Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle

Chapter 774 - Settle with a Fight
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Chapter 774: Settle with a Fight

“Why are you asking this?” Huo Ci stood at the door, placed the bowl of spare ribs on the table, and stood there eating.

“I’m just curious.” Ling Sheng was afraid that her Fifth Uncle had had a woman who was like white moonlight or red birthmark[1]. What would happen to Sister Su Yi then?

Huo Ci’s eyes darkened as he asked, “Is he really with Su Yi now? How great! How dare he lay hands on an artiste managed by my company? I’ll kill him!”

Ling Sheng had not expected that not only would she not get what she wanted to ask, but she had also aroused her father’s wrath. Her father had really gone to settle the score with Fifth Uncle. After eating, he grabbed a coat and left aggressively.

“Fifth Uncle, where are you now?” Upon hearing the door close with a bang, Ling Sheng hurriedly called to inform him.

“The hospital. What’s wrong?” Lu Yubai was sitting on the sofa and working. She sounded quite anxious.

“Listen to me. After my father found out that you are dating Sister Su Yi, he has gone to settle the score with you. He’s already gone out. Be careful.”

“How would he know? What does who I date have anything to do with him?”

“Your relationship with others has nothing to do with him. However, Sister Su Yi is an artist supported by our studio who had just released a new album too. Now that there are rumors, it will affect her greatly and also affect the company a little.”

“How did you know about Su Yi and me?”

“Fifth Uncle, what did you say? I can’t hear anything because of the lousy signal. I’m hanging up!”

Lu Yubai frowned. The little girl had done it on purpose. Where had she heard the news from? However, Sixth Brother had come to settle a score with him, not because he had ‘kidnapped’ an artist managed by his company.

Before the previous incident had been resolved, Huo Ci had already announced that he’d cut ties with him and Eldest Brother. When he regained his senses, he could not take the initiative to express goodwill either. It would be good to have a fight too.

There was nothing a fight could not solve between brothers. If it did not work, they would fight twice!

Su Yi knew that it was Ling Sheng’s call and had guessed some of the content from his conversation. She looked at the man guiltily and whispered, “Teacher Lu, I’m sorry. They asked me. I shouldn’t have told them.”

Lu Yubai smiled and shook his head to comfort her. “It’s all right, it’ll be made public sooner or later. That girl Sheng Sheng won’t stop until she gets an answer. She’s too crafty.”

Su Yi felt guilty and did not dare to reply. Instead, she asked, “What did Sheng Sheng say?”

Lu Yubai said, “She said that... Her uncle is looking for me. I have to go out for a while. I’ll get your assistant to come over and accompany you!”

Given Sixth Brother’s temper, he could not be allowed to find his way to the hospital. He would scare this girl. However, perhaps he would not be so angry if he came and Su Yi was here.

He should probably still leave. Who knew what would happen then? Just in case.

“I’m fine. I can walk by myself.” Su Yi felt a flash of disappointment. She smiled at the man to reassure him. “Go over quickly. Don’t be late.”

“Then, I’ll be leaving first. I’ll come and see you tomorrow.” Lu Yubai put on his coat and left. His documents and laptop were still on the sofa in her ward. He had not taken them away.

Su Yi watched as he walked out and closed the door. Her graceful brows furrowed slightly. Just now, Teacher Lu had said that Sheng Sheng’s... He seemed to have wanted to say something else, but changed his mind and said ‘uncle’ at the last minute. What did he want to say about Sheng Sheng?

Ling Sheng knew that her father had gone to settle the score with Fifth Uncle. It definitely wasn’t because Sister Su Yi was dating Fifth Uncle. She did not know why, but he had fallen out with Fifth Uncle and Eldest Uncle. It was probably because of that incident.

[1] 白月光/white moonlight refers to a woman who is a pure and unforgettable first love to a man, while 朱砂痣/red birthmark refers to a woman who left an indelible mark in a man’s heart even after their romance had ended.

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