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Chapter 4: What a Good Boy

The original owner of this body was a favorite in the family. Her parents had always given in to her decisions most of the time. Moreover, they felt that they had to teach Feng Jue a lesson.

The greenhouse was mainly used by Gu Zhaoming to raise delicate famous flowers. It was very spacious inside and enough to accommodate a person to sleep on the floor. However, there were a variety of flowers, and the greenhouse might lack oxygen if it was sealed. It was not good for people to live inside.

Moreover, they had a villa, but they refused to let him stay inside. Instead, he had to sleep on the ground in the greenhouse. It was simply too much!

Gu Yang wanted to salvage her image in Little Blood Bank's mind so that his villainous friend wouldn't chop off all her fingers in the future, so she said in a gentle tone, "I said those words in a fit of anger last time. Jue is my younger brother after all. How can he stay in the greenhouse? Quickly let him go back to his room to sleep."

Mrs. Li, "…" So Young Master Feng Jue stayed in the greenhouse for almost a week, and Miss Gu Yang only found out today? π’‡π“»π’†π’†π’˜π’†π™—π“·π’π™«π’†π“΅.π™˜π’π’Ž

Feng Jue looked up at Gu Yang in surprise. "Thank you, Big Sister."

His voice was shy and gentle, like a little puppy.

What a good boy.

Gu Yang couldn't help but tiptoe to touch Feng Jue's head.

After touching it, her face heated up and she went upstairs as if nothing had happened.

Feng Jue, on the other hand, was in a daze for a moment. As he looked at Gu Yang's back, something seemed to flash across his eyes, and his hand that was hanging by the side couldn't help but tighten slightly.

Gu Yang and the others' bedrooms were on the second floor. Gu Jin's and Gu Yang's rooms were on the left side of the stairs, while Gu Pei's and Feng Jue's were on the right.

After closing the door, Gu Yang sized up her surroundings, the furnishings, and her reflection in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror was wearing a warm white chiffon dress. Her black and dense hair reached her waist. Her skin was snow-white and smooth.

Her lightly drawn eyebrows stretched like a long green mountain. Her eyes were clear and lively, and her nose bridge was high. Her delicate lips were pink, just like the peach blossoms that bloomed in spring.

She was undoubtedly beautiful.

Unlike the female protagonist's black rose-like bad and cold temperament, the original owner of the body looked gentle and elegant on the surface. She was indeed the kind of lady that the elders liked the most.

Gu Yang was very satisfied with this obedient and gentle appearance.

Before she transmigrated, she was the daughter of a top aristocratic family. She looked gentle and demure on the outside and was well-liked by the elders.

In reality, her personality was not soft and she was a little rebellious instead. Otherwise, she would not have avoided the arrangements her family had made for her. Instead of inheriting the company and becoming the CEO, she became a psychiatrist out of interest.

However, what she did not expect was that after her father died, he still left all his assets for her to inherit. Instead, he did not give a single cent to the illegitimate son he doted on.

Now that she was dead, the family assets were probably in the hands of that illegitimate son. She suspected that her death was caused by him

Gu Yang thought about the things going on inside and outside the book for the entire night, unable to fall asleep.

The morning sun shone through the window.

At the dining table, a fashionable young woman was holding Ruan Xueling's arm and talking. They looked very intimate.

She looked at Gu Jin, who was drinking coffee while playing with her phone, and smiled. "Aunt, is this your adopted daughter? I heard that she's from the countryside and doesn't have any manners. I heard that she pushed Cousin down the stairs last night. Is she alright now?"

Recalling what happened last night, Ruan Xueling's face darkened. "Yangyang is fine."

Sure enough, Gu Jin would only embarrass her! Fortunately, they did not announce that she was the real daughter of the Gu family.

"Aunt, look at how obedient Little Jue is. They are all living under someone else's roof. Why is the difference so big?" The young woman looked at Feng Jue, who was sitting there obediently, then looked at Gu Jin and shook her head.

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