Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 221 Diagnosis and Treatment
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After the old man of the Liu family became a meritorious general of the country, he had seen all sorts of people in his life for the past 70 years. When he heard his grandson mention the doctor who found him, he knew that his grandson had been duped. He thought about how his grandson would grow some intelligence, but he didn't change his expression. He watched coldly as his grandson received a call that was delayed for consultation, and then watched coldly as his grandson received a call that was asked for the meeting time.

Before his grandson could look at him, he had already retracted his gaze and continued to read the newspaper.

"Grandfather." Liu Yaoming walked over to the old man's side and sat down, "I know that you don't believe that Qin Mian really has that much medical skills, but it is true that he has recovered from most of the injuries. Think of him as a friend of mine, and it won't take ten minutes to see him. "Aaaah!"

This was the grandson's good intentions. Old Man Liu didn't want to disappoint him, so he lightly patted the grandson's head, "Alright, alright, alright. However, he should know what can and ca

ot be said. "

"Don't worry, I'll explain everything to him." Liu Yaoming stood up, "Grandfather, I'll go out and meet him." There were guards outside the courtyard. Normal people wouldn't be able to get in.


Qin Mian followed Liu Yaoming into the courtyard. Upon entering, they saw an old man who was around 60 years old seated on a red wooden bench, with a square face and bright eyes. He looked at Liu Yaoming with sharpness, and the aura of a person in power poured out towards him.

Qin Mian raised his eyebrows. He slightly nodded his head in respect towards the old man and turned to Liu Yaoming, "This is the patient?"

The aura of having long been in a high position was not something an ordinary person could withstand, but this young man was not affected in the slightest. He was like a treasured sword stuck in the ground, standing tall and unmoving in the fierce wind, his edge restrained. Old Man Liu was secretly shocked, and only now did he look straight at Qin Mian.

Liu Yaoming was a little displeased, but since his grandfather had used his aura to suppress the other party, he didn't think it appropriate for him to say anything either. He turned to Old Man Liu and said: "Grandfather, this is the Doctor Qin whom I told you about;

These people were very suspicious. Qin Mian secretly shook his head, now he regretted agreeing to Lin Feng's request. Integration into modern life does not have to be done in such a cumbersome way. However, since he had promised the other party, he would not die without a cause.

Old Man Liu had read many people and was acutely aware that Qin Mian had become a lot colder. Although it could not be considered as warm at first, he thought that perhaps he really had some skills, so he gestured and said, "Doctor Qin, please sit."

"Thank you very much."

After Qin Mian sat down, Old Man Liu asked Liu Yaoming to pour some tea.

"May I know where Mr. Qin is?" Old Man Liu wore a smile on his face, his expression amiable.

Qin Mian didn't want to fight Tai Ji with him, so he said directly: "Old Man Liu, I'm sorry. I still have things to do in a while, let's talk business first. Let me first take a look at your pulse, then write down your pulse and prescription, or let me personally diagnose it, or you can ask someone else to do the same. "

Old Man Liu was interested in testing his abilities, so he straightforwardly stretched out his hand, "Sorry for the trouble."

Qin Mian's finger that was on his pulse for about 10 seconds loosened, looked at Old Man Liu and said, "From your pulse, you have suffered three small strokes, and because the treatment was done in time, your condition was controlled."

Old Master Liu and Liu Yaoming looked at each other in shock. Old Master Liu's identity wasn't ordinary, and the records of his medical treatment was a secret that most people wouldn't be able to see. In other words, Qin Mian's diagnosis was made from his meridians. They had all underestimated him.

Liu Yaoming was secretly glad that he did not treat this young doctor rudely.

Qin Mian seemed to not have noticed their changes in attitude, "The time interval between the first and second small strokes is about four years, and between the second and third small strokes is about one year. Although they are all under control, it is clear from this that your condition is getting worse and worse, and that if stimulated you will most likely lead to a major stroke. "

Old Master Liu and Liu Yaoming's expressions were solemn. The wind could cure him, but it was extremely difficult for him to recover to the state he was in before he became ill. He was almost crippled.

"In your opinion, can my grandfather's condition be completely cured?" Liu Yaoming asked anxiously.

"Fortunately, Old Master Liu has always placed great emphasis on exercising his body, and his bodily functions are pretty good." Qin Mian muttered to himself for a moment, "This old man's pulse is stable and strong, his vitality is thicker. If nothing goes wrong, there is no problem to live another fourteen to fifteen years. If we give him acupuncture and moxibustion a few times, along with a proper diet and proper exercise, we can extend his lifespan by another five years or so. "

Old Man Liu's expression relaxed slightly. He was sixty-four years old this year, and if he lived another twenty years, he would be eighty-four years old.

Qin Mian asked: "Do you have pen and paper?"

"Yes." Liu Yaoming immediately went to the study room to get a pen and paper, and gave them to Qin Mian with both of his hands. He was younger than Qin Mian by a few years, so his respect for Qin Mian was not shameful.

Qin Mian did not write immediately. Instead, he said to Old Man Liu: "May I ask if Old Master wishes for me to personally help you with acupuncture or to find another doctor? If I were looking for another doctor, I would write down the acupuncture method, but I have a condition. "

"What condition?" "Go ahead." Old Man Liu asked.

Qin Mian said: "To tell you the truth, this recipe of mine is passed down by our ancestors. According to our ancestors' rules, we are not allowed to pass it down to outsiders. If the old man has another doctor, I hope he can keep it a secret. "

Liu Yaoming could not help but say: "Mr. Qin, you should know how many people in today's society are troubled by strokes. I can buy your recipe at a high price. "

Qin Mian shook his head indifferently, "I'm sorry, I'm not selling." It was one thing to treat one or two people, but if the prescription were to be published, it would change the course of medicine to a large extent. He always remembered that Lei Tia had once said that cultivators could not use their own abilities to interfere with the matters of the mortal world, otherwise, the punishment from the heavenly tribulation would be quite heavy in the future. Back then, the fact that he and Lei Tia had participated in the war of Grand Xia Country against Turow Country had probably already been "memorized" by the Heavenly Dao, so he had to be more cautious in the future.

Liu Yaoming said: "The price can be negotiated."

Qin Mian laughed, "I am not lacking in money. Young Master Liu and Lin Feng are good friends, they should be able to understand that if a person has too much money, then money is just a number to him. "

Liu Yaoming didn't know how much money Qin Mian had, but he completely agreed with him. For example, Lin Feng, he had a hobby, which was to buy a house. Whether it was at home or abroad, anyone who saw a house they liked would be unable to resist buying it. The cheaper ones were over 800,000 while the expensive ones were over 20 million. They wouldn't even blink when they bought a house.

But Liu Yaoming was still a little unsatisfied, and secretly looked at Old Master Liu.

Old Master Liu understood his thoughts. If their Liu family could offer up this recipe, they would definitely be able to stabilize the Liu family's position. However, he could not do so because he suddenly recalled that only their upper echelons had access to some confidential information. About fifty years ago, there were still some "otherworldly experts" in the country. He was starting to suspect if this young doctor before him was the disciple of some otherworldly expert. If that was truly the case, then this sort of person could only be roped in and remain on good terms with them. They could even ignore them, but they could only avoid offending them.

He waved his hand at his grandson, "Doctor Qin, you personally gave me the pulse. You understand my body better than others. I think you should do it yourself."

"No problem." Qin Mian nodded his head, "Other than that, I have another condition, I do not plan to treat anyone else. I know of the art of healing, I hope the two of you will not spread it to the outside."

Old Master Liu glanced at Liu Yaoming, "No problem."

Liu Yaoming found it difficult to speak: "This ??. Quite a few people already know about you treating Lin Feng, and a lot of people saw us chatting at the gathering that day. "

"I understand that." Qin Mian said, "In short, don't spread the news anymore."

Liu Yaoming agreed.

Qin Mian wrote down a prescription and gave it to him, "Follow the prescription, once I give the old man acupuncture, drinking it will be the most suitable."

"Alright, I'll go now."

Qin Mian only came out of the Liu family after two hours. In the future, he would come every three days to give Old Master Liu acupuncture, and after ten times, he would drink two months of medicine.

Liu Yaoming personally saw him out the door.

Passing by the cake shop, Qin Mian stopped his car and bought four small cakes.

When he returned home, when he opened the door, a young boy and woman sat on the living room's sofa in a row and raised their heads at the same time. Each of them had a bag by their side, causing Qin Mian to suddenly laugh.

"Daddy!" Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin ran over and took the little cake from his hands.

Qin Mian sat down beside Lei Tia and handed a box of cakes to him. Looking at the three bags on the ground, he asked with a smile, "What are all of you doing?"

"Dad, didn't you say you were going to take us on a trip?" Lei Ruilin lied on the back of the sofa and reminded his. Yesterday afternoon, his filming finished. Now he was free.

"Yes." Qin Mian took a bite of the cake, and then unzipped Lei Tia's luggage. He rummaged through the clothes inside, and his fingers came across a paper box, seeing the words on it, his face became hot, and he turned to look at Lei Tia, "One box is enough, you actually filled four boxes, how many are there ?? "Mhmm."

Lei Tia explained with a serious face, "I didn't buy it. Wife, didn't you always say that you have to work hard and thriftily to keep your family afloat? "

Qin Mian stared at him i


Lei Tia's expression did not change, he extended a finger to wipe the cream on his wife's mouth and put it in his mouth, then turned to continue staring at the television.

Qin Mian rubbed his face, he was convinced.

"We'll leave after the cake."

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