Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 25 First Bucket of Gold Handmade Bar Machine(3)
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Lei Tia did not care about his thoughts, "Shanmu. Soft in quality, straight in texture, easy to process and resistant to corrosion. "

Qin Mian thought for a while, "Make two, one for the sample and the other for your own use."


Qin Mian was about to say something, but he was stopped.

"Watch your step."

He looked down. There were some small hedgehogs scattered on the ground, and a few brown fruits wrapped in their barbed shells. His eyes lit up. "This is …"

Lei Tia explained: "Thorny Fruit, when walking in the mountains, you must pay attention to your head."

Thorny fruit? This was clearly Chestnut! Qin Mian was so excited that he almost blurted it out.

"This thing is called a Thorny Fruit?" he asked tentatively. "Can you eat?"

Lei Tia looked at him with a complicated gaze. After a moment of silence, he said, "You can't eat it. There's a wild apple tree up ahead. "

Qin Mian opened his mouth, but there was helplessness in his eyes. Lei Tia thought that he was greedy. He broke off two branches and squatted down. He picked up a Thorny Fruit and examined it for a long time. He was certain that this was the chestnut.

He took his hand out from Lei Tia's grasp and quickly picked up the chestnut from the basket, "Come and help us quickly. This is a good thing! "

"I can't eat." Lei Tia frowned, a pang of pain surging in his chest.

"You can eat, believe me!" Qin Mian raised his head and looked at him with a determined gaze.

Lei Tia pulled him back, "We'll pick them up when we get back."

"Right." Qin Mian reacted and piled the Thorny Fruits out from the basket to the side.

His hand returned into Lei Tia's hands. It was probably because this was the second time, he did not feel uneasy at all.

Two pheasants passed through the dense grass in front of them. They noticed them and tried to slip away. Lei Tia released Qin Mian's hand and released two arrows. The two pheasants did not even have the chance to flutter their wings before they died.

Qin Mian gave Lei Tia a thumbs up, then quickly ran over and picked up the wild chicken.

After finding a fir tree that was as thick as a person's thigh, Lei Tia made Qin Mian move aside and use a saw to cut it. Qin Mian was bored and wandered around.

"My wife, don't go too far." Lei Tia could tell what he was doing without even turning his head around.

"Got it."

Fortunately, Qin Mian found a few hawthorn trees, on them were bright red hawthorn trees. He picked the big ones and quickly picked half of the basket.

Lei Tia glanced at him from time to time, he did not understand the excitement in's eyes, but he did not ask him any questions.

After the cedar tree had been sawed down, he cut off a half of it from above and easily carried it on his shoulder. "Go pick the apples."

Lei Tia brought Qin Mian to an apple tree that he was familiar with. The apple tree was very thick, but it was only as tall as a person. The apple on the branch was only slightly larger than a te

is ball, but it was pink and also very attractive. Qin Mian wiped one of them on his clothes, took a bite, and was pleasantly surprised: "This fruit is not big, but the taste is not bad, it is sour and sweet."

Lei Tia put down the cedar tree and picked the bigger one.

Only after picking more than twenty did Qin Mian stop. He couldn't recite the words that he picked up too many either.

Returning back to the chestnut tree, Qin Mian knocked off the chestnut shell and picked up a lot of chestnuts. He filled the basket full of chestnuts.

Lei Tia took the basket from his back without saying a word.

Qin Mian rubbed his nose, "Why don't you pour some out?"

"No need. "Let's go."

Qin Mian followed obediently as he looked at Lei Tia's burly figure enviously. When would he become like this?

After returning home, Xiao Hu sat obediently in the shade of a tree. Beside him was a long rod that he had obtained from somewhere.

"Uncle Lei." "Big Brother Qin."

"Cough cough — —" Qin Mian choked on his own saliva. Why does this sound so much like a "brother in love"?

Lei Tia said stiffly: "Call him Uncle Qin."

"Oh." Xiao Hu nodded.

Qin Mian took two apples and handed them over to him, "We will need a while to get back to town. You go to the Cereal Field to play with your things, we'll wake you up before we leave, then you can help us keep an eye on the valley. "

"Alright." Xiao Hu smiled as he took the two apples and ran off.

Lei Tia took out all sorts of tools, sat at the door, and began to draw the lines according to the blueprints.

Qin Mian took everything out from the basket and placed it in the shadows, he cleaned up the two wild chickens and prepared some noodles, then he washed the two apples and sat beside Lei Tia to watch and guide him.

Seeing Lei Tia skillfully flaying Chinese fir wood, unlike a novice, Lei Tia had more confidence in the noodle machine. The holes in the base plate are the most difficult and need to be chiseled one by one. Lei Tia was very patient, not anxious at all.

"There is a groove for the fuselage. It is co

ected to the floor and can be removed with a twist of the left or right." Right... Smooth here... The slider here should be straight, and the handle should be able to exert force vertically... "

In less than an hour, the first face machine appeared.

Qin Mian caressed the smooth surface of the plane, praising endlessly, "This is the first board machine in the world, we will keep it for ourselves."

Lei Tia nodded, and was very satisfied with his handiwork.

"Let's give it a try." Qin Mian ran into the kitchen excitedly. He first washed the noodle bar machine inside and outside with water, then used a triangular stand to support the noodle machine properly. He placed it in the basin and placed the dough inside the plane.

Lei Tia held onto the handle, and pressed down hard, the thin and long noodles immediately squeezed out from the hole below and fell into the bowl.

Qin Mian laughed: "It's a success."

A hint of laughter flashed past Lei Tia's eyes, and he continued to suppress it.

Qin Mian took a pair of scissors and cut the noodles, and laughed: Let's eat noodles at noon.

Lei Tia naturally had no objections and continued with his second noodle machine.

After lunch, the two of them went to Cereal Field and called Xiao Hu over, bringing a noodle shop and a dough back to town.

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