Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 207
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Chapter 207

We began heading towards the area where the Kraken was reported to be loitering around . [6] It has been pointed out to me so many times that I have more or less memorized it .

“Thank you, Sui . If it’s not for you, we probably wouldn’t be able to complete this mission,”

“Ufufu, is Sui amazing~?”

“Un, awesome . We’ve really been saved by Sui!” I continued [4] . “In fact, you’re way better than someone who was all eager to get the Kraken but couldn’t think of a way to get to it!”


“Ahaha, Fer is being scolded!” Dora-chan cackled . [6]

The three of us were perched on top of [Gigantified] Sui . It feels really comfortable up here and Sui travelled very smoothly . She was also going pretty fast . Her soft body meant that it felt like we’re sitting on top of a water bed, the vibrations were very minimal too .

My amazing Slime is not only strong, but she could also carry all of us like this while swimming strongly out to the sea . What an amazing Sui!


“Fer, make sure to cast [Barrier] around Sui, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah . ”

“Everything is slightly different on the sea . I can sense a strong presence that could indicate the Kraken ahead... Mu? This is...”

[6] I tensed, it was never a good thing if Fer was surprised .

Fer stared harder at the area where he said the Kraken might be .

“Oi! There’s more than one presence . The Kraken is there, but there’s also a Sea Serpent! And one other thing . The thing is not as strong as the Kraken or the Sea Serpent . ”


W-What, what do you mean?!

A Kraken, a Sea Serpent and... one more thing?


There was a huge splash . Two creatures leapt out of the sea in front of us . It was a huge squid monster thing and a pale grey big snake thing! The gigantic squid monster thing was probably the Kraken . It was not the octopus thing that I had imagined . This huge squid-like creature had wrapped its flexible tentacles armed with deadly suction cups around a giant snake creature with really sharp teeth that could only be the Sea Serpent . The Serpent’s slender body looked to be about 10 meters long and had clamped its razor sharp teeth onto the Kraken’s head!

“Ehh, whaaa?! What’s this!!?”

It was a battle between two huge legendary juggernauts .

In short, a monster fight .

“T-This is just like in the movies, with giant creatures fighting each other...” [3] There was no way I could stay calm before this spectacular sight!

“Oi! I’ll take care of the Kraken! Dora, take down the Sea Serpent . Sui, you get the one underneath . ”

“Ou! That Sea Serpent is mine!”

“Sui is to defeat the Big Fish in the water, right~ Sui will do her best~”


Big fish... in the water?

I looked through Sui’s transparent body and finally saw a large, fish-shaped shadow swimming around the Kraken and the Sea Serpent . [2] It looked smaller than the other two . But smaller doesn’t mean ‘small’, you know? The fish was just swimming around waiting for one of the two giants to fall and attack the winner .

How sneaky! [5]

Or, is it?

Zugaaan –

Fer’s Thunder Magic hit the Kraken’s head . [5]


This time, Dora-chan’s Thunder Magic activated, striking the Sea Serpent’s body .


Both Kraken and Sea Serpent were paralyzed by the lighting . I’ve seen them deploy their magic many times, but it’s still terrifying .

Since we’re on water and electricity could conduct on water... I’m so glad Fer cast his [Barrier] magic around us...

The black shadow which had been circling around the twitching Kraken and Sea Serpent floating helplessly to the surface burst out .

Zapaannnn –

It was a huge red and black fish . As it flew in an arc above the water, it opened up its maw showing needle sharp teeth that was about to bite into the Kraken . [1] Oho, so you’re going to steal our prey? [6]

Several thick tentacles speared out from Sui’s body .


The flexible tentacles wrapped around the skewered red and black fish . For a moment, the tail fin flapped and slapped the surface of the water frantically . It rampaged for quite a long time before finally stopping .

“Yay! Sui got a Big Fish~!”

Somehow, I feel like I’ve encountered this scenario before . It really doesn’t matter whether we’re on land or way out at sea . With Fer, Dora and Sui working together, any monsters would be overwhelmed .

As usual, the strategy here was ‘winner is the one who strikes first’ .

“Umu, it’s over”

“Fuhaha, I defeated a Sea Serpent!”

“Sui also did good, Sui caught a Big Fish!”

Both Fer and Dora-chan slaughtered the Kraken and the Sea Serpent with a single magic spell, while Sui skewered the giant fish with her thick tentacles . Whether it was the sea or the land, it was always the same it looks like . Even so, what the heck is this fish that Sui defeated?

Time for some appraisal .

[Aspidochelone] S-Rank monster . Edible . Top quality white meat .

What’s an Aspidochelone? [1] Quite a hard name to say .

Oh, and it says it’s an S Rank monster!

Can something become S rank just because it grew too big? [2] On top of that, it says that the white meat is top quality! No matter what, I need to secure this one away!

Also, when I appraised the Kraken and the Sea Serpent, these were also S Rank and edible .

Marks-san said he had never heard of people eating Kraken, but it definitely seems to be edible . I mean, when I appraised it was tagged with ‘edible’ . Now that’s a new one . Has my level risen enough to gain this skill?

It’s actually a very good and useful bit of skill . After all, a big part of our monster hunting is going after edible stuff . It’ll be good to know right away whether something was edible or not .

Also, this is the first seafood we got! Quite the massive catch indeed . In addition to the subjugation of the Kraken, we also brought in a Sea Serpent and an Aspidochelone, which I stored in the [Item Box] .

“Well then, shall we head back home?”




“Sui, please take us back”

With that, Sui steadily made her way back to the harbor .

[Gumihou: I feel kind of sorry for the monsters...]

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