Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 551 - 551 Continue to Go Out to Sea
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551 Continue to Go Out to Sea

Old Wu rolled his eyes at Su Xiaolu, silently saying, “Stupid girl, come and help me up.”

Previously, An Lie had also practiced martial arts, but they did not stand together. He did not know that this kid was so capable and he was too embarrassed to call out.

This damn desire to win!

Su Xiaolu quickly helped the old man back to the house, and Old Wu could not hold it in anymore.

He hissed and said, “Quick, quick, bring me my tiger ointment. I have to apply it on these old bones.”

“Girl, next time, tell your disciple to go somewhere else to train. My bones can’t withstand the torture.”

Old Wu said helplessly. This was a matter of pride. It was fine if it happened once or twice, but if it happened too often, he would not be able to take it.

The arowana pill was indeed a miracle pill, but he was old after all. No matter how much he regained his youth, he could not compare to a real young man.

However, he did not want to lose his dignity in front of his grand-disciple, so the best way was not to train together.

Su Xiaolu smiled and nodded. “Okay, but Master has to work hard too. Otherwise, I’ll make you cultivate together.”

She had learned how to manipulate her master since she was young.

Su Xiaolu applied the ointment for Old Wu. The old man drank a glass of wine and quickly fell asleep.

Su Xiaolu used her Internal Breath to soothe the old man’s meridians before returning to her room to rest.

The next morning, Su Xiaolu continued to pack the herbs.

An Lie was cultivating in his room.

He needed to practice Internal Breath and basic skills. Apart from when he had tasks to do, he was cultivating.

An Lie was serious and active. He did not need Su Xiaolu to be strict. Su Xiaolu specially supervised Old Wu.

Old Wu looked bitter, but it was useless.

In the afternoon, Su Xiaolu let Old Wu rest and prepared to continue going out to sea at night.

In the afternoon, An Lie prepared some dry rations. At sea, they would get tired of eating fish all the time, so she had to prepare some dry vegetables, rice, noodles, and so on.

They could also bake pancakes, something that could be eaten immediately. Please visit ƒ𝑟𝑒𝙚𝚠e𝗯𝘯𝗼𝘃𝑒𝚕. c𝒐𝒎

At night, An Cheng came over to meet them. The few of them went to the docks together. On the way, An Cheng was a little vigilant when he saw Zhou Zhi. He looked at Su Xiaolu, who said, “That’s Wisdom King, my friend. We’ll go out to sea together. They have boats. When we travel together, we will not disturb each other and won’t be too close.”

An Cheng nodded. “Yes.”

He was just surprised that they knew each other.

They seemed to be quite familiar with each other. In other words, if this Young Master Su Lu wanted to go out to sea, she didn’t need to ask for help at all.

An Cheng looked at An Lie, who was quietly following behind them, and sighed in his heart. He didn’t know how much good fortune the An family had accumulated in their previous life to have such good karma.

He was very glad that An Lie could not bring himself to do it that day. He did not destroy the kindness in his heart. No matter how terrible his encounter was, he could not bring himself to hurt others.

If he had destroyed the kindness in his heart back then, he would not be in this situation today. The grass on his grave would probably have already grown tall.

After boarding the ship, An Lie went to steer the ship with An Cheng as support.

Su Xiaolu stood on the deck. As soon as Old Wu boarded the ship, he went into the cabin to rest.

There were a total of four boats following Zhou Zhi out to sea. They maintained a distance and sailed in front and behind the boat Su Xiaolu was on.

Zhou Zhi sat in the wooden wheelchair and waved at Su Xiaolu.

Almost all the people he brought were familiar faces. There were few that Su Xiaolu had never seen before.

Su Xiaolu waved in response. She hung the bait casually. She wanted to be like Jiang Taigong1 and only fish those that were willing to take the bait.

Typically, no fish would be caught if they sailed like this.

However, Su Xiaolu was lucky. She caught one soon after they left. It was a white fish, which weighed more than three catties.

There seemed to be more and more white fish now, they could already see the white fish without going to the sea area far away.

The price of the white fish had probably decreased again in the capital.

Apart from the white fish, there were other new species of fish that had the same effect as the white fish.

Su Xiaolu put the fish in the bucket and continued fishing.

The sea breeze was salty and moist, and spiritual energy was abundant. Taking a deep breath, one would feel very comfortable.

It should be because it was close to the border of fusion between two worlds, so the spiritual energy on the sea was more abundant than on land.

Su Xiaolu caught a few more white fish. In the middle of the night, An Lie steamed them for supper.

While eating the white fish, An Cheng muttered, “It’s so delicious and has the same smell as the arowana. No wonder those people monopolized this thing.”

Speaking of which, this was the first time An Cheng had eaten the white fish. It tasted delicious and had the same scent as the arowana. He was not stupid and could guess that they came from the same source.

An Lie smiled. “Yes.”

After the white fish appeared, it was not something they could afford.

At that time, their father was still alive, but their family was weak. When their family clan gathered, they only wanted to annex them and did not want them to benefit from it.

At that time, his father was also ruthless. He could not participate in his family’s boat, but he would definitely not let anyone use it. If his family could not use it, he would pour a box of fish oil over it and burn it. If anyone got implicated, they could not blame him. He did not back down. Without a fishing boat and not letting them split the profits, wouldn’t this be equivalent to killing his family? If they could tolerate it, their family would definitely have no place to survive in this place.

It was precisely because they were ruthless that they were able to keep the boat. They went out to sea together, the father and son went out alone and accidentally found the arowana.

Thinking about it, An Lie felt a little emotional. It had only been a short while, but it felt like a lifetime had passed.

After eating the fish, An Lie went to the deck to learn about expiration from Su Xiaolu.

An Cheng also learned about expiration. He was disabled now and couldn’t practice martial arts. After eating so many pills, he also knew that even the air on the surface of the sea was a treasure now. It wouldn’t be wrong to take a few more breaths.

Just like that, he cultivated his Internal Breath and expiration and sat until dawn.

Firstly, she had to return to the sea area she bought to take a look. If there were arowanas, she would take care of them first.

Zhou Zhi’s men were easy-going. They fished and went into the sea and caught many good things.

Doctor Wu was busy. Previously, when he saw Su Xiaolu giving Zhou Zhi the spiritual liquid, he was inspired. If he only ate meat, how much would he have to eat? Not only would he not be able to eat it all, but he would also be tired of it. If he extracted it into spiritual liquid and pills, that would be gathering the essence.

“Master, should we send some to Miss Su?”

Jin Wu came to ask. The various prawns and crabs in the sea had become very delicious. They had fished up a lot of them.

Zhou Zhi nodded. “Send them. Pay more attention to the sea. She’s dressed as a man now. Remember to call her Young Master Su.”

Jin Wu nodded. He came over in a small boat.

“Young Master Su, please accept Master’s gift.”

Jin Wu smiled.

Su Xiaolu took it. “Thank you.”

An Cheng took a look. Good lord, they were all precious things. These were a group of capable people. Even in normal times, these things were not so easy to obtain in the sea.

An Cheng also wanted to be on good terms with them. He said to Jin Wu, “The big Kun likes peace and quiet. When you see it, don’t make any noise. Those few times when the big Kun got angry were almost all because it heard the abnormal sounds of humans when it was hunting.”

Jin Wu glanced at An Cheng and thanked him politely. “Thank you for the reminder.”

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