently: "Don't be afraid."

Qin Mian came back to reality, his heart feeling a little regretful, this smile would last two seconds at most, right? Although this man was handsome, he usually didn't have much of an expression on his face. He was also depressed. That smile just now was quite eye-catching. But his previous life wasn't bad either!

However, Lei Tia's words of "not afraid" had actually comforted him. He relaxed and did not notice that Lei Tia was still pulling on his wrist.

"What do you want to buy?" Lei Tia asked.

When he mentioned how to use the money, Qin Mian's interest was piqued. His eyes sparkled as he looked at Lei Tia, "I want to build a house first. Would it be possible to do so before the new year? " At this moment, he suddenly remembered that he had not gone to see their house. Lei Tia actually did not mention it either...

Lei Tia nodded, "After farming." If his wife was so capable, did he have to do something?

Although the rice was harvested, they still had to plow the fields and prepare to plant winter wheat. But Qin Mian, who had waited for ten days to half a month, could still afford it.

"How much does it cost?"

"Three rooms, twelve taels." Lei Tia did not hesitate.

Twelve silvers was not much for them, Qin Mian heaved a sigh of relief, and laughed: "I ca

ot afford a carriage right now, but I can buy a calf that I can use when plowing the fields. "How much is it?"

Lei Tia shook his head, "It should be enough."

Qin Mian was not surprised. He had just come back, and was not familiar with the current situation.

The two of them made some inquiries and headed straight for the place where the livestock were sold. As the livestock were "making" feces all over the place, and the smell was not good, there was a special place in the town. In fact, it was an open area at the edge of the town where all the people who were buying and selling cattle, pigs, donkeys and mules had come from. Over time, this place became a small livestock market.

When the two of them arrived nearby, they smelt a pungent smell. Inadvertently, they took a glance around and discovered that the ground was littered with the feces of livestock. The sounds of pigs, cattle, and sheep were mixed together. It was very lively.

The sellers, however, were used to this kind of environment. They indifferently sat by the wall, waiting for the buyers.

"Buy a bull or a cow?" Qin Mian asked.

Lei Tia said: "I'll listen to you."

Hearing these words again, Qin Mian felt a little helpless. He thought to himself, if he really decides about everything in the family, I wonder if Lei Tia will really not mind about it.

"Then buy a bull." As he spoke, he looked left and right.

A little donkey impatiently kicked the ground, and suddenly retreated two steps. Qin Mian quickly dodged to the side.

The owner, an old man in his fifties, gave him an embarrassed smile, tugged at the rope in his hand, and led the little donkey aside.

Qin Mian returned a smile, signalling him not to mind, and saw that there were a few people selling cows in front of him, making a comparison between the three of them. In the end, he saw a two-year-old bull. It was a water buffalo, its horns thick and flat, its two large eyes as clear as glass. It must have been specially washed by its owner. Its hair was black and clean, making it look pleasing to the eyes. This was the first time Qin Mian had seen such a beautiful water buffalo.

Qin Mian invited Teeth, which was mainly in charge of selling livestock in the market, to take a look. After confirming that the cow was not in a healthy condition, Qin Mian spent six taels of silver to buy the animal and gave another hundred taels of money to Teeth.

Lei Tia really did as he said. During this period of time, he had no objections whatsoever and only looked at him indifferently with his pair of pitch black, deep eyes. Occasionally, when they met eye to eye, Qin Mian's heartbeat would become unstable.

But his attention was quickly diverted because he still had to buy a lot of things. He let Lei Tia lead the cow and bought some vegetable seeds, two kilograms of sugar and two kilograms of pork. Of course, he didn't forget to buy the promised snacks. Finally, he went to the cloth shop to retrieve their new clothes before bringing the cow home.

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