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Chapter 25: Gu Group's Response

Although Gu Zhaoming's values were not right, he was still smart enough to be the chairman of the Gu Group. He was furious when he understood the Xue family's intentions.

At this moment, Mr. Xue called him. "Gu, have you thought about it? I really want Yangyang to be my daughter-in-law, but she's not the daughter of the Gu family after all. I can't explain it to the old man… But if you agree to give up a portion of the market, it should be easier for me to explain to the old man… Anyway, we'll be in-laws in the future, so this is all within the family…"

Gu Zhaoming interrupted him with a cold smile. "Who's in-laws with you? So what if the engagement is canceled? Yangyang doesn't care about Xue Duo! Do you want us to give up a portion of the market? You can dream on!"

After saying that, he hung up the phone. He felt that he had let out the anger he had been holding in and it certainly felt good.

On the other end, Mr. Xue was stunned. He looked at Xue Duo and frowned. "Didn't you say that Gu Yang has liked you for a long time?"

Xue Duo's expression darkened. He did not expect his plan to threaten the Gu family with the engagement to fail.

Gu Zhaoming realized that his good daughter had sent him a voice message again.

Gu Yang's tone was still gentle and unhurried. [Dad, the trending topic has blown up so much that the Gu Group's share price will definitely fall. There might be competitors adding fuel to the fire behind this, so we can't stay quiet about it. The trending topic has only happened within 24 hours. Get the Public Relations Department to apologize and clear Big Sister's name…]

Gu Yang knew that Gu Zhaoming was cold-blooded and heartless towards Gu Jin. It was already kind of him to bring her back to the Gu family, so she didn't say anything like "not recognizing Gu Jin is unfair to her". Instead, she persuaded Gu Zhaoming from the Gu family's perspective.

She believed that Gu Zhaoming was a qualified businessman and would make the right choice.

Sure enough, Gu Zhaoming's gratified voice came from the other end. [Yangyang is still the sensible one. Yangyang, don't worry. I will definitely make it up to you. You're my only good daughter. We can't just let Ruan Yan's matter go. If it weren't for her, this matter wouldn't have gone viral online!]

Gu Zhaoming had double standards. Although Gu Yang said this in front of Ruan Yan, he only blamed Ruan Yan and not Gu Yang.

Gu Zhaoming acted very quickly. At nine o'clock the next morning, the official Weibo account of the Gu Group responded to the previous matter.

[Gu Group V: The Gu family only brought Miss Gu Jin back three days ago. Over the past few days, the chairman has been busy with household registration, school transfer, and other matters. He's also holding the hospital accountable for letting the family take the wrong child back then and investigating Miss Gu Yang's background… Therefore, he hasn't announced Miss Gu Jin's identity to the public in time, causing a misunderstanding. Gu Group apologizes to everyone.] 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘦𝑤𝘦𝑏𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝘤ℴ𝑚

[When it comes to the matter of the real and fake daughter, Miss Gu Jin and Miss Gu Yang were both victims, and the Gu family was also a victim. We hope everyone can be lenient and not to condone internet violence or help rumors spread by taking them seriously.]

[In addition, the chairman donated 100 million to the Orphan Rescue Foundation to thank the orphanage for saving Miss Gu Jin in the past. He is also willing to do his best to save the orphans in the country.]

As expected, #Gu Group's Response# and #Gu Group donated 100 million# became trending topics.

[F*ck! The Gu family is indeed a wealthy family in Jin City. They donated 100 million casually!]

[This means that the Gu family hasn't had the time to announce it yet. It's their family matter. Why are a group of netizens so anxious!]

[Indeed, whether it's the real or fake daughter, they're both victims. The hospital that caused the mix-up was the root of all problems. Their actions deeply affected two families…]

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