Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

Chapter 3: Why Wasn’t This Pretentious Little B*tch Pulling Her Usual Stunts?
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Chapter 3: Why Wasn’t This Pretentious Little B*tch Pulling Her Usual Stunts?

Gu Jin was very good-looking, like a fallen angel. There was a hint of purity in her bewitching charm. Her eyes were especially deep and sharp, like a whirlpool that could swallow people's souls, but also seemed to be able to see through everything.

"No, thanks. I didn't push her." Hearing Ruan Xueling's words, Gu Jin only chuckled and replied concisely.

"You're really a country bumpkin and impossible to discipline. You can't sit or stand properly, and have no upbringing!" Ruan Xueling cursed in a low voice. She was very dissatisfied with Gu Jin.

After the blood transfusion, Dr. Ji, who was packing the first aid kit, suddenly looked at Ruan Xueling and said gently, "Mrs. Gu, since Miss Gu Jin said so, there must be some evidence to prove her innocence. Why don't you communicate with her patiently?"

"Isn't that right, Miss Gu Jin?" Dr. Ji looked at Gu Jin and winked at her from an angle that no one else could see. "Boss, quickly take out the video and slap that pretentious little b*tch in the face!"

As a reader of the book, Gu Yang naturally knew that Dr. Ji's name was Ji Linbai, the director behind Jin City's First People's Hospital and one of Gu Jin's underlings. Although he was the dignified hospital director, he personally came to the Gu family today purely on account of Gu Jin.

Gu Yang knew very well that the face-slapping scene that the readers wanted to see was about to arrive!

Therefore, she stood up first and held Ruan Xueling's hand. "Mom, Big Sister didn't push me. I missed my footing and fell."

She didn't want to be slapped in the face!

Ruan Xueling frowned and became even angrier with Gu Jin. "Gu Jin, look at this. Yangyang is already defending you. Can't you act more like an elder sister?"

Gu Jin only looked at Gu Yang and didn't say anything, but Ji Linbai was furious. However, he had to maintain his image as a kind doctor. He could only scold Gu Yang for being a pretentious little b*tch in his heart. She had strategically retreated!

Ji Linbai was so angry that he wanted to snatch his boss' phone and play a video to slap Gu Yang in her face…

Just as Ji Linbai was about to do it, Gu Yang said seriously, "Mom, I didn't make any excuses for her. At that time, her phone was recording video. If you don't believe me, look at the video on her phone."

Gu Jin's fingers paused slightly, and her gaze on Gu Yang deepened with surprise.

Ji Linbai thought to himself, "What the f*ck! Why wasn't this pretentious little b*tch pulling her usual stunts this time?! Also, how did she know that the boss's phone is usually on video recording mode?"

Even Feng Jue, who was sitting there obediently, took a few more glances at Gu Yang.

When Ruan Xueling heard this, she looked at Gu Jin suspiciously. Seeing that Gu Yang's eyes were serious as she spoke honestly, Ruan Xueling reluctantly believed her.

She didn't look at Gu Jin's video and couldn't bring herself to apologize to a junior either. She only warned Gu Jin with a cold expression, "Since Yangyang has said so, I won't hold it against you. But you'd better not have any ideas in the future."

She then served tea to the guests. 𝙛𝒓𝓮𝓮𝒘𝓮𝙗𝒏𝙤𝓿𝓮𝒍.𝓬𝙤𝙢

Before Ji Linbai left, he secretly glared at Gu Yang but ended up making direct eye contact with her.

Ji Linbai staggered and almost fell.

Gu Yang smiled. "Dr. Ji, take care."

Ji Linbai, "…"

This pretentious little b*tch must have done it on purpose! She must be very proud of herself now! He didn't expect her to be this good. She had unexpectedly resolved the crisis first. Hmph. Next time, he would definitely help Boss slap her in the face!

After Ji Linbai left, the maid brought Feng Jue out. Gu Yang walked over and stopped her. "Mrs. Li, it's already so late. Why are you still bringing Feng Jue out?"

She remembered that Mrs. Li had also brought Little Blood Bank in from outside earlier.

Mrs. Li looked at Gu Yang awkwardly. "Miss, have you forgotten? Not long ago, Young Master Feng Jue spilled your skincare products, so you punished him by sleeping in the greenhouse outside."

Feng Jue lowered his eyes and did not speak, looking very obedient.

However, it was precisely this appearance that made Gu Yang feel guilty even though she knew it had nothing to do with her.

It was only then that she recalled the incident. The skincare product was a gift from the original Gu Yang's cousin. The original owner of the body liked it very much, but before she could use it, it was spilled by Little Blood Bank.

In a fit of anger, the original owner of the body asked Feng Jue to move out of the villa and stay in the greenhouse in the courtyard.

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