Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 23 First Bucket of Gold Handmade Bar Machine(2)
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Qin Mian picked up the bowl and put it in the kitchen, wiping his hands and bringing it out, he took out the blueprint and handed it over to Lei Tia: "This is the 'manual machine' that I drew."

Manual face machine? Lei Tia suspiciously looked at the piece of paper. The first thing he thought was that the brush strokes were very exquisite, he didn't know what kind of painting was used to draw it. There were quite a few suspicious points on this little daughter-in-law's body. He was not short on this one.

The drawings were clear and the content was simple. It was easy to understand.

Qin Mian sat down beside Lei Tia, "Didn't you go to the town to look around yesterday? I found out that most of the noodles used in the noodle shop in the town were made on the spot and were very time-consuming. This manual noodle machine can be quickly made and can be stored for a longer time after drying the noodles. I have two ideas. Either sell this blueprint to the craftsmen, or find a craftsman to make and sell the noodle shop to the restaurants and noodle shops. Both can be sold at a good price. "

Lei Tia stared at him for a moment, wanting to say something but hesitating. His little daughter-in-law seemed in a hurry to make money. His gaze returned to the blueprint and a hint of deep thought flashed across his eyes. "If it's really as you said, why don't you keep it and set up your own noodle shop?"

I didn't expect this ancient man to have such an agile mind. Qin Mian looked at him approvingly, "I think so too. But we are commoners, we have no backers. If such a good item were to be targeted by someone with enough power and influence, it might bring about trouble. " He also had a lot of ideas on how to make money, but he didn't really care about the noodle bar. At the moment, the most important thing was to earn enough money to build a tile house as quickly as possible. He didn't want to live in a thatched hut.

Lei Tia thought for a while, then changed his mind, "The price ca

ot be low."

"Of course." Qin Mian nodded his head, "No matter what, this is a new technique, right? If you are selling blueprints, you can sell them for fifty taels. If you are selling a noodle machine, you can sell a noodle machine for two taels of silver. "How about it?"

Lei Tia replied: "Five liang."

Qin Mian could not help but smile, he could not see that Lei Tia was also someone who loved money. If he thought about it carefully, five taels of silver was equivalent to five thousand yuan in the modern era. It shouldn't be too expensive for those restaurants that sold noodles.

He frowned somewhat awkwardly, "No matter who I sell it to, it would be best if I can make a finished product." "But if I find a craftsman to make it, won't the contents of the blueprint be leaked out?"

Lei Tia said calmly: "I'll do it."

Qin Mian was surprised, "You know how to do it?"

Lei Tia nodded, "Tomorrow we will go to the mountain to chop wood."

Qin Mian became curious about the experiences Lei Tia had in the past ten years. In the end, Lei Tia was not like a country bumpkin who could hunt, read or even carve wood.

Lei Tia stood up, "He's asleep."

"Wait." Qin Mian stopped him and said righteously, "Since I came up with a way to earn money for our family, from today onwards, shouldn't you wash this bowl? This house belongs to both of us, so if I were to offer it up, you should do the same. "

Lei Tia was startled, without saying a word, he turned and headed to the kitchen.

Good man. Qin Mian gave his back a thumbs up, and followed him in, "There is hot water in the pot, wash it with hot water, or else it will not be clean. "After washing up, wash it three times."

Lei Tia did not make a sound, but followed suit.

Qin Mian took a cup of water and a cloth to wash up, then casually put away the clothes on the clothes pole when he entered the house. After a day in the sun, there was a smell of sunlight on his clothes. He folded their clothes and placed them separately. Eight pairs of socks were also put away, four pairs each.

When he was done, he climbed into bed and yawned.

After a while, Lei Tia also entered.

"I made you four pairs of socks in the trunk."


Qin Mian raised his eyebrows. You don't even thank me? He rolled to the wall, ready to go to sleep.

"I'll go up the mountain with you tomorrow."

"If you want to bask in the sun, someone has to watch."

"Don't worry, I have a way." Qin Mian said with certainty.

Lei Tia did not say anything. He adjusted his sleeping posture and closed his eyes.

In the middle of the night, Qin Mian dreamt of finding a bathroom. He had gotten used to it when he was in school. He had to go to the toilet before he went to the exam, the car, or even before he went to bed. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to calm down. I drank too much water in the afternoon and forgot to go to the bathroom before I went to bed.

In the darkness of the room, he groped his way through the darkness and crawled to his feet. He placed his hand on a warm and sturdy object, and a stream of hot air blew past his ears, accompanied by a hoarse and deep voice. "Have you had a nightmare?"

Only now did Qin Mian realize that he was holding onto Lei Tia's waist, and was pressing down on Lei Tia's stomach. He hurriedly retracted his hand, his heartbeat became faster, and his tongue became tied up. I, uh, I need to go to the convenience. "

"Don't move."

His shoulder was pressed, and then he heard the sound of crackling, followed by a light "bang". Sparks flew in the darkness, and with another sound, the oil lamp was lit up by Lei Tia.

Qin Mian quickly jumped off the bed, put on his shoes and rushed out of the room.

When Lei Tia heard the door lock was quickly slid open, the corners of his mouth raised in a clear curve, and then disappeared as he closed his eyes.

Qin Mian did not go to the cottage at the back of the house. Instead, he scuttled to the edge of the bamboo forest, quickly filled the water supply, and returned to the house with a relaxed body. First he went to bed, then blew out the oil lamp.

When he was asleep, aware of the heat around him, he squeezed past it, oblivious to the fact that the same sleeping man had habitually put his arms around him.

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