Trafford's Trading Club

Chapter 672 - Volume 9 – Chapter 60: Lost Everything
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Volume 9 – Chapter 60: Lost Everything

How much gambling debt did Liu Zixing owe?

Regarding this issue, even he didn’t want to think about it... He knew that kind of casino was a scam, but he was definitely not the only person who would still fall for it. There were more people owing more debts than him.

It was just that the huge debt he signed made him unable to repay... and these were also hidden from his mother and wife.

Even the appointment he made with Professor Trevor tonight, for his wife and others, he was only meeting an ordinary business friend; he did not disclose the business of buying and selling this black diamond- no, this black crystal.

As the foreigner said, this ‘black diamond’ didn’t look like a real diamond at all- He couldn’t get a certificate to make people believe in it, so there was no buyer.

If he agreed directly from the beginning... he would earn 40 million.

Liu Zixing regretted very much at this moment.

“38 million! Can’t be lower! 35 million... minus another 2 million! 30 million! 28 million!” Liu Zixing finally gritted his teeth, “20 million! If you agree to it, even if I have to break it, I won’t sell it to you!!!”

What an impatient guy.

Professor Trevor sneered in his heart. He turned around slowly, and said calmly, “10 million, I’m not so interested in it now.”

“Only 10 million!?” Liu Zixing almost roared, “You are going too far!!”

He even spoke his native language; Professor Trevor obviously didn’t understand it at all.

“Mr. Liu, you have to know, I am the only one who is interested in this thing.” With that, Professor Trevor took out the checkbook, quickly wrote a number, tore it open and held it in his fingers. “If it is a deal, you can immediately verify the authenticity of the money.”

Liu Zixing gritted his teeth, and the thing that gamblers had was completely exposed...That was to gamble. How can I know whether I will win or lose without gambling?

“I tell you!” Liu Zixing said solemnly, “The price is too low, I won’t sell it! Professor Trevor, I will tell you honestly now that this thing is not a diamond at all! It may just be an ordinary crystal , Maybe not even a crystal! But... you want it, right?”

Professor Trevor narrowed his eyes.

“If you don’t want it, you won’t come to me at all.” Liu Zixing sneered, “Yes! I have found a lot of sellers for this thing, and indeed no one wanted to buy it... but it does not include you! Therefore, the right to speak is with me! Let’s draw now, Professor! I obviously have more advantage than you!”

“I like your current temperament, Mr. Liu.” Professor Trevor smiled slightly, “Then what do you want now?”

“30 million.” Liu Zixing calmly said, “Let’s not talk nonsense. I believe you are here to bargain with me. So, 30 million, this is the lowest price I can accept. If you want it, take it; if you don’t want it, then leave!”

Professor Trevor said calmly, “Mr. Liu, apart from me, I’m afraid you can’t make a hundred bucks for this thing right?”

Liu Zixing suddenly smiled and said, “Professor, it’s the same. Besides me, you can’t find this thing anywhere else... If you are still willing to talk to me, it means that you are definitely interested in this thing. So, do we need to continue to bargain like this?”

“Oh, dear Mr. Liu.” Professor Trevor nodded, “I think you can become a good businessman, but why do you encounter such difficulties now? Maybe you just have bad luck.”

I just can’t control my desire to gamble... Liu Zixing sighed in his mind.

“That’s fine, 30 million.” Professor Trevor nodded, then he rewrote a check.

Although he didn’t have much opinion about this money, if he could lower the price, he would do it. It was human nature – This place wasn’t professor’s country, except for buying the item from Liu Zixing, he had nothing else to do. Besides, he wouldn’t get into trouble and this was the fastest way.

After Liu Zixing verified the authenticity of the check, he finally handed over the ominous ‘black diamond’ to Professor Trevor.

40 million... should be almost able to repay his current debts and make up some of the funds he embezzled from the company.

Liu Zixing personally sent the professor out the door, and he was relieved until he watched him leave.

He returned to the living room. His mother Liu Shi and his wife were sitting here now. There were no expressions on their faces... Liu Zixing instinctively felt something wrong.

He asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you two not talking anymore?”

At this time, his wife took a look at him, then she sighed suddenly. She took out an item from the briefcase next to the sofa, put it on the table, pointed at it and said, “Liu Zixing, you sign this.” ”

Liu Zixing frowned, picked up the document, and looked at it casually... After seeing the content of the first page inside, Liu Zixing’s face changed drastically.

He quickly flipped the document until the last page. He furiously said, “What is this? Are you crazy? You asked me to sign this thing?”

This was... a document that asked him to voluntarily resign from the company.

Liu Zixing’s wife said calmly at this time, “The conditions are already very good. Regarding the compensation after your resignation, it is almost enough for you to live for a while. I hope you can sign it. After all, we don’t want to have too much trouble.”

“What is wrong with you today?” Liu Zixing looked at his wife incredulously.

Liu Shi said in a deep voice at this time, “There is nothing wrong with her. I asked her to do that. Liu Zixing, signing this document is still good for you. If you don’t sign it, then don’t blame us. You have embezzled so much money from the company privately. Once these things are exposed, you know the consequences.”

“Mom... you, why are you talking like this?” Liu Zixing suddenly felt cold in his hands and feet.

This... this is my mom. The mom who loves me so much, but now... she is like a stranger.

The sense of isolation far surpassed the feeling of alienation, making him instinctively panic.

“I’m not your mom.” Liu Shi snorted coldly, “I don’t have a prodigal son like you! Liu Zixing, if you are still sensible, then sign this termination contract, take the compensation, and fuck off. If you still want to be stubborn, don’t blame me for using the power of the board of directors to force you to quit.”

“Board of directors?” Liu Zixing was taken aback. He subconsciously said, “Mom, wife. Today is not April Fool. What are you all doing? Board of directors? Isn’t this funny? The company’s largest shareholder is originally me. After I inherited my father’s shares... who can force me to leave the chairman position?”

“You are no longer the chairman of the company.” Liu Shi said indifferently, “You don’t have any shares in the company at all now. Since you took over the company, you have signed several share transfer documents. You still don’t know about it right?”

“Impossible! When did I sign this kind of thing?” Liu Zixing shook his head.

“Of course, you don’t remember it.” Liu Shi said, “Why would you have an impression of it? Didn’t you lose money in gambling at that time and come back in a drunken state? You are in a daze, why would you have an impression of it?”

Liu Zixing was more and more frightened... My wife indeed asked me to sign something several times. When I went home at night– Is all this true?

“I know you won’t believe it. These are the duplicate share transfer documents. See for yourself.” His wife shook her head. She didn’t have the cold expression of Liu Shi, but she also took out a stack of documents.

Liu Zixing took the documents with trembling hands, reading one by one. But he didn’t read it thoroughly. His hands were drenched in cold sweats. His signature... each of his signatures was recalling the memories of him being coaxed to sign again and again.

“You all actually did this to me!!!”

“Why? Why did we do this?” Liu Shi stood up with a stern expression on her face, “Think about what you have done yourself! You only know to gamble every day, even if you go to work, you will still gamble online. Tell me, how much money did you embezzle from the company’s fund? Have you ever managed the company’s affairs? If it weren’t for the company’s several old employees doing all the work, the company would have been gone! I ask you, what is the company’s financial status last month, can you tell me? How much is the profit? You can’t tell right? I tell you, there is no profit at all! I can’t let you ruin everything that your father left!”

“I...” Liu Zixing blushed as he was questioned, “Mom... I’m sorry! I’m really sorry, I knew I was wrong! Mom, can you forgive me once... one last time! I promise to change; I will definitely change! Please, I’m your son! You... you can’t do this to me... wife, you talk too!”

“From now on, this home will not have you.” Liu Shi looked at Liu Zixing like she was looking at a stranger, “You should sign it, this is for the sake of your surname Liu. But signing or not, it’s up to you! I don’t even want to see you now... I give you half an hour to pack your things and get the fuck out of this house!”

Why is this happening?

I am obviously your son.

You... actually won’t forgive me for the sake of the little family affection?

But family affection...

The surrounding air seemed to have become cold, and Liu Zixing slumped weakly in the place- I have already used up all my family affection.

I have no family affection.

It was like I killed Liu Ang with my own hands, and I didn’t feel anything after the matter... Now, I am expelled from this home and being taken away from everything. My mother just treats me like a stranger.

This is so similar.

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