Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System

Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System

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    Han Cai had a very good life, as he was born into a wealthy merchant family. He had access to anything he wanted, and he was always safe, protected by guards at all times. His family was one of the wealthiest in the town, and no one dared to offend them.

    All of this was going to change. Han Cai's father was taking him to the Sky Soaring sect, where he would begin his life as a cultivator.

    His past life was filled with regret and loneliness, and he was grateful for the opportunity to start anew in the world.

    But honestly, he knew he was a Scoundrel in his past life and will be one in this life too.

    He looked at his system panel

    [Name: Han Cai]

    [Age: 10]

    [Life Span: 40 Years]

    »Strength: 1

    »Perception: 1

    »Agility: 1

    »Speed: 1

    »Constitution: 1

    »Intelligence: 2

    »Charm: 1

    [Exchange Points: 820 (1/day)]

    [System Update : ? (Collect 1000 Exchange points to unlock)]

    [Initiate Law of Equal Exchange?]


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