Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 21 First Bucket of Gold Handmade Bar Machine(1)
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"Uncle Precinct Head is flattering me." Qin Mian glanced at the rice in the Precinct Head and praised, "Uncle is indeed a good cultivator in farming. These words were actually not from the bottom of his heart. This rice was much worse than the ones he had seen in his previous life.

"Hahaha …" The Precinct Head started laughing angrily, but in his heart, he understood that Qin Mian was just trying to find the right words to say.

Qin Mian modestly said a few words, but he did not say anymore words to Precinct Head. What he said was not about buying and selling, but rather the truth.

As Lei Tia ate the scallion meat patties, he waited for them to finish talking before asking, "Did you eat them?"

Qin Mian replied, "No. I'll go back now and bring you some food at noon. "

"Send it to the Cereal Field." Lei Tia caught a glimpse of Lei Xiangren striding over here with large strides, before he stuffed the basket back into Qin Mian's arms, "Go back."

Qin Mian also saw Lei Xiangren, so he took the basket and left. He didn't have any good impression of Lei Xiangren, so he didn't have to deal with him if she could avoid dealing with him. Lei Tia was Lei Xiangren's big brother, so she could only let him deal with him.

After walking a few steps, he turned around and revealed a sympathetic smile to Lei Tia.

Lei Tia was baffled as he slightly raised her chin towards him.

Qin Mian guessed that Yue Yang was urging him to leave quickly. Smiling, he increased his pace and walked home leisurely.

Precinct Head took a good look at the situation and shook his head. He ate the scallion meat pie in two or three bites and continued to cut the rice.

"Big Brother, Father asked me to call you over to harvest some rice."

"My family's rice is not finished yet."

"I'll come over when you've finished collecting your land."

"I'm not going. I'll have to grind the valley in a while."


As Qin Mian walked further, he faintly heard Lei Xiangren's unquestionable tone and Lei Tia's indifferent response. He silently laughed and praised Lei Tia on the inside: Good job!

When he got home, he filled his stomach and first washed their clothes. Only then did he discover that there was an emerald green bamboo pole between the two trees in front of the house. The two ends of the bamboo pole were tied tightly with a cloth to a branch the height of a person.

This must be the "clothesline" that Lei Tia had come up with.

Qin Mian couldn't help but smile, hang up his clothes, then return to his room to begin his "First Bucket of gold".

In his previous life, there were two things that he was most adept at. One was farming the land, and the other was eating delicious food. In this backward era, digging in the ground was hard work, and there was no way he could earn that much money. He could only start from the food point of view.

Due to the lack of time, he only had to wander around the town yesterday before he found his first business opportunity — a manual noodle machine. There were more than twenty noodle shops in the town, he had counted, and all their noodles were made in this way: they made up first, then they rolled the dough into thin slices with a rolling pin, and then they cut the noodles into strips with skilled knife work. This was not only tiring, but also tiring. He was sure that if he made a manual noodle machine, it would sell.

Qin Mian found the leftover paper that was pasted on the window yesterday and took out a pencil from his spatial storage. Relying on his memories, he drew out the parts of the manual noodle machine one by one, including the container for the dough, the handle, and the template with several small holes on it. The principle behind the manual face bar machine was also simple. It was mainly based on extrusion and was somewhat similar to a pump. Place the dough in the fuselage, hold the handle and press down. Extrude the dough from several holes in the bottom and the dough becomes noodles. If you want to eat fine noodles, use the floor plate with smaller holes. If you want to eat wide noodles, use the floor plate with bigger holes. It's very convenient.

After drawing, and confirming that there were no mistakes, Qin Mian put away the blueprints and took out the pieces of cloth he bought yesterday. He took out a manual sewing machine from the space and made a few pairs of socks. When he was done, he made some comparisons and felt a little loose. He sewed two more straps around the stocking to prevent it from slipping down. The socks were ugly in appearance, but they were more delicate than the stitches. Even if Lei Tia saw it, he would only think that he was good at needlework and wouldn't have thought that he had such a cheating tool.

He washed a few pairs of socks and hung them on a bamboo pole outside.

He looked at the sun. It was almost noon.

Qin Mian immediately picked some vegetables from the storage space and prepared to eat. He used the leftover meat from yesterday to make green pepper shredded meat, and also made a leek omelet and cold mixed eggplant. Lei Tia had a lot of food, so he filled half of the bowl with food immediately. Then, he scooped up more than half of the three dishes into the bowl, put them on a plate and placed them in the basket.

The vegetables in the spatial space tasted delicious. Qin Mian extinguished the rest of the dishes and burped twice before bringing a basket of food to Lei Tia.

Cereal Field was the one he used to roast the corn with Lei Tia. It took up an area of about one and a half mu, and was split into eight blocks that were similar in size. When Qin Mian arrived, the villagers were wearing straw hats and working hard under the sun. Some of them were quickly unfolding the grain they had just picked up, preparing to grind it out; some of the faster farmers were already pushing the oxen to rock and roll, waving their whips and letting out high-pitched yells from time to time; a few villagers were filling bags with grain from time to time, because other people were waiting to use their Cereal Field; and on the haystacks beside the Cereal Field, three sweating men were sitting in the shade, eating and talking loudly.

There were more than twenty people on top of the Cereal Field, and for some reason, Qin Mian saw Lei Tia, who was all alone at the corner of the Cereal Field, bent at the waist and unfurled a grain of rice.

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