Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 22 Six Hundred Catties of Rice
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Beside Lei Tia, there was a bundle of rice tied up with a straw rope. He untied the rope and spread the rice on the ground. Sweat rolled down his cheeks and disappeared into the rice, and his bare, muscular arms gleamed in the hot sun.

Not far away, a few idle women were chatting while carrying baskets on their arms. Most likely, they had also come to deliver food to their men.

Four or five other peasants were eating together and talking loudly.

"Old Liu, you only cut the rice in the south part of the village this morning, right? That piece of land is not even worth seven points, and you've already pulled seven or eight cars towards Cereal Field in the entire morning. We are all from the same village, if you have any secret recipe for farming, you can keep it for yourself. " The speaker was full of jealousy.

The other man was angered by his words and sneered. "Which one of the people in the village doesn't know that third brother likes to wander around the 'other people's' fields when he has nothing else to do? If I had a secret recipe, I would be able to hide it from you."

When the others heard this, they laughed heartily and did not interrupt, enjoying the bickering between the two.

The person who spoke earlier laughed dryly, "Look at what you're saying." You don't allow people to casually stroll around when they're bored? "

Everyone laughed even louder. They all knew what their third brother was thinking.

Qin Mian swept his gaze across, but did not see anyone familiar, and directly walked over to Lei Tia's side.

"Brother Tia, eat first."

"Yes." Lei Tia followed him to the short willow tree beside the Cereal Field and took the basket from his hands.

Qin Mian loved to be clean, so he could not bear to see the sweat on his face. He took out the water jar from the basket and said, "I'll pour the water, wash your face."

Lei Tia nodded, he took off the new cloth around his neck and used the cold water to wet his face and neck, then wiped his hands.

Lei Tia sat on a pile of rice and took off the lid. When he saw the color of the dishes in the bowl, his black eyes filled with a hidden warmth.

"Yes." Qin Mian sat down beside him and casually glanced around.

This Cereal Field was located at the edge of the village, and was extremely wide. The trees around it were not dense, and one could see the scenery in all directions. In the fields, people were busy moving the rice they had cut onto the Cereal Field. Some were pulling the carts with cattle, some with donkeys, and most were carrying them on their shoulders with a sturdy carrying pole. At the end of the carts hung bundles of rice. Although they were tired, the farmers still had a satisfied smile on their faces. This year's harvest was slightly better than the previous years'. Although they had to pay for a lot of land, they could still eat some rice.

Qin Mian turned to ask Lei Tia, "Our family doesn't have any animal power, do we need to borrow it from others?"

Lei Tia ate a mouthful of fried egg with leek and had a mouthful of thick fragrance, "There are too many monks and too few porridge. "If I can't borrow it, I'll pull the stonecutter myself."

Qin Mian was shocked, he opened his mouth, but did not know what to say. Relying on manpower? His gaze moved to an empty stone roller next to Cereal Field. This thing must be at least four or five hundred jin in weight. Even if he could move it, he would probably tire himself to death. At this moment, he felt that their family was poor. They didn't have a house or a car. Even though this was ancient times, the carriages were also divided into different grades. A donkey cart was equivalent to a modern tricycle, an ox cart was equivalent to a modern car, and a carriage was equivalent to a modern BMW. Qin Mian's goal in life was to buy a car. Not to mention buying a BMW, having a tricycle is also a good idea.

Carrying a large ocean bowl, Zhang Dashuan ate his meal in large strides as he walked over. Beside him followed a young man in his early twenties. He had handsome features and was tall and slim. He was also holding a large black porcelain bowl. He was pushing the rice into his mouth and chewing loudly.

"Tia, what do you want to eat?"

"Brother Zhang." Qin Mian stood up and greeted them.

Zhang Dashuan introduced the young man beside him, "This is my neighbor, Wu Di."

"Hello, sister-in-law." Wu Di was all smiles as his eyes roamed over to Lei Tia's bowl, looking very lively, "Brother Tia, what dish did sister-in-law cook for you? "You could smell it from far away."

When the wives on the field saw this scene, they whispered amongst themselves.

"Have Zhang Dashuan and Wu Di gone silly? Who are Lei Tia and Qin Mian? and you actually moved closer to them. "

The woman who spoke was glared at by her man. "Are you worried about other people's matters?"

Lei Tia moved the bowl towards Zhang Dashuan's direction, "My wife's shredded green peppers, fried egg with leek, and cold mixed eggplant."

He ate in a gentle ma

er, with plenty of dishes in his bowl at the moment.

Qin Mian calmly looked towards Zhang Dashuan and Wu Di's bowls. In Zhang Dashuan's bowls, there were two peeling salted eggs, and in Wu Di's bowls, there were light vegetables.

Zhang Dashuan impolitely took a handful of green peppers from Lei Tia's bowl. Seeing Wu Di's envious yet embarrassed look, he laughed and squatted down at the side. He was a villager, he did not care about food and conversation, "Tia, how do you prepare to grind your house's rice?" As he spoke, he looked at Wu Di intentionally or not.

Wu Di looked at the pile of rice and his eyes lit up. Without waiting for Lei Tia's reply, he spoke quickly, "Brother Tia, we only cut half of the rice, and after this battle, we will not grind the rice anymore. We will cut more in the afternoon. Take our donkey and use it. "

Qin Mian was afraid that Lei Tia would be silly, so he took the bowl from his hands and placed it in front of Wu Di, "Thank you. If you don't mind, try it. "

"I don't mind, I don't mind. How fragrant! Thank you Brother Tia, thank you sister-in-law. " Wu Di reached out his chopsticks happily, but he did not overdo it. He picked up a few pieces of green pepper meat and a small piece of leek and fried egg.

Lei Tia still maintained his left hand that was holding onto the bowl, and looked at Qin Mian with a gaze that carried a bit of helplessness and a bit of indulgence.

Zhang Dashuan saw everything clearly and quickly retracted his gaze and lowered his head to eat.

"Eat." Qin Mian returned the bowl to Lei Tia, patted his shoulder to comfort him, and said generously, "If you like it, I'll make these three dishes tonight."

Lei Tia nodded and mixed the remaining food together with the ingredients before starting to eat at a leisurely pace.

Qin Mian had a good impression of this young Wu Di, "Wu Di, thank you so much today. After the farming is done, Brother Tia and I will treat you to a meal. "

Wu Di waved his hand, "It's not worth it. Anyway, my donkey has nothing better to do."

"It's a deal." Qin Mian persisted.

Wu Di did not refuse anymore, and nodded happily, "Then I will accept your request. I had long heard from Brother Zhang that my sister-in-law's skills were good, I'm so lucky."

"At that time, I will need to trouble Brother Zhang to accompany me." Qin Mian said to Zhang Dashuan. It was not that he did not notice that Zhang Dashuan was trying to help him.

Zhang Dashuan had a good relationship with Lei Tia, if he was too polite, it would be fake, so he laughed: "That's good."

Zhang Dashuan and Wu Di finished their meal and quickly left. They still had to busy themselves in the afternoon.

Lei Tia finished all the food and drank half a cup of water.

"Go back." "In the sun."

Qin Mian did not immediately get up, but asked: "When is it over here?"

Lei Tia said: "At most four hours."

Qin Mian probed: "Where are your parents?"

Lei Tia said lightly: "Let's take care of ourselves first and then talk."

Qin Mian nodded in satisfaction in his heart, "I'll go back and pack first, I'll come back later to help."

"No need." Lei Tia looked at the sun and rejected.

Qin Mian didn't say anything, but he had his own plans. He went home to wash the dishes, locked the door, made a straw hat with bamboo, and brought a vegetable basket along with him to the Cereal Field. He did not want to bask in the sunlight, but since he and Lei Tia were family for the time being, he had to take responsibility for this family.

After Wu Di's family was done with the donkey, Lei Tia brought the donkey over and started to grind the rice grains with the stonecutter. After using the stone mill to crush the grain several times, Qin Mian turned the grain over and continued to crush it. This happened multiple times for nearly two hours before Lei Tia stopped and took the yaksha from Qin Mian's hands. He nodded towards Qin Mian and led the donkey away.

After threshing the stalks of rice become straw, can be used as firewood, can also be used as fodder. Qin Mian used his yaksha to pick all the straw and piled it up on the side. As he picked it up, he shook it a few times to make sure that all the grains contained in the straw were shaken off.

When Lei Tia returned, he used a wooden shovel to raise the valley. The wind blew in waves, blowing away the dust and bits of straw, leaving only clean grains.

Their acre of rice eventually yielded six hundred catties of rice, filling five large sacks. After drying, it weighed about 400 kilograms. It was too low for the modern world, but it was still considered good for this era.

Lei Tia carried the sack over five times easily and brought the food back home. The straw was tied up and returned.

When they were on their final trip, the two of them went to Lei Family's garden to pick some vegetables.

Lei Tia took some clean clothes and went to the river to take a bath, while Qin Mian stayed at home to have a hot water bath, then began to busy himself with di


The color of the dishes at night was exactly the same as in the afternoon. However, there were no longer any lean meat. Instead, the shredded meat of the green peppers had turned into the streaky pork of the green peppers.

Lei Tia ate quite a lot as if he wanted to supplement what he ate less at noon. The green peppers were very spicy, but the food was very spicy. The two of them ate contentedly.

After di

er, the sun would set.

"I have something to discuss with you." Qin Mian said as he cleaned up the dishes.

"What is it?" Lei Tia looked at the socks on the bamboo pole outside the house.

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