Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 218 Difficulties of the Investor
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Ever since he had met Qin Mian that day, Qin Lian had always been anxious and anxious. Every time he saw Qin Yongcheng, he would have to carefully observe his expression to see if Qin Mian had contacted him before.

Qin Yongcheng had immersed himself in the business world for many years, and his eyes had long cultivated the Fiery Eyes of Truth, taking in all of Qin Lian's little actions.

"Qin Lian!"

The chopsticks in Qin Lian's hands fell off, landing on the white and smooth floor and making two crisp sounds.

Upon hearing the commotion, the servant walked over. Seeing that the father and son were at loggerheads, he did not dare to step forward.

"Dad, I'm sorry." Qin Lian quickly picked up the chopsticks and put them aside, forcing out a stiff smile, "These past two days have been rather sleepless ??"

"Oh? Because of what? " Qin Yongcheng asked coldly, he slowly drank the soup, his sharp eyes still landing on Qin Lian, full of questions.

"Nothing. "It's Young Master Liu's birthday in two days. I haven't made up my mind about his birthday present, so I'm a bit worried." Qin Lian quickly found an excuse.

Qin Yongcheng coldly snorted. He sighed in his heart, somewhat powerless. The Qin Family industry had risen in his father's hands, and was flourishing in his hands. He was extremely worried that the foundation of Qin Family industry would be destroyed by this son. However, Qin Mian's whereabouts were unknown, he only had this one son now, and if he did not hand over the inheritance of Qin Family to Qin Lian, could he hand it over to an outsider? However, Qin Lian's performance did not satisfy him at all.

Qin Yongcheng's gaze grew deeper and deeper as his heartbeat grew faster and faster. He knew that Qin Yongcheng didn't think much of him, and he became even more determined to never let him know that Qin Mian had returned.

Qin Yongcheng thought that maybe he should give his son a capable wife and hand over the business of Qin Family to his daughter-in-law. However, if they really did that, their Qin would definitely become a joke in the business world. Furthermore, the businesses in Qin Family would fall into the hands of outsiders.

At this time, Qin Yongcheng's heart suddenly moved. He was still young and his health wasn't bad. If he could properly nurture his grandson ??

Madam Qin, Mo Feifei tried to smooth things over, "Alright, alright, let's eat first. If you have anything to say, let's talk after di


Qin Yongcheng's expression slowed down, he looked at Qin Lian, and spoke with sincere sincerity, "You are my only son, and our Qin Family still relies on you. Don't disappoint me and your mother."

Qin Lian hurriedly said, "Yes. Dad, I will try my best. "

After di

er, Qin Lian went back to the company. Qin Yongcheng called Mo Fei Fei over to the study room and straightforwardly said, "A Lian isn't young yet, he's still not sure. It's time for him to marry a wife and take charge of him."

Mo Fei Fei knew his son the best. She thought that Qin Yongcheng suddenly said this because he discovered that Qin Lian was having an ambiguous relationship with a few female employees in the company. He immediately agreed and nodded, "That's what I thought too, I was about to mention this matter to you. Hubby, do you have a candidate? "

Qin Yongcheng's expression was extremely ugly, even the person beside him found it hard to see, "From what you're saying, you already have a candidate?"

Although Mo Feifei was already in her early fifties, she still retained her charm. With a gentle smile, she had a mature charm, "Yes, you know her. She is my sister-in-law's niece, Ya Ge."

"Qiu Ya Ge?" Qin Yongcheng gave her a meaningful glance and said gently, "Ya Ge, that child is indeed not bad. He is smart and beautiful. Ainphent is our only son, and the choice of a daughter-in-law has to be prudent. Next month will be the fortieth a

iversary of the company's listing. At that time, we'll have a drinking party and invite some of our friends over. "

Mo Fei Fei Fei's eyes flashed, and she smiled as she nodded, "You are still the most considerate one."

Flowers two apiece.

In these two days, no matter where Lei Tia went, he would always be busy holding his notebook, not allowing Qin Mian to peek at him. Even if Qin Mian was making fun of him secretly being on the "third color website", he did not allow Qin Mian to see it. Qin Mian then took over from him and delivered Lei Ruilin to the set everyday. Lei Tia stayed at home. Qin Ruiqi would sometimes follow Qin Mian, and sometimes stay at home with him.

Today, Qin Mian brought Lei Ruilin to the set, but discovered that the atmosphere was extremely heavy. Chen Yue's face was gloomy, standing in front of the monitor, smoking. Zhang Qiong also had a grim look on his face.

"What happened?" Qin Mian asked a makeup artist that he was more familiar with.

The makeup artist shook her head and said in a low voice, "I'm not sure. That's exactly what happened after Director Chen received a call. "

Qin Mian noticed that Zhang Qiong's gaze had swept past his son. His heart skipped a beat. He walked straight in front of Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong, greeting them with a smile, "Director Chen, Vice Director Zhang, good morning."

Chen Yue's expression softened, and said: "You're here."

Zhang Qiong lightly nodded his head and shot Chen Yue a look.

Chen Yue turned a blind eye as he frowned in deep thought.

Qin Mian asked: "Did something happen?"

Zhang Qiong saw that Chen Yue did not say a word, and could only ask himself, "Mister Qin, since you asked, I will say it directly. Has your family offended someone? "

The first person that Qin Mian thought of was Qin Lian, "Why is there such a question?"

Zhang Qiong said, "Just now, we received a call requesting us to switch ??" Afraid that the child would be hurt, he only glanced at Lei Ruilin subtly, "Otherwise, the investors will withdraw their investment."

Qin Mian raised his eyebrows.

Lei Ruilin raised his eyebrows in the exact same ma

er as his father. It was clear that he understood Zhang Qiong's words, but he was still very calm.

Chen Yue noticed that his love for him had deepened by a few points. But he did not dare say that he would definitely be able to continue using Lei Ruilin. At this point, if the investors actually withdrew their investment, it would not be good for the film's future publicity. On the other hand, it would be a huge loss if they could not find a new investor in a short period of time.

Zhang Qiong thought that if Qin Mian really understood the situation properly and asked his son to withdraw, he would calmly ask, "How much did the investors invest?"

Zhang Qiong was taken aback. Chen Yue also looked over in surprise. Thinking of a possibility, he subconsciously straightened his back.

"80 million." Zhang Qiong replied.

Qin Mian nodded, "How about I invest?" It wasn't just to win his son's favor. He was really optimistic about the movie. The film, whether it be the director's team, the lead actor or the screenplay, is first-rate. It can't be that it's not popular.

Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong were both shocked.

Chen Yue made a gesture, then sternly said: "Let's talk inside."

Entering the nearest dressing room, he asked, "Are you serious?"

"Of course." Qin Mian said, "This matter could very well be because of me. However, I would also like to ask, if I can ensure that the investment is in place, will other aspects be affected? "

"Nope." Chen Yue affirmed, "Although I, Chen Yue am not considered powerful and influential, but I am not someone to be taken lightly."

Qin Mian did not doubt that a person who was a popular director should not be underestimated.

"Very good. I'll transfer two million to you, and you can continue to bid. The rest of the money will be in the account before nightfall. "

After he finished speaking, he didn't care about Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong's reactions. He lowered his head and asked his son, "Ruilin, I'm going out for a while.

Lei Ruilin placed both of his hands in his pockets casually, smiling as he replied, "Daddy, don't worry."

After Qin Mian asked about the account number, he nodded towards Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong, then turned and left.

Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong looked at each other.

An hour later, the short message on their phone reminded Chen Yue that there was an additional two million yuan in his account, allowing Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong to calm down. At this time, they weren't afraid that Qin Mian was joking around with them, because they had yet to sign the contract and Qin Mian had already transferred two million over to them. To put it crudely, if Qin Mian dared to lie to them, he wouldn't be able to take back the 2 million.

After the other actors arrived, they continued filming.

During lunch time, Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong were taking care of Lei Ruilin. Lei Ruilin was very sensible and didn't make them worry.

As for Qin Mian, after transferring 2 million, he dug out a 500 year old ginseng from the spatial space. He remembered that a 300-year-old ginseng weighed 305 grams and sold for 1 million yuan. This 500-year-old ginseng of his weighed 589 grams, and it was even rarer. Moreover, it came from another dimension, so its quality was even better. At the very least, it was worth 2 million. If too many hundred-year-old ginseng appeared in the market, it would definitely attract attention, so he only pla

ed to sell this one.

Because he was short on time, he didn't take the ginseng to auction the company, but contacted a reputable medical company and offered a price of 3 million. After bargaining a bit, the deal was sold for 28 million.

After leaving the medical company, Qin Mian executed a disguise technique and blended into the sea of people, no one would be able to find him.

Afterwards, he and Lei Tia disguised themselves and sold three pieces of jade and two pieces of jewelry from different cities, making a total of a hundred million.

Before four o'clock, he once again appeared on the production team. After finding Chen Yue and signing the contract, he transferred 78 million to the production team.

Chen Yue and Zhang Qiong were completely relieved.

With the remaining 22 million, Qin Mian gave Lei Tia the capital to start his business. Lei Tia said in a serious tone, "My wife, this can be considered too cute."

Qin Mian lied down on top of Lei Tia's body and pressed down on his chest, listening to his breathing that was sometimes fast and sometimes slow, laughing out loud in interest.

"Stop messing around." Lei Tia's voice was hoarse, as he patted his butt in warning.

Qin Mian remembered that he still had some important matters to attend to, so he rolled up the bed sheets and sat up, "Where's my phone?"

Lei Tia picked up the two phones on the bedside table and handed one of them over to him. Their phones were the same, but the screens were different.

Qin Mian dialed Qin Lian's number, "Qin Lian, is today's matter because of you?"

Qin Lian was baffled, "What is it?"

Qin Mian heard that his voice didn't sound like he was lying, but he quickly thought of another suspect.

"He doesn't admit it?" Lei Tia grabbed his leg and allowed him to move upwards.

Qin Mian hung up the phone, a cold light flashed past his eyes, and he laughed sinisterly: "I should have wronged him. "Lu, Yun, Zhao."

At this moment, his phone rang. The serial number displayed was somewhat familiar.


"Hello, Mr. Qin. I am Lin Feng."

"Mr. Lin?" "Hello, is something the matter?" Qin Mian was surprised.

Lin Feng said: "My body is much better now, I want to once again express my thanks. In addition, a friend of mine learned of Mister Qin's medical skills and wanted to get to know him. She wanted me to introduce him to her.

Their family might have to live in the modern world for a long time, so it was necessary to develop their relationship. Qin Mian did not think too much and agreed, "Sure."

"We are going to a 'crown prince' 's birthday party. It will be tomorrow night at seven o'clock. Why don't I pick you up tomorrow afternoon? "

"Sure, I have my own car. How about we meet at the Qingming Square at 6 o'clock?" "Un, see you." Qin Mian would not easily divulge his family's address.

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