Transmigrated as side character, I will steal all the heroines

Chapter 12: The Boring Daily Life Of Ray
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Chapter 12: The Boring Daily Life Of Ray

A week has passed since the dinner with Rena.

During the week, nothing grand has happened.

Ray continued to grind his stats while steadily increase Rena's affection toward him. The everyday meal with Rena has greatly reduced the barrier between them.

Furthermore, Rena has often shown signs of falling in love with him. At first, she would be angry when her friends called them dating, but recently she just started blushing and ignore her friends.

Ray's stat grinding was also not without result. He has slowly pushed his stats with the least of them being strength with 75 points. He was waiting for all of his stats to at least reach 80 points to use the free attributes point. Because just like in the game, the higher points he gets, the harder it will be for him to increase them manually.

His study also went pretty well. It was still not at the top of their class, but it would be okay for him to get the average of the class.

Maybe, the only drawback he gets in this week was the protagonist, Skye keeps looking at him with a strange and hateful look.

He also has done several side missions with Rena as the main focus, letting him get another 20 system points and 15 free attributes points.

" Geez Ray, we were eating together, so why are you daydreaming in the middle of our lunch."

Rena said dissatisfied and brought Ray out from his fantasy.

" Hehehe, sorry Rena. I was just thinking about you and me together, and how beautiful it is."

" Humph, glib tongue. Who are you calling to be together with you bweehh"

Rena displayed angry looks outside, but everybody knew that deep inside her heart, she was very elated. Girl at this age was really easy to predict. They will always act differently from what they really think and always seek more attention from the people they care about.

Rena knew that she would blush if this conversation was going to continue, so she swiftly shifted the topic.

" By the way Ray, you were so indifferent to me during the day I asked you out for a dinner. I almost thought that you don't have any feelings for girl you know."

" Actually, I was not acting indifferently. There were some circumstances at that time. And I don't think that I have known you well enough for us to act chummy together at that time."

Although she knows that Ray was right, there was some dissatisfaction in her heart.

' Well, this kind and friendly Ray was also good. But sometimes, I kinda miss that indifferent and cold part of him. The uncaring look he used to look at me at that time was something special, and I wish that-

Wait, no! Why are you thinking about him like that Rena! You don't have anything to do with him. I am not in love with him. Yeah, I am not in love with him.'

Soon, their lunch comes to an end and their class started as usual.


After school ended, Ray was packing his belonging and prepare to go home. His intelligence stats has stuck at 90 for a long time, and it was no use in asking further questions to the teacher.

*Somewhere in the corner of the school, a teacher was saved from the daily torturing question session by a certain student.*

He said goodbye to Rena and walked to the front gate of the school.

But when he reaches the front gate, a certain student was standing there, waiting for him.

' Ah sh*t, here we go again.'

Ray knew that there was nothing good will come from that student, so he was ready to use the invisibility cape anytime.

Even so, the protagonist's halo was too strong. Skye has noticed Ray's pressence and instantly arrived in front of him.


[ Name: Skye Meyer ]

[ Power value*: 570 ]

[ Power value is the sum of the other 4 physical stats, with normal human averaging 400]

[ Intelligence: 160 ]

[ Affection: ( -30 ) - I was supposed to be the protagonist, so why is Rena hanging out with him]

[ Charm value: 105]

[ Special skill: Perception, Camera memory, Charismatic aura, Mind immunity]

[ Protagonist halo: 400 ]

[ Description: The main protagonist of Super Duper Love Plus Ultra game]


Skye's stats were a bit confusing for Ray. What does it mean by he was supposed to be the protagonist? Is he also a transmigrated person like him?

This thing was very intriguing for Ray, if Skye was also a transmigrated person, then things were really going to get real.

" Ray Carmelo! If you are a man, then I'm challenging you in a bet."

" Not interested-"

" Well, as I expected. The final semester exam will be held for another two weeks. The two of us will bet on who got the higher grade, the loser should…… Wait, what."

" I said I'm not interested! I'm busy now and if you're done, then piss off."

Skye was shouting pretty loud, and it attracts some commotion. The school has just ended, so most of the students were still at the school.

The screaming Skye caught their attention, and even Rena who was still busy with some club work has come to watch the show.

" Now, please get out of my way. I still have important matters to do, rather than dealing with your abnormal selfish childish behavior."

Ray shrugged Skye off and walked toward the bus stop.

This event was too much of confusion to him. He should be just a mob, so why is the protagonist challenge him out of nowhere. He just barely walked 5 steps when Skye was screaming at him again.

" I don't care whether you accept my bet or not. But I will show Rena who was the most suitable for her. And I will confess to her after getting the first rank on the final semester exam."

Ray looked back at Skye, and with a cold and indifferent look, he calmly said.

" Then mark my words, you will never get the chance to confess. Because with me being here, you would have no chance of getting the first rank."

Then, Ray ignored Skye's tantrum and get on the bus.




*On the corner of the school gate, behind a big tree. A girl was standing there with a flushed expression and an uneven breath.

" As I thought, Ray was the best with that cold indifferent looks. Oh what should I do, I can't stop thinking about that cold gazes he used to look at Skye."

If someone was there to observed the girl carefully, they would have seen a heart-shaped pupil started to appears in the girl's eyes.

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