Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 220 Second Honeymoon
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Watching Qin Mian and Lei Tia leave side by side, it was unknown why, but Liu Yaoming and the others were more or less all a little envious in their hearts.

Walking out of the hotel, Qin Mian asked: "Where is Ruiqi and Ruilin?"

"Inside." Lei Tia said.

In the city at night, there were neon lights flashing. The streets were bustling with pedestrians, no less than during the day. Not far from them was the Walking Street. Not only were there all kinds of delicious food, there were also all kinds of interesting games.

Qin Mian thought about how he had not had a good time with his family ever since he teleported back, and felt a little ashamed. "Tia, let's not go back for now.

Then, he said in a low voice: "Get in the car first, let Ruiqi and Ruilin out."

He pulled Lei Tia, but did not pull, and turned his head.

Lei Tia held his hand and brought him back to his side, saying in a muffled voice, "You and me."

Qin Mian could see from his calm face that he was feeling wronged and guilty, it was true that he had been negligent, if not because of this matter, the two of them had never been in this world before. Didn't you already know how depressed a man was? It is now clear that the export protests have been genuine grievances. Qin Mian's heart clenched as he tightly hugged onto the man's waist. His cheek rubbed against his, "Un, it's just you and me." There were food and games in the space, and even three of them were there. There was nothing to be worried about after leaving Ruiqi and Ruiqi inside.

He took the man's face in his hands and pecked him on the lips as if he didn't notice the passers-by looking at them. He smiled at the man and put his arm around his shoulders as he walked forward. Who did the current him and Lei Tia need to fear? Why pay attention to the eyes of others? Obedience is the heart.

"I'll take you to have some good food first. It's not far, we'll walk over there. There are barbecue, hand cake, fried rice with iron plate, hot and spicy, Guan Dong cooking, stinky tofu, falling cake... "It's all delicious."

The corner of Lei Tia's mouth raised into a faint smile, he only felt that the light in his wife's eyes was even more dazzling than the neon lights.

Qin Mian's thoughts went astray as he realised that he had neglected his family too much. They might not be able to leave the world for a while, but he should not put too much emphasis on making money. He should first take his wife and children and have a good time in the New World. As for money, they weren't lacking at all.

Thinking about it here, his gaze that landed on Lei Tia's face carried an apology.

"Idiot." Lei Tia saw through his thoughts, "No rush, we have plenty of time."

"Tia." Qin Mian stopped in his tracks, held both of his hands, and looked at him seriously in the eyes, "I don't think I ever asked you if you like this world, or if you like this life." When he thought about how Lei Tia might not like his current life at all, and had to endure it just for his sake, he felt both heartache and remorse. This man was constantly embracing him, but he was only enjoying the man's indulgence, ignoring the man's feelings.

The light in his wife's eyes dimmed, Lei Tia's heart tensed up, his hands tightened, and pulled her into his embrace, "What are you thinking? As long as you remain by my side, it's the same wherever you are. "

"You're a fool, too." Qin Mian caressed the man's face, deciding to treat him better than ever before. Waving away his emotional feelings, he made up his mind, "Tomorrow, we will get a helper to take care of Ruiqi and Ruilin each. After Ruilin's movie is finished, we'll take the two children out for a stroll. There's no need for them to be in such a hurry to go to school. What do you think? "

Lei Tia laughed, his entire body was releasing a happy and satisfied aura, his gaze that was staring at him was as gentle as water, nodding, "Okay."

Seeing him smile, Qin Mianxin felt warm inside, his face broke into a happy smile, "Let's go, we'll go look around the night market first."

He brought Lei Tia to taste octopus pellets, hand cake, roasted squid, Guan Dong cooked, sour plum soup, enema, fried liver, stinky tofu ?? Fishing small fish, looping, shooting balloons with air guns, making cotton candy with your own hands...

In the begi

ing, Lei Tia was still depressed. After being forced by Qin Mian to scoop up small fishes and make cotton candy, he simply followed his wife's demands and followed his lead. The two of them enjoyed themselves as much as the average couple. They played until around 11 PM when Qin Mian's stomach started to feel a little hungry again. He pulled Lei Tia to a famous porridge restaurant to eat porridge.

By the time they got home, it was past midnight. The two sons were already asleep in the room.

Qin Mian was the Action Sect, and on the second day, he hired an assistant for Qin Ruiqi and an assistant for him. When Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin heard that their two fathers were going to have a "second honeymoon", they both waved their hands in understanding.

Qin Mian and Lei Tia were somehow a little disappointed in their hearts, but most of them were feeling gratified and happy. After filling up their house's refrigerator and freezer, and filling up their two sons' storage bangles with fruits, various snacks, snacks and enough money, they left in peace.

On the first day of their "second honeymoon", Qin Mian didn't go too far. He took Lei Tia to the shopping mall and bought several outfits for him and his two sons from head to toe. Afterwards, he bought two movie tickets and brought Lei Tia to see a science fiction movie. The purpose wasn't to see the movie itself, it was to experience the experience of watching a movie, and it was to date. The two of them specifically bought the last row of seats. Since the hall was dark and not many people were going to watch movies, the two of them could not help but secretly kiss a few times.

In the evening, the two of them didn't go home. After calling to confirm that their sons were doing well, they got a room in the hotel.

Some kind of item in the hotel opened a new door for Lei Tia, which was why the two of them did not wake up until 1 p.m. on the second day. After lunch, Qin Mian dragged Lei Tia to the video game city. The two of them were addicted to playing car games, and on the next day, they took a bath in the video game city for a whole day. It was to the point that the young boys and girls would peek at them from time to time with weird gazes.

Qin Mian was extremely depressed, he could not help but pull his own man and ridicule him, "What's there to look at? Although this young master has already reached the third level, he looks to be 22 or 23 years old.

Lei Tia hurriedly coaxed with a serious face, "Okay. They were looking at me. "I ran four times."

"Pfft!" Qin Mian could not help but laugh as he held his own man's face and sized him up carefully. He said seriously, "You're not old, at most you look twenty-seven or twenty-eight." This was naturally true. With Lei Tia's cultivation level, his appearance would not change anymore, so it was as if he was only twenty-eight years old, young, mature, steady, and enchanting. No matter where he went, he would attract the attention of the people around him.

Of course, he wasn't bad either. Qin Mian thought narcissistically.

Lei Tia held his hand and kissed it, completely not noticing the astonished gazes of the bystanders.

"Do you still want to play?"

"I don't think so." Qin Mian said, "If you want to play in the future, travel is more important."

The two of them went back home to check on their two sons. They were more at ease and instructed the two assistants to give them a handsome reward the next time they came home.

The two assistants could tell that this house was not lacking in money just from the value of the house. Hearing this, Qian Jin was even more satisfied and expressed that he would take good care of the two children.

The next day, Qin Mian and Lei Tia went out of the house again. Liu Yaoming's call inviting Qin Mian to treat the old man of the Liu family was also rejected by Qin Mian. He set a time limit for half a month later.

Qin Mian intentionally let Lei Tia experience different kinds of transportation, and took a bus to the train station, where he bought a train ticket to the neighboring city. After visiting the scenic area of the neighboring city and tasting the special snacks of the neighboring city, the two of them flew to the capital.

In the journey afterwards, the two did not take another transport vehicle. Qin Mian acted as the navigation tool, bringing him to various places in the country that had beautiful scenery or delicious snacks.

It was already half a month since Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin saw their father again.

After filming a scene by the side of the road, Chen Yue declared to rest for a while.

No matter how calm Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin were, they were still eight-years-old children. Seeing their fathers standing shoulder to shoulder not too far away, both of them revealed joyous smiles and ran over.

"Daddy! "Dad!"

Qin Mian and Lei Tia caught one each, causing everyone to look on in envy.

The two assistants smiled at each other and walked over. Taking care of these two sensible children was too easy, they even hoped that Qin Mian and Lei Tia would come back later.

"Mister Qin, Mister Lei, you two have returned."

Qin Mianxin was very friendly and was very satisfied with the two assistants, "Un, you two have worked hard."

Chen Yue, Zhang Qiong and the rest all looked at the two big baskets that were placed beside Qin Mian and. The baskets were filled to the brim with peaches and watermelons, which added up to at least one hundred kilograms. They were more familiar with Qin Mian and Lei Tia now, and all of them smiled as they walked over to greet him, eyes staring at the fruits. The fruits that Qin Mian brought were always too tasty, so it couldn't be blamed on them being so greedy.

Qin Mian laughed to himself, "Director Chen, Director Zhang, everyone, my two sons have caused you trouble. These fruits are a small matter, let's split them up. "

Everyone waited for him to say something, thanked him, and took the basket to the shade of the tree to divide the fruits.

Qin Mian took out a small basket from the carriage and handed it over to the two assistants.

"Thank you, Mister Qin." The two assistants took the fruit and walked to the side tactfully.

Qin Mian pulled his two sons to the car to hide from the sun and asked them about their recent progress.

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