Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!

Chapter 22: Unique Shop Opens
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Chapter 22: Unique Shop Opens

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Just as everyone was guessing.

The prepared Pierce followed the old trail to the abandoned city where he had found the seeds.

The previous golden treasure chest was discovered here.

And coincidentally…

Pierce removed the dust and waste from a slab with his spear.

Two carved words appeared before his eyes.

Country M.

Pierce looked thoughtful.

From the looks of it, this place used to be the Tower Defense city of Country M.

Who knew it would be so close to his city?

“Country M? Isn’t this the city where he found the treasure chest last time?”

“Previous poster, have you not seen the recording of the previous Tower Defense? I could tell at one glance that this was the location of the previous Tower Defense.”

“I always thought that they weren’t in the same world.”

“Hahahaha, the players from other countries are also looking for stones and treasure chests like Big Boss Pierce.”

“Blossoms Country just found a water elemental stone. Their arrow towers have also evolved.”

The screen was filled with discussions.

Unfortunately, Pierce did not read the comments often.

While the discussion was going on, Pierce walked in the city several times, but the golden hint did not appear.

He could only go somewhere else.

It was almost evening.

Helpless, Pierce could only return the way he came.

On this day, other than knowing that this city belonged to Country M, there was no other gain.

The next morning.


The sun shone on the ground, and a gentle breeze brushed past everything.

Pierce woke up early because he had slept earlier last night.

Lying on the soft bed, he felt fully refreshed and energized.

Pondering for a while in bed, Pierce stretched and got out of bed.

A new day had begun.

After breakfast, he would go to water the peashooters.

Then, he would continue to search for things that could bring about great power.

He walked out of the city gate.

The two rows of peashooters also swayed.

After watering the peashooters, he entered the world chat.

No matter what time it was, there were always people chatting in the chat.

These contestants were defending the city at all times.

After thinking for a while, Pierce suddenly realized that after the Tower Defense ended, there was still no hint of the next round.

What was going on?

At this moment.

[Country G: Firos]: “Did a unique shop appear over there???”

Country Z: Vand: “It’s true. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have realized.”

[Country Q: Lee Sin]: “But what the hell is this unique point? I have 10 points here.”

[Country H: Fekov]: 10 points? Do you have that much? I only have 3 points.


These conversations attracted Pierce’s attention.

Without any hesitation, he opened the store.

[Unique Shop]

In the upper left corner of the currency area, Pierce’s points were much more than these adorable bunch in the chat.

A total of 800 points.

Then Pierce remembered.

After killing the Esper, his Tower Defense points had not increased.

Could the reward be these 800 unique points?

At this thought, Pierce quickly looked at this special shop.

[Green-haired Succubus: 100 points]

[Strange Seed: 300 points]

[Elemental Arrow Tower: 50 points]

Of these things, there were some that Pierce had seen and some that Pierce had not.

But he was very familiar with the elemental arrow tower that was sold in the shop.

It was the correct way to play the Tower Defense.

He was no longer the sole user of this game style.


The contents of the chat almost made Pierce laugh to death.

[Country W: May]: “What elemental arrow tower? Someone will really buy this lousy thing!?”

Country E: Thousand Stars: “Tsk, only idiots will buy this thing. It’s better to save the points for a green-haired succubus.”

[Notification: The leader of Blossoms Country bought 10 elemental arrow towers.]


The face smacking came too quickly.

Caught off guard, many people who were eager to speak were given a big slap on their face.

Blossoms Country: Sasaki Meiryu: “You bunch of idiots, what do you know? With your foresight, sooner or later, your entire country will be destroyed!”

The chat was already in a heated argument.

Pierce grinned.

Indeed, with their foresight, they would not be able to do anything, and their country would be destroyed soon.

With twenty elemental arrow towers in his possession, he had the most say in this.

A Level 3 green-haired succubus could not withstand the ferocious firepower of the elemental arrow towers.

It was not cost-efficient.

Of course, he had no interest in participating in this ridiculous farce.

Right now, he was excitedly browsing the things in the store.

There were too many things inside.

He was dazzled.


In the real world.

In Country M.

To welcome the arrival of the supernatural power.

A statute book on the usage of supernatural power was produced overnight.

It was about the thickness of a dictionary.

The person in charge of this immediately got someone to make copies of the books and distribute them to various schools and companies.

Supernatural powers had to be regulated; otherwise, it could be a danger to normal people.

At the same time, Country M also set up a special department in charge of supervising psychics.

They were responsible for supervising espers.

After all preparations were finished in Country M, a huge dark cloud covered the entire Country M.

From the satellite view, a large portion of Planet Blue was covered.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Rain began to fall and lasted for a long time.

The internet was also spreading this phenomenon crazily, saying that the rain was the key to awakening special abilities.

Let everyone get drenched quickly.

For a time, the streets and alleys were filled with unprecedented scenes.

Everywhere was packed with humans.


With the rain’s presence, many entertainers and capitalists who had gone to other countries to seek refuge returned to Country M.

They hoped that the rain would have a special effect on them too.

All in all, on this day, all the major media outlets in Country M were fighting to report about it.

In an instant, this incident surpassed Pierce, who had been on the hot topic for about half a month and was defending the country alone.

The foreign netizens also left comments crazily, their words filled with envy and jealousy.

“Why is Pierce not from our country!? Why?!”

“You should ask why you’re not from Country M… That’s the problem.”


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