Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 24 To Cut down Trees in the Mountains
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"Cluck, cluck ~ ~" In the early morning, the sounds of the cocks in the village rose and fell. Qin Mian, who had finished sleeping, yawned and opened his drowsy eyes. He saw the waist of a man that belonged to a man that was hugged by him, a look of surprise and distress arose in his eyes. He suddenly raised his head, and looked into the pair of clear and calm eyes.

"I came over myself?" Qin Mian asked.

Lei Tia nodded, the first time the rooster crowed he was about to get up, but he was hugged very tightly.


Lei Tia nodded again.

"Do you mind?" Qin Mian squinted his eyes.

Lei Tia calmly shook his head.

Qin Mian moved his arm away and sat up, "Then it's fine." It was related to the fact that he had no parents since he was young, so he didn't have a sense of security. He liked to curl up in a position while sleeping, and he also liked to hug something. He thought it would be better to be in bed with a stranger, but habit and instinct prevailed.

He opened his luggage case and took out a pair of socks, conveniently taking out a large pair of socks to throw to Lei Tia. He put on his new shoes and washed his face, immediately becoming clear-headed.

Lei Tia touched his socks and put them on.

The two of them had a clear division of labor. Qin Mian lit a fire to make breakfast. Lei Tia used a broom to clean up the open space in front of the door, then took out a few bags of grains and laid them on the ground.

Breakfast consisted of several fragrant vegetable cakes and white rice porridge.

"Are there any more obedient children in the village?" Qin Mian took a bite of the biscuit and looked at the grains on the ground.

Lei Tia understood, "You want them to look after the valley?"

"Those kids can't do any heavy work at home, but they can still look after the corn. Get an obedient child to help you buy him some snacks from the town. " Qin Mian tasted the rice porridge. It was no longer hot.

Lei Tia said: "We'll go to the Cereal Field later."

After di

er, the two locked the door and went out. Lei Tia carried a saw, a coil of rope and his bow and arrows on his back; Qin Mian carried a basket on his back, he might be able to dig some wild herbs or pick some wild fruits on the mountain.

The Cereal Field were still as lively as before. Adults busied themselves in grinding the valleys, while children ran about on their Cereal Field, some playing hide-and-seek, sneering and hiding behind haystacks, while the more naughty boys tumbled over and over on the unrolled paddy, laughing loudly from time to time, not feeling hot, even when they were sweating profusely.

Qin Mian noticed a seven or eight-year-old strong boy sitting alone in a corner with his knees hugged. He looked bored as he waved at him.

The little boy ran over in confusion, blinking as he looked at him in puzzlement.

Qin Mian gave him a gentle smile, "What's your name?"

"Xiao Hu." Xiao Hu was not afraid at all to be surrounded by familiar villagers, and replied honestly.

Qin Mian asked again: "Xiao Hu, do you want to eat some snacks?"

The little boy nodded, a little embarrassed. Thinking of delicious snacks, his eyes revealed his desire.

"We live in the old house behind the village. As long as you do us a favor, we'll give you a packet of snacks. " Qin Mian said.

Lei Tia watched quietly as Qin Mian "kidnapped" a child.

Xiao Hu's eyes lit up, but he was a little doubtful, "Really?"

"Of course it's true." Qin Mian said patiently, "We are going up the mountain to cut down the trees, we want to find someone to help us look at the grains outside. If you want to help, I'll buy you a bag of snacks from town. Is your father and mother here? You can ask them if they can. "

"Wait a moment." Xiao Hu ran towards a black faced man who looked like he was in his thirties. He turned to look at him, as if afraid that Qin Mian and Lei Tia would leave.

The man looked over and nodded to Xiao Hu.

Xiao Hu immediately revealed a happy smile and rushed over like a small ca


"My dad agreed!"

Qin Mian nodded to the man before leaving, taking Xiao Hu with him. He left Xiao Hu at his doorstep and brought him a chair, telling him not to let the birds and chickens eat the grains.

Xiao Hu sat on the chair, swinging his legs like a small adult waving his hands, "Don't worry! I will definitely do as I've promised! "

Qin Mian couldn't help but laugh as he left with Lei Tia, heading towards the rear mountains.

This mountain was called Cloud Peak Mountain, and it was the tallest mountain in the vicinity. It was tall and steep, and at close proximity, it seemed to be able to reach the clouds. The forest on the mountain was lush, and wild beasts roamed about frequently. The villagers did not dare to approach this place, and only the bold hunters dared to enter.

Once he entered the forest, the dense tree leaves blocked the sunlight. The light was dim and the temperature had dropped by a few degrees. The mountain path was not easy to tread on. Weeds grew everywhere, and there were places where the sun could not reach all year round. There were also morning dew and autumn fog that seeped in. The soil was moist and slippery.

Lei Tia was experienced, he would choose the most difficult places to kick and walk steadily. With him leading the way, Qin Mian followed his footprints without worry, looking all around, hoping to find some sort of treasure. To him, this mountain was like a treasure trove, waiting to be discovered. The birds in the forest had also woken up. It was unknown where they were chirping, but in the forest that morning, they seemed especially clear and ethereal.

Lei Tia walked leisurely, occasionally turning his head to look back.

"Lei Tia, what tree are you pla

ing to cut down?" Qin Mian had a cheerful personality and did not try to find anything to say.

Lei Tia suddenly asked, "Why aren't you called Brother Tia?"

Qin Mian muttered, my previous life was three years older than you. Of course he couldn't say that out loud.

"Because — ah."

Qin Mian didn't check for a while, but stepped on a patch of grass that had morning dew hanging on it.

Lei Tia quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him back into his embrace with force, then wrapped his other arm around his waist.

Qin Mian's face struck his chest. After stabilizing himself, he turned around and looked at the steep slope and the big tree a few steps away. He still had some lingering fear, with his small physique, he would definitely be severely injured if he fell.

Lei Tia released him, held his hand very naturally, and continued to walk.

Qin Mian was unable to pull his hand back, so he decided to let it go. His hand was burning with fever as he thought in his heart: I am a child, I am a child.

"Oh right, you haven't mentioned what tree you want to chop down yet? "As far as I know, not all of the wood is suitable for making utensils."

He automatically ignored Lei Tia's question.

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