Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle

Chapter 454: Saving His Life
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Chapter 454: Saving His Life

When Dongfang Meng saw Ling Sheng speak on the phone, her eyes lit up with interest. If she was so familiar with Lu Yubai, it meant that Huo Ci was really concerned. Since he had introduced her to his brother, he had already acknowledged her identity.



So what if Nangong Lengyu was back? She was already out of the picture. There was no chance of her getting back together with Huo Ci.

An enemy’s enemy was a friend. She had to consider how to bribe this young girl and make her stand by her side.

Ling Sheng wanted to know what would happen to Zhao Hong and whether she would be released. After all, her tactics could not be underestimated, as she had a high status.

“She will naturally be executed by a firing squad if she survives until the day of the execution.” Dongfang Meng’s lips curled up in a smile. “You must really want to know how many people she killed and how she killed them. It’s very interesting.”

Ling Sheng shook her head, her eyes glowing like a demon’s. No, no, no, I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know how she tortured people to death.

Upon seeing her refuse, Dongfang Meng looked at Su Yi with burning eyes. “Young lady, you must want to know. Let me tell you something. This is very interesting. You can’t read such an interesting story even in a book.”

Ling Sheng wanted to tug at Su Yi, but she had already nodded. She did not know if she was under pressure, but the woman in front of her gave off a strong sense of oppression.

Su Yi regretted this so much that her intestines turned green. Why had she thought that the young lady was pretty? The young lady was obviously a demon. She did not want to listen to her anymore, but she kept telling her everything.

The content of her speech was too graphic and bloody. Not only did she get goosebumps, but her stomach also started churning.

Ling Sheng was listening very seriously. Her eyes were cold, as though she was unperturbed no matter what she heard.

That old monster Zhao Hong was indeed a demon—a demon that had crawled out of hell. Forget about a firing squad execution. Even if she was dismembered or suffered a slow death, it would not be enough for her to vent her anger.

After Dongfang Meng finished speaking about her turning her 17th male pet into a Human Swine—a process involving chopping off limbs, blinding by gouging out the man’s eyes, cutting off his tongue, nose, and ears, and having him drink a potion that made him mute and dumb from the toxins—she said that she had thrown him into a dung pit, where maggots had crawled all over him.

Su Yi could not take it anymore. She covered her mouth and tried her best not to vomit. “Sister, please. I don’t want to listen anymore. I really don’t want to listen anymore.”

The guard in the driver’s seat saw that she was scaring people, and the young lady’s face had turned pale. He could not help but sigh sympathetically in his heart. Boss was too much. It was fine that she usually scared the brothers, but the two people sitting beside her were delicate beauties.

However, the other beauty, the one called Ling Sheng, was someone the brothers liked. She was adorable and funny, but she did not look scared at all. She just had a strange expression on her face. She was very cold, and the more she listened, the scarier her aura became. She was so cold that one could not help but shiver at the sight of her.

“By the way.” Dongfang Meng looked at Ling Sheng. “You don’t know yet, right? Zhao Hong was promoted by Yan Yuanfei. She was originally the daughter of the Yan Family’s nanny, who had a crush on her master and saved his life.

“Yan Yuanfei does not value relationships. In order to repay her for saving his life, he was always quite indulgent with her. When he died, he even told his brothers to help her if they could.

“However, this woman is a psychopath. When she found out that he liked Wen Ruoshui, she underwent plastic surgery to make herself look like Wen Ruoshui. However, the plastic surgery failed, and she became uglier as a result.

“In the end, she really became a monster and started looking for men who looked like Yan Yuanfei. She treated them as her male pets and killed them when she got tired of them.”

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