Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

Chapter 16: The Scumbag’s Brain Is Indeed Not Good
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Chapter 16: The Scumbag's Brain Is Indeed Not Good

After Gu Yang brought Feng Jue in, a waiter came forward with a smile. "Hello, please show your membership card."

Gu Yang's gaze froze. Membership card?!

She was so excited when she saw Jinyang Pavilion, which was owned by the female lead, that she forgot that this place was strictly for members only.

As the chairman of the Gu Group, Mr. Gu did have a membership card, but she was still in high school and was the daughter of a wealthy family. She was not qualified to hold a membership card for Jinyang Pavilion.

Gu Yang's expression was still gentle and calm. She didn't look like someone who couldn't produce a membership card at all, so much so that Feng Jue, who was about to take out his membership card behind her, paused.

"Hello, I'm here to look for someone." Gu Yang's gentle voice was very obedient.

The waiter worked in a very high-class restaurant, so he had good judgment. He could tell that Gu Yang was either rich or noble, so his attitude was very good. "May I ask who you're looking for?"

"She's looking for me." Before Gu Yang could speak, a male voice came from behind. 𝒇𝓻𝙚𝙚𝙬𝙚𝒃𝙣𝒐𝓿𝙚𝓵.𝒄𝒐𝒎

Gu Yang was speechless.

Jinyang Pavilion members could take up a table, so those who had a membership card could also bring a table of people to eat. When the waiter saw that Xue Duo was a guest of Jinyang Pavilion, he smiled and left.

Gu Yang turned around and looked at Xue Duo in confusion. "You are?"

Seeing that Gu Yang didn't seem to know him, Xue Duo frowned and sneered. "Gu Yang, we just met this morning. Don't tell me you've already forgotten who I am. You've already chased me to Jinyang Pavilion, so there's no need to play hard to get, right?"

Gu Yang felt puzzled. What made him think she was chasing after him?

However, when he said that, Gu Yang remembered that the arrogant person in front of him was Xue Duo, who had come to the Gu family this morning to break off the engagement.

Did he think that she came to Jinyang Pavilion to pursue him?

Gu Yang looked at Xue Duo and chuckled, her tone gentle. "Young Master Xue, you must have misunderstood. Jue and I are only here to eat."

Xue Duo frowned at Gu Yang, clearly not believing her words. "Gu Yang, I know you're unhappy with breaking off the engagement, but you're not the real daughter of the Gu family, and this engagement isn't yours to begin with. Don't cause trouble here, it's not good for anyone. Come with me, we can still have a good talk."

Gu Yang looked at him with a complicated expression and muttered, "The scumbags in novels don't have good brains. It's true."

"What did you say?" Xue Duo did not hear it clearly. He only vaguely heard the word "scumbag", and his expression darkened slightly.

"It's nothing. I said that your brain isn't working well. Why don't you change it?" Gu Yang smiled gently and sweetly.

Xue Duo looked at her in a daze. Why did he feel that Gu Yang, this scheming woman, had become prettier? Moreover, this scheming woman was actually a little cute?!

Of course, if he wasn't criticizing him, Xue Duo could still stop and admire her.

"You're pushing your luck!" Xue Duo's expression darkened. Gu Yang was pushing her luck because she saw him coming over to pick her up, right? Did she really think he would treat her like a goddess like Lei Chi and the other idiots?

"Waiter, she's not my guest. Chase her out and don't disturb our meal." Xue Duo was furious that Gu Yang had embarrassed him in front of his friends. He angrily threw down a sentence and returned to his original table.

As soon as he sat down, the people around him surrounded him curiously.

"Tsk, does Young Master Xue really have the heart to watch her get chased out?"

"She's still the most popular socialite of our generation. Young Master Xue really doesn't have any pity for women."

Although they said that, their eyes were filled with glee as they watched the show.

Xue Duo shook his wine cup and raised his chin slightly. He said confidently, "She will come and beg me."

Gu Yang had always cared about her reputation. How could she tolerate being chased out of Jinyang Pavilion in front of so many people?

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