Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 81 - Lesson 2
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Chapter 81: Lesson 2

Chen Hu even dared to hit his brothers and parents. His ruthless appearance was really terrifying. Madam Qian was not sure if this was good or bad.

Chen Hu seemed to know Madam Qian’s worries. He held her hand and walked toward the kitchen. He lowered his voice and said, “Dear, don’t worry. I’ll tell you everything later. I’ve prepared dinner. Let’s eat first.”

After entering the kitchen, Chen Hu went to scoop rice for Madam Qian. In the past, they could only eat half a bowl of rice, there was no way they could eat meat and they were only given a spoonful of vegetable soup each time. Recalling these bits and pieces, Chen Hu felt bitter.

He pressed the rice down and scooped some meat and soup for Madam Qian. “Dear, eat quickly.”

Madam Qian was a little scared. “Chen Hu.”

She seemed to guess what was going on, but she didn’t dare say it.

Madam Qian looked at Chen Hu quietly. She swallowed and finally said, “Chen Hu, everything will be fine if you apologize to Father and Mother now.”

Madam Qian was not afraid of suffering or being burdened. What she was afraid of was that after taking this step, there would be no turning back for them. The world was so big, but there was no place for her children to stay.

Life wasn’t good now, but they had a shelter.

Chen Hu looked at Madam Qian indifferently and said calmly, “Dear, I want to take you away to find a way out. Are you willing to come with me?”

He no longer had any hope for this family. Every time he thought of it, he only felt endless pain.

Madam Qian looked into Chen Hu’s eyes. She knew that he had made up his mind. Madam Qian shed tears. She smiled at Chen Hu and said, “Chen Hu, why wouldn’t I be willing? I’m yours. I’ll go wherever you go.”

Chen Hu’s eyes were slightly red. He said, “Come, let’s eat.”


Madam Qian took the bowl and chopsticks and nodded. “Alright, let’s eat together.”

Chen Hu gave Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu a full bowl of rice and meat for them to eat.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu ate obediently, leaving nothing in their bowls.

Chen Hu looked at what was left in the pot. He gently asked his wife and daughters, “Are you all full?”

Madam Qian said calmly, “I’m full.”

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu nodded as well. They were full. They had never been so full.

Chen Hu smiled and said, “Let’s go back to our room to rest.”

The family went back to rest.

Chen Hu was afraid that Chen Qiang and Chen Long would take revenge, so he didn’t sleep and let Madam Qian sleep with the child.

Madam Qian was tired and quickly fell asleep after feeding her son.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu seemed worried. Chen Hu gently stroked his two daughters’ hair and said softly, “Go to sleep. Father is watching over you.”

It was cold. His two daughters didn’t even have cotton clothes, but they had to work in the fields. How cold it was. Even if they were sick, they wouldn’t be able to see a doctor. What he had once been unwilling to admit was now turning into knives cutting at his heart.

His parents had never treated him like a son. Even his wife and children were equally disliked. He was able to see it all clearly now.

Leaving was a difficult choice, but it was also the best one.

His idea was for his parents to personally speak up and evict him because he couldn’t. If he did, his parents would only be enraged. Not only would they disagree, but they would also torture his family doubly.

Therefore, he might as well play the part of an unfilial son. From now on, he had no brothers or parents in his eyes. He did not work and ate as usual. As long as he showed that he would not change, his parents would never keep him around.

Chen Hu gripped his stick tightly, his eyes cold and ruthless. If Chen Qiang and Chen Long wanted to beat him, he would definitely retaliate.

At this moment, Mother Chen was frowning in the main room.

“Say something, old man. What are we going to do?”

Mother Chen was still angry. Her son, who she thought the least of, was actually going to turn the world upside down. Just thinking about it made her so angry that her heart hurt. However, Chen Hu’s ruthless appearance was still fresh in her memory. She really did not dare to provoke him.

Father Chen’s face darkened as he said angrily, “It’s all your fault. Who asked you to force him? If Madam Qian wants to go through confinement, let her do it. It’s not like Daniu and Erniu can’t work. Didn’t Third Brother also work from morning to night in the fields every day?”

Father Chen was also angry. He didn’t dare to criticize Chen Hu now, so he could only vent his anger on Mother Chen and blame her for bullying him too much.

Hearing his words, Mother Chen was angry and aggrieved. Her tears immediately fell, and she said aggrievedly, “Why should I be blamed? When I gave birth, I wasn’t so pretentious. I think that Qian is a vixen. She seduced Third Brother’s soul and instigated him to break ties with us. This woman is not a good person.”

Just thinking about it made Mother Chen angry.

Father Chen glanced at her and said coldly, “It’s all your fault. You can’t even manage a daughter-in-law properly.”

In short, all of this was Mother Chen’s fault.

Mother Chen felt terrible, but when she saw Father Chen’s gloomy expression, she didn’t dare to say anything else.

At night, Mother Chen asked Madam Wu to cook.

When Madam Wu said that she wanted to take care of Chen Long, Mother Chen scolded him for being lazy.

However, when she thought about how her second son had suffered that blow, her heart ached. She decided not to call Madam Wu and went to call Madam Yang instead.

Madam Yang also wanted to play tricks, but Mother Chen was not to be trifled with either. She said fiercely, “Madam Yang, if you don’t come, don’t be my Chen family’s daughter-in-law. If my Chen family can’t afford to house a person like you, you can go back to where you came from.”

Madam Yang immediately relented and apologized profusely before going to cook with Mother Chen.

Looking at the rice and meat cooked by Chen Hu, Mother Chen’s heart ached. She cursed Chen Hu and his family.

He didn’t call Chen Hu’s family for dinner.

When it was dark and everyone was asleep, Chen Hu’s family got up. Chen Hu brought Chen Erniu and Chen Daniu to knead the dough.

Mother Chen and Father Chen, who had already fallen asleep, opened their eyes. Mother Chen cursed, “This unfilial son.”

Father Chen said in a low voice, “Bring all the food in here tomorrow morning.”

Forget it tonight, they’ll let Chen Hu go crazy for another day.

Chen Hu had made egg noodles and was willing to use the ingredients now. The bowl of egg noodles was fragrant. He brought it to Madam Qian.

Madam Qian took it and asked gently, “Dear, have you eaten?”

Chen Hu smiled and said, “There’s plenty. Eat as much as you want. If it’s not enough, there’s more in the pot.”

Inside. Everyone in the house is well fed.

She finished eating and went back to the room to sleep.

If she ate well, Madam Qian would have enough milk. The night was quiet. The children were all asleep. Madam Qian knew that Chen Hu was still awake. She whispered, “Dear, where would we go?”

It was going to snow soon, right? Madam Qian recalled that when Su Sanlang’s family was removed from the family tree three years ago, it was also snowing heavily.

She’d known then, and her heart ached and she’d sighed, thinking God was blind, but she’d never thought such a thing would fall to her, and now it was her family’s turn.

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