Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

Chapter 54 - 54: Suspected That Her Little Brother Had a Mood Disorder
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Chapter 54: Suspected That Her Little Brother Had a Mood Disorder 𝙛𝙧𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝒃𝒏𝓸𝒗𝓮𝙡.𝓬𝓸𝓶

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Ruan Zhihao looked conflicted, but in the end, he agreed to Ruan Xueling’s request.

After the Gu family left, Ruan Zhihao hugged Xu Yun and returned to their room. Her eyes were red from crying. He said, “Alright, stop kicking a fuss. Divorce is just a temporary measure. Dad and Brother-in-Law are both angry now, and my sister is a fool. She might really let Yanyan go to jail.

“You and our daughter will have to suffer a little during this period of time. I have a suite in Liang City next door. You and Yanyan can move in first. I’ll pick you up after a while.”

Xu Yun saw Ruan Zhihao’s impatience and didn’t say anything else. Just like Ruan Yan, she hated Gu Yang.

Gu Yang and Ruan Chu had just come out of the salon when they saw the message from Ruan Xueling and Gu Zhaoming.

Ruan Xueling sent a voice message: [Yangyang, Dad, and Mom have already helped you teach that little b*tch Ruan Yan a lesson. Your second uncle has already divorced Xu Yun and will chase them out of Jin City tomorrow. Ruan Yan, that little b*tch, has also been chased out of the Ruan family…]

The rest of the conversation was about what had happened in the Ruan family.

That sentence was followed by: [Transfer 200,000 via WeChat]

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up. [Thank you, Mom!]

She looked at WeChat again. Gu Zhaoming had also transferred 200,000 to her.

Gu Yang: [Thank you, Daddy!]

Ruan Chu also heard Ruan Xueling’s voice message and felt a little envious.

Ruan Chu understood Ruan Yan’s character, so she reminded her, “Don’t be happy too early. Ruan Yan is not only jealous but also vicious. She will seek revenge ror tne smallest grievance. YOU let ner surrer sucn a nuge loss. sne definitely won’t let it go. Moreover, Ruan Zhihao dotes on that woman. He will definitely think of a way to bring them back.”

Gu Yang raised an eyebrow. “Do you think your grandfather will do nothing?”

Old Master Ruan probably didn’t want the mother and daughter to return to the Ruan family more than she did, right? After all, the mother and daughter had hurt Ruan Chu so deeply.

Ruan Chu was stunned. Warmth rose in her heart and she blamed herself. Her grandfather was already so old. She shouldn’t have let him worry so much.

Maybe she should do something.

Ruan Chu’s eyes gradually became firm.

Gu Yang noticed her expression and her lips curled up slightly.

Ever since the official announcement of the guest list for “Drinking in the Countryside”, the internet had been buzzing with discussions. Gu Yang had also received messages from many family and friends.

Her younger brother, Gu Pei, who was training in the e-sports club, tried his best to suppress his anger. He called her and asked: [Big Sister, did Gu Jin force you to leave home? Did you go on some variety show?]

Gu Yang didn’t quite understand how her brother’s brain worked. Why did it involve Gu Jin? She said truthfully: [No.]

However, Gu Pei’s tone was even angrier, as if he saw Gu Yang’s neck being held by a knife. He vowed: [Sis! Don’t worry, when I come back, I’ll help you chase that country bumpkin away! I won’t let you suffer again!]

A coach-like voice came from the other end, shouting at Gu Pei to go online. Then, the call was hung up.

Gu Yang,

No, listen to me!

She suspected that this brother of hers had a mood disorder.

She suddenly turned around and saw Gu Jin, who was wearing a black halter dress, standing at the door behind her. She was shocked and felt a little guilty.

“Big Sister.”

She knew that she had to resolve the misunderstanding in time, so she explained, “I didn’t want to chase you away. The Gu family is yours to begin with. If anyone has to leave, it’s me.”

Gu Jin leaned against the door with a lazy posture. Her eyebrows were slightly raised, looking wicked and cold.

She looked up at Gu Yang and said faintly, “So you really plan to run away from home?”

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