Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 217 Fortuitous Encounter
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This day of shooting did not end until around 7 PM. The two children were tired and fell asleep as soon as they got in the car. Returning back to the Paradise District, Qin Mian and Lei Tia parked the car and carefully carried their sleeping son back home. After Lei Tia arranged for them to stay in their room, he went to the kitchen and saw that his wife was already digging for rice. On the counter, he placed the vegetable basket down and kissed the corner of her lips as he rolled up his sleeves to choose his dishes.

A bit of white, golden hair and Golden Eagle was released from the space by Qin Mian as they freely moved about the house.

"Who's your old friend?" Lei Tia asked.

Qin Mian switched on the electric pressure cooker and joked: "Speaking of which, you can also be considered our matchmaker."

Lei Tia thought for a while, then coldly said: "Qin Lian?"

The two of them spoke without disturbing the work they were doing. Qin Mian picked up the ginger and peeled the skin, saying, "That's right, he looks like he's doing quite well."

"What kind of matchmaker is he?" In Lei Tia's mind, the scene of his daughter-in-law falling down from the stairs caused him to panic. If it wasn't for the fact that the heavens were biased towards his wife and asked him to borrow her corpse to repay the debt, then when Qin Lian pushed his wife down the stairs, he might have been dead. He could only loathe Qin Lian.

He took the ginger from his wife's hand and bent down to kiss his lips.

Qin Mian could feel his lingering fear and nervousness and care for him from his rapidly moving tongue. Ignoring the fact that his hands were stained with ginger juice, Qin Mian embraced his shoulders and replied gently to soothe his fluctuating emotions.

Only then did Lei Tia realize that his wife's waist was pressed up against the solid kitchen counter. He immediately pulled him up, lifted his clothes and looked, and indeed, it was a patch of red.

"It's fine, it doesn't hurt." Qin Mian was a little lazy from massaging, he leaned on him weakly for a moment, then pecked on the earlobe closest to his mouth and straightened his back, "Go and cook first."

Lei Tia released him and continued to choose between them, "What are you pla

ing to do?"

Qin Mian did not mind, "It's just a small fry, how could it be worth it for us to take it to heart? Today, my sudden appearance in front of him was enough for him to have nightmares for two days. It's fine if he is well-behaved, but if he dares to offend me again, hmph, I will make him regret being born into this world!

Lei Tia declined to comment. From a angle that Qin Mian could not see, his eyes were cold and gloomy, filled with danger.

"Tia, should we buy another car?" Qin Mian thought about what Lei Tia had said about wanting to do for a living. It was not enough to only have one car at home.

Lei Tia shook his head, "When I earn more money, I'll buy it for you."

Qin Mian chuckled, the joy in his heart overflowing into his eyes as he lightly said. But I don't care for tens of thousands of dollars a car. "Hahaha ??"

Lei Tia helplessly and lovingly glanced at his wife. Did she look down on him that much?

"Mm, I'll buy you at least a million."

Qin Mian was curious, "What are you pla

ing to do?"

The corner of Lei Tia's mouth twitched almost imperceptibly, "... "Not yet."

Qin Mian lowered his head and snickered. The man's expression, which seemed like he was troubled by something, was fresh, yet also fu

y. However, in order to avoid hurting the man's self-esteem, he kindly changed the topic, "You shouldn't eat too much tonight. and then cut a plate of fruit. "

"I'll listen to you."

After finishing his meal, Qin Mian woke his two sons up.

After di

er, the family of four went for a stroll in the space to eat, Lei Tia instructed his two sons to go to bed before ten o'clock. He pulled Qin Mian into the bedroom and urged him to take a bath.

After Qin Mian finished showering, the man stuffed a notebook into his hands. On the page was the car web.

"Pick out what brand you like." After Lei Tia finished speaking, he walked into the bathroom as if nothing had happened.

Today, money really wasn't anything to Qin Mian and Lei Tia. Forget about all the treasures in the space, just the wealth bestowed by the Emperor, would amount to at least a few hundred million. But using the money earned by Lei Tia personally to buy these gifts had a different meaning. Qin Mian climbed onto the bed with a smile, leaned on the headboard, and started choosing carefully.

Lei Tia showered very quickly, wearing only a white bathrobe, his body still wrapped in a light heat.

Qin Mian stared at the screen unblinkingly, his face was soft and attractive under the wall light.

Lei Tia closed the curtain and sat down next to him. He hugged him, leaned him against his chest, and rested his chin on his wife's shoulder.

"Do you like anything?"

"I've temporarily taken a fancy to two of them, this ??"

Qin Mian raised his hand, and tapped on the picture with his finger. Because of this action, the casual bathrobe spread out, and Lei Tia's position just happened to be able to see the faintly discernible scenery inside the bathrobe. His breathing tightened, and the big hand that was wrapped around his wife's waist leisurely slipped, opening his belt.

Even though he had turned on the air conditioner, the temperature in the room seemed to increase by several degrees. Qin Mian nudged his lower abdomen with his elbow, and immediately threw him onto the bed.

After breakfast, Lei Tia drove Lei Ruilin to the set.

Qin Ruiqi did not follow him. Last night, he had searched for some performance books online and today, he was going to the bookstore to buy some.

Qin Mian cleaned up the kitchen and brought him out. Golden Fur, Little White and the Golden Eagle were not so good as to stay in "secluded" space. On the day they moved, Qin Mian used a spirit art to shrink their bodies and camouflage a little white as a Rottweiler. He also disguised Golden Fur as a Rottweiler and carved them as a level 2 national protected animal.

The Golden Eagle didn't want to fly in the air and stood on a spot of white's back.

When the two, three animals appeared downstairs, they immediately attracted the attention of the other residents of the residential complex. Some people even secretly took photos of the Golden Eagle and a bit of white hair Weibo with their cellphones.

Qin Mian and Qin Ruiqi did not mind.

The address of the bookstore had already been checked out. It wasn't far from the district, and it could only be two miles away. Qin Mian brought his eldest son and walked over, while also familiarizing with the environment around their home.

Along the way, the appearance of the Golden Eagle and Bai Qi gained a lot of turning points.

Bookstore is a leisure book bar, a collection of library, bookstore, coffee shop advantages in a quiet and elegant environment. Qin Mian let all three of them stay outside the door, asking the staff at the counter to look after them for a while, as they would be able to see them through the glass door.

The staff member was a young girl with short hair. It was very difficult for her to reject the handsome guy's request. A blush appeared on her face as she sweetly smiled, "Alright, don't worry."

Qin Ruiqi shot a glance at her, and pulled her hand: "Father, let's go in."

The girl looked at Qin Mian in shock, then looked at Qin Ruiqi, she couldn't believe that such a young handsome guy had such a big son.

Qin Mian laughed and rubbed his eldest son's head, "A little brat is a big deal."

He first took his son to pick out some books on acting, and then he took him to pick out some storybooks.


Suddenly, there were noises coming from outside the door and roars of white and gold fur. The father and son duo hurriedly ran out.

The little white, golden hair and Golden Eagle were glaring at the young man and woman. The short-haired girl stood to the side, at a complete loss.

"Excuse me, may I ask what is the matter?" Qin Mian frowned and asked the short-haired girl politely.

The girl quickly explained, "It was just a misunderstanding. This lady wanted to hug your dog, then ??"

Qin Mian understood. Blondie and a little white would not accept a strange touch.

Before he could say anything, the young man suddenly said in an unfriendly tone, "Bastard, is that you?"

Qin Mian turned his head, the young man was scolding him for being his eldest son. His face darkened. He put his arm around his son's shoulders and coldly stared at the young man. "What is it?"

Lu Yunzhao sized him up, and angrily laughed instead, "You're asking me what's wrong? This brat let this young master bask in the sun for more than an hour, you all forgot, this young master didn't! "

"Oh," Qin Mian nodded his head, "So the one who tried to snatch the thing from my son's hands was you."

You!" Lu Yunzhao tightened his arm around his girlfriend, looking a little embarrassed. "Don't worry about him! "This kid made me and some of my buddies spend so much time in the sun, so I have to pay for it.

Qin Mian smiled faintly and looked at his son.

Qin Ruiqi said unhesitatingly: "It is only because you have ill intentions towards my younger brother that he will defend himself. "No matter where you go, we are the ones who have a reason for this."

Lu Yunzhao was startled. "My brother?" Could it be twins? He took a closer look and discovered that although the child looked exactly the same as the one who poked their acupoints before, his temperament was different.

Qin Ruiqi did not show any sign of cowardice facing an adult, and said lightly: "Your bearing is not ordinary, and you must be from a distinguished family. Could it be that you can't even differentiate right from wrong?"

It was unknown which girl in the crowd exclaimed, "Little friend, you're so handsome!"

As more and more people gathered to watch the show, Lu Yunzhao became angry from embarrassment. He stared at Qin Mian and held back a breath as he asked with a fake smile: "I still haven't asked you for your name?"

Qin Mian calmly replied, "Qin Mian."

Lu Yunzhao asked again, "Local?"

"That's right." Qin Mian spoke bluntly.

Lu Yunzhao said in a deep voice: "My surname is Lu, and my name is Lu Yunzhao."

Qin Mian said with a smile that was not a smile.

Lu Yunzhao asked in a strange tone: "Haven't you heard of me before?"

Qin Mian replied: "Heh heh."

Who didn't know that "Hoho" meant "retard?", Lu Yunzhao's expression suddenly changed as he coldly said: "Let's wait and see!" With that, he even left his girlfriend and walked away.

The young woman glared at Qin Mian fiercely and chased after him with her 8 cm stiletto heels, "Young Master Lu, wait for me!"

Qin Mian and Qin Ruiqi did not take the small episode to heart and went back to the bookstore to continue picking books. Qin Mian had asked Xiao Bai what exactly was going on with his teleportation that day, and he couldn't explain it clearly at all. However, according to Qin Mian's analysis, it was probably because Xiao Bai was obsessed with this time and space, or perhaps it was because the energy Xiao Bai absorbed when he advanced was too great that it tore apart time and space. Perhaps it would be like this the next time he advanced by a little bit, so, if he bought more books, even if he couldn't finish them all for the time being, he could still read them slowly later in the space.

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