To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 654 - Dear Brother, Please Be Gentle
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Chapter 654: Dear Brother, Please Be Gentle

Shi Mengwan was struggling to death. No matter what, she had to fight for herself.

In the end, she really couldn’t escape. Zhan Haoze had completely lost his mind. He was insistent on doing something to her. She also hoped to have an experience that was relatively more respectful to her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t feel conflicted in her heart, but now, she could only accept her fate. She was the one who brought him back, and she was the one who gave him this opportunity.

If she wasn’t destined to escape tonight, then she hoped that her first time would be in bed, not here, in a situation like this.

Zhan Haoze was still kissing her neck, but when he heard her words, he paused.

The next second, she was lifted up by him with ease. He walked very fast, as if he was very anxious.

Her body pressed against his chest, she was tightly held in his arms. She raised her head to look at him.

His gaze was a little different from before. There was a little more fiery passion in it.

Her back was pressed against the bed, then he put his heavy weight on her.

She didn’t close her eyes. Instead, her heart trembled as she watched Zhan Haoze’s anxious and overbearing actions.

“Dear Brother...” She said in an almost mumbling voice, but in return, he became even more eager. She was kissed by him until the corner of her lips became numb from the pain.

She reached out to make him face her, then her eyes met his gaze fixedly. This face overlapped with her teenage Dear Brother.

The same eyebrows, the same eyes, but the person in front of her had lost the immaturity of youth, and was now more level-headed and mature.

But there was one thing that hadn’t changed. His eyes were always sharp, like a lone wolf on the prairie.

This face, this eyebrows, this eyes, she had dreamed about it countless times in the middle of the night.

This was her Dear Brother. This was the Dear Brother that she had been relying on for more than a year. Shi Mengwan’s eyes were a little warm.

“Dear Brother, please be gentle.”

At this moment, she didn’t want to care about Zhan Haoze’s identity, nor did she want to care about the woman beside him or care about her previous humiliation.

The face in front of her now overlapped with the Dear Brother from back then.

Zhan Haoze was her Dear Brother, and her Dear Brother was Zhan Haoze. From the moment she met him, she was extremely certain of one thing.

“Dear Brother, Wanwan wants you to please be gentle.”

She said it so softly that she couldn’t even guarantee that he could hear her, but she had to say it.

This was her first time, and the man on her was the Dear Brother she had been looking for for so long.

She had never thought of being with a second man in her life. If she was destined to have a man, then she hoped that her first time would be for her Dear Brother.

Her lips were sealed again, but there was less aggressiveness compared to just now. There was more gentleness.

The man was trying his best to control himself. Ling Xue’s move was extremely ruthless. He had no way of resisting the effects of alcohol and drugs.

Perhaps there was a hint of soberness, but that soberness disappeared when Shi Mengwan called him Dear Brother.

The woman’s eyes were alluring, and her body was soft. Her eyes were filled with gentleness. The passion that she had been suppressing earlier was now completely burning.

Everything that happened after was out of their control.

Shi Mengwan felt torn between reality and her memories. Zhan Haoze and Dear Brother had become the same person. She seemed to have returned to the time when she was 12 years old. That unruly and cold teenager treated her differently.

Their skin was touching and their breathing was harmonious.

She was like a cloud. She floated up, down, and up with the wind until she was beyond the clouds in the nine heavens. She could no longer find a place to return to.

But she was also like a ship, drifting on the sea. Only now did she find her home.

“Dear Brother. Dear Brother –”

The moment she experienced the pain, she almost wanted to cry. She hugged him tightly and felt his giving.

The man’s breathing became heavier. She was smashed into pieces and was no longer complete.

But he filled her up again and finally restored her to her original state.

He went back and forth, repeating it over and over again. This night was exceptionally long.


Shi Mengwan didn’t sleep for long. She was a person who couldn’t sleep easily when she had something on her mind.

At dawn, she opened her eyes. Looking at the sky that was about to brighten, she turned around.

Her body felt extremely uncomfortable and painful. It was as if her entire body had been dismantled. She followed the hand that was tightly wrapped around her waist and raised her eyes to look at the owner of that hand.

Zhan Haoze had fallen asleep. His eyes were tightly shut. It seemed to be because of their previous passionate intercourse, and it also seemed to be because of the alcohol from last night.

His breathing was steady and long. His chest rose and fell slightly. His face was no longer as red as it had been yesterday.

When he fell asleep, he didn’t have the malicious aura that he had when he was awake. He looked completely harmless. She wanted to raise her hand to touch his face. It was just that even such a simple action felt difficult for her to do.

She wanted to sleep, but she couldn’t fall asleep. When she woke up, she felt tired. Seeing that the sky was getting brighter, Shi Mengwan finally decided to continue sleeping for a while.

She turned around. Zhan Haoze’s hand was still wrapped around her waist. Because of her movements, the blanket slid to her waist. Shi Mengwan also saw the scar above his left arm.

That scar looked like it was from a long time ago, and the color was already very faint. The color of his skin was slightly whiter. Therefore, this scar looked especially obvious.

Yesterday, Shi Mengwan barely had time to think, and she also barely had time to seriously look at Zhan Haoze’s body.

The sky was slightly bright, and that scar became clearer. The wound was about five centimeters long. Shi Mengwan raised her hand and gently caressed the wound. Her eyes suddenly became a little sore.

She had always been sure that Zhan Haoze was her Dear Brother. Now, this wound completely confirmed her guess.

“Dear Brother...”

... ..

When Shi Mengwan woke up in the morning, the teenager was still sleeping. He had gotten into a fight yesterday and had some injuries on his body. Although they were all superficial injuries, it still consumed a lot of his vitality because of his age.

Looking at the young man lying motionlessly on the bed, Shi Mengwan thought about how she had given him a few tens of yuan yesterday.

That money wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. She regretted it after being out for a day. She wanted to go back to her home now.

But there was a problem now. Without money, how could she go home?

Shi Mengwan was already twelve years old. She thought about it and decided to go straight to the police station and find a policeman to send her home.

Before she left, she was a little hesitant. Should she tell Zhan Haoze? But she wasn’t familiar with him. She had only stayed here for a day yesterday.

She even gave him money so she wasn’t technically freeloading.

Shi Mengwan didn’t feel guilty at all when she thought of this. She took a look at the small house and left in the end.

Shi Mengwan planned it out very well. She just needed to find the nearest police station. However, when she came out of the teenager’s house, she realized that she had lost her way.

The bungalows in this area were built very similarly. There were small alleys in all directions, and every door looked almost the same to her.

Shi Mengwan walked around for a long time, but not only did she not go out, she also got lost instead.

If she got lost, she got lost. Shi Mengwan was thinking of finding a public phone to stop and call the police when she unexpectedly ran into the two people who had been following her yesterday.

Two gangsters stood in front of Shi Mengwan. One was wearing a gaudy shirt, and the other was wearing a black shirt. The man in the black shirt took a step forward and glanced at Shi Mengwan’s face.

“Yo. Isn’t this the little beauty from yesterday?”

The two of them had their eyes on Shi Mengwan since yesterday. Such a young girl, with her good looks, seemed to be alone and had no family by her side. If they sold her off, it would be a huge sum of money.

“Little beauty, since we’ve met, it’s fate. Come with us brothers.”

Shi Mengwan panicked when she saw the two of them. She was lucky enough to escape yesterday, but it didn’t mean that she had such good luck today.

She looked left and right and ran to the back as fast as she could. The two hooligans looked at each other and quickly followed behind her.

Shi Mengwan wasn’t familiar with this area, and she was getting desparate from being chased. In her panic, she actually ran into a dead end.

“Little beauty, you can’t run anymore, can you?” The man in theblack shirt looked at Shi Mengwan and the smile on his face became more and more wretched. “Don’t run anymore. Follow Brother.”

“Get lost.” Shi Mengwan was anxious. She looked at the two people, then looked at the dead end in front of her. She sank into extreme despair.

Seeing the two gangsters approaching, she looked around in panic. In the end, she picked up a rock on the ground and held it in her hand, as if she wanted to fight with the two gangsters.

“Little girl, you’re saucy. Big Brother likes you.”

The man in the gaudy shirt glanced at the man in the black shirt, and the two of them walked forward together. Shi Mengwan held the rock in her hand and waved it wildly.

But before she could hit the two of them, her hand was already grabbed by the two hooligans.

“Little beauty, let’s go.”

“Help! Help!” Shi Mengwan cried out. Seeing this, the man in the gaudy shirt covered Shi Mengwan’s mouth.

“Wu wu...” Shi Mengwan was anxious. Regret once again overwhelmed her. She shouldn’t have run away from home.

The two hooligans dragged her and were about to run outside when the figure of a teenager suddenly appeared in front of them.

When Shi Mengwan saw the person who came, her eyes widened. It was him? That Dear Brother?

The teenageer stood at the entrance of the alley. His gaze swept past the two hooligans, then he looked at Shi Mengwan. He seemed to be unhappy.

“Little brat, don’t meddle in other people’s business.”

The man in the gaudy shirt glared at the teenager. He was rather impolite.

The teenager stood there without moving and didn’t speak. The two hooligans didn’t take him seriously either, especially when they saw the injuries on the teenager’s face, not only on his face, but also on his arms.

They didn’t take the teenager seriously at all.

When they were about to leave with Shi Mengwan and pass by the teenager, the teenager didn’t move.

Shi Mengwan’s mouth was gagged. She could only watch the teenager and continue to make whimpering sounds. The two hooligans didn’t take the teenager seriously and just passed by him.

Who knew that as soon as they were behind the teenager, the teenager suddenly turned around. He jumped and kicked the back of the man in the gaudy shirt.

The man in the gaudy shirt was originally covering Shi Mengwan’s mouth, but this unexpected kick caught him off guard. He let go of Shi Mengwan and leaned forward, then fell to the ground.

Without waiting for the man in the gaudy shirt to get up, the teenger kicked the man in the black shirt as well. The man in the black shirt was on guard after the man in the gaudy shirt fell, so the teenger didn’t succeed.

He wasn’t angry either. He waved his fists at the man in the black shirt and threw a punch.

His punch was quick, fast, and vicious. The black-shirted man wasn’t prepared for this attack and was hit squarely.

“Brat, you’re courting death.”

The black-shirted man rushed towards the teenger. At the same time, the teenger pulled Shi Mengwan away and faced two hooligans.

Shi Mengwan didn’t know the teenger’s name. She watched the teenger fight two people by himself and thought of the scene where he was surrounded and beaten up by a group of people yesterday.

“Be careful.” After she called out, she remembered that she didn’t know the teenger’s name. Seeing that the man in the gaudy shirt had also stood up and charged towards the teenger, she became anxious.

“Dear Brother, be careful.”

That call of ‘Dear Brother’ made the teenger look at her. Before the man in the gaudy shirt’s fist swept over, he quickly threw a punch at the other party.

The teenger’s combative skills were all from actual combat. The two hooligans were actually unable to gain the upper hand.

The man in the black shirt panicked. When the man in the gaudy shirt tripped the teenger, he took out a knife from his pocket. However, it wasn’t aimed at the teenger, but at Shi Mengwan.

Shi Mengwan was stunned. She didn’t think that there would be such a sudden turn of events in front of her. Before she could react, the teenger saw the black-shirted man’s actions and pounced towards Shi Mengwan.

Trying to dodge the black-shirted man’s knife, he hugged her tightly. However, his arm was still stabbed by the black-shirted man. Fresh blood gushed out.

The bright red blood stimulated the teenager. There was still a knife in his arm, but he pulled out the knife and rushed towards the two hooligans, as if he didn’t care about his life.

Such a reckless move scared the two hooligans. The two people actually fled and didn’t continue to harass them.

“Dear Brother, are you okay?” Shi Mengwan went forward and looked at the youth’s bleeding arm. “What should I do? You’re bleeding a lot.”

“Shut up.”The teenager glared at her. He casually tore off his shirt and wrapped it around his arm.

“You... you want to see a doctor like this? Dear Brother, let me send you to see a doctor.”

“See a doctor?” With a mocking expression, the teenager turned to look at Shi Mengwan. “Do you have any money on you?”

Shi Mengwan bit her lip and was momentarily speechless. The teenager just held his bleeding arm and walked forward. At this moment, Shi Mengwan didn’t want to go home anymore. The other party had saved her, so she followed behind him worriedly.

However, the young man turned into another alley, where there was an extremely small clinic.

When the young man entered, there was a middle-aged man wearing a white coat. When he saw the young man enter and saw the injuries on the young man’s body, his expression instantly became very ugly.

“Why were you fighting with someone again? Do you not want to live anymore?”

The young man didn’t speak. He just pulled open the wound and directly showed it to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man stood up and looked at the teenager’s wound. “It’s a bit serious. Although it didn’t reach the bone, you’ll still need stitches, but I don’t have any anesthesia here.”

“If you don’t have it, then so be it. Don’t talk so much nonsense.”

“Good, good, good. You’re really resilient.” The middle-aged man was angry. After the teenager sat down, he didn’t give him any anesthesia and directly started to treat the teenager’s wound.

When he was cleaning the wound, the young man’s expression began to turn ugly. When the needle that was about to stitch the wounds pierced into the young man’s flesh, the young man’s entire body began to tremble.

“Dear Brother?”

Shi Mengwan wasn’t an idiot. She had seen the romance of the Three Kingdoms and heard of Guan Gong scraping bones to heal wounds. But the person in front of her wasn’t Guan Gong, but a young man who looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old.

“Dear Brother? Are you alright?” She couldn’t help but glare at the doctor. “You, give him an anesthetic.”

“Young lady, don’t disturb me. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that this needle will sew smoothly.”

The middle-aged man didn’t even raise his head. He only focused on stitching the wound. “Don’t worry, a few needles will do. No one will die.”

“But...” Shi Mengwan looked at the teenager worriedly. His fists were tightly clenched, and large drops of sweat dripped down his face.

Shi Mengwan couldn’t help but hold his wrist. He was injured because of her, and it was also because of her that he became like this.

“Dear Brother...”

The doctor was still in the mood to joke as he sewed up the wound. “Kid, when did you get a girl? She doesn’t look like you.”

“Shut up.” The young man’s voice was really unpleasant at this time. He glared at the middle-aged man coldly, then looked at Shi Mengwan.

She held his wrist, and it looked like she was in more pain than he was. For some reason, he felt that the wound on his arm didn’t hurt as much anymore.

The wound was finally sewn up and treated. The middle-aged man withdrew his hand, then looked at the young man’s face. “Fine, I won’t say anymore. You always have your own ideas, but I still have to remind you that your wound can’t touch water for the next few days, and you can’t carry anything heavy. Most importantly, for the sake of your life, it’s best that you don’t fight with others anymore.”

“Got it. You’re so naggy.” The teenager stood up and moved his arm. Indeed, his bones weren’t injured. It was just a flesh wound. He didn’t mind it and didn’t thank him. He directly left the small clinic.

“Dear Brother?” Shi Mengwan quickly followed behind the teenager.

The teenager’s footsteps weren’t fast. She easily caught up to him. “Thank you for today. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. We’re even now.” The teenager glanced at Shi Mengwan. Although Shi Mengwan was young, she understood what he meant at this moment.

She had helped the teenager yesterday, and he helped her today. However, Shi Mengwan felt that this was different. If the teenager hadn’t intervened today, she was afraid that she would have been taken away by those two hooligans. When that time came, she really didn’t dare to imagine what her fate would be.

“We’re not even. Dear Brother, you saved me. Thank you.”

She spoke very sincerely, but the young man completely ignored her. He walked straight towards his own home.

Shi Mengwan followed behind him. At this moment, she wasn’t in the mood to think about going home. Instead, she was thinking about what the doctor said.

His wound couldn’t touch water, and he couldn’t carry heavy objects. Dear Brother was alone, and he saved her. She couldn’t be ungrateful. Even if she wanted to go home, she would have to wait a few days.

With this thought in mind, Shi Mengwan followed behind the teenager.

“Dear Brother, What’s your name?”

“Dear Brother, you were amazing just now.”

“Dear Brother, that doctor was too mean. He didn’t even give you an anesthetic.”

“Dear Brother, does your wound still hurt?”

“Dear Brother, what’s your surname?”

“Dear Brother, my name is Shi Mengwan. You can call me Wanwan. That’s what my mom calls me.”

“Dear Brother...”

“Shut up.” The young man who had been followed and questioned all the way stopped and glared at Shi Mengwan. “If you keep making noise, I’ll beat you up.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand as if he really wanted to hit her.

Shi Mengwan stood there without moving. Her eyes were clear and pure, as if she believed him. There was no trace of fear.

The youth felt defeated. He glanced at Shi Mengwan, turned around, and continued walking forward.

“Dear Brother?” After entering the door, Shi Mengwan wanted to say something, but the teenager suddenly stopped and stood in front of her.

He was much taller than her. He stared at her face with a fierce gaze. “Listen, you can stay, but you have to follow my rules.”

“What rules?” She didn’t want to stay. She just wanted to take care of him for a few days until his wounds healed.

“The rules are to shut up. When I don’t let you speak, you’re not allowed to speak.”

“Dear –”

“Also, don’t call me Dear Brother.”

“But –”

“My name is Qiao Ze. You can call me Ah-Ze.”

Qiao Ze’s voice sounded very fierce. Shi Mengwan bit her lip and looked into his eyes. She said timidly, “But I think Dear Brother sounds better.”

Qiao Ze glared at Shi Mengwan. His uninjured right hand clenched into a fist again.

Shi Mengwan’s gaze was too calm. He put down his raised hand again.

“Okay, since you call me Dear Brother, then go wash my clothes.”

Shi Mengwan didn’t expect Qiao Ze to really let her stay. She nodded, “Alright, I’ll help you wash your clothes.”

When she was at home, she would help her family wash their clothes anyway. She didn’t think that this was a difficult task. Instead, she felt that this was an opportunity, a chance to repay Qiao Ze for saving her life.

Qiao Ze watched Shi Mengwan walk into the bathroom in three steps. When she really went to wash his clothes, his gaze became a little ambivalent.

As such, Shi Mengwan stayed in Qiao Ze’s house.

... ..

Shi Mengwan caressed the scar on Zhan Haoze’s arm. This scar was left behind from saving her. When she saw this, she no longer had to doubt or search anymore.

Zhan Haoze was her Dear Brother, and her Dear Brother was Zhan Haoze. But why did Zhan Haoze not remember her at all?

Could it be that she was the only one holding on to that memory from the past, but her Dear Brother had completely forgotten it?

The hand that was originally pressing on Zhan Haoze’s scar was grabbed by someone. The person who was originally asleep had unknowingly woken up and was now staring at her with his eyes wide open.

Because he had just woken up, Zhan Haoze’s gaze was calm at this moment. It was deep and serene, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of hostility.

Shi Mengwan could even see faint tranquility in his gaze.

Their eyes met, and there was silence. Shi Mengwan looked at him and took the lead to shift her gaze away.

“You’re awake?”

After asking that superfluous question, Shi Mengwan lowered her eyes awkwardly. It was one thing to be prepared yesterday, but it was another to have s*x.

She was still a little shy, and she didn’t dare to even look into his eyes.

Zhan Haoze didn’t say anything, but she couldn’t help but say, “Dear Brother.”

As soon as those three words came out, Zhan Haoze’s expression changed slightly. Shi Mengwan lowered her head, so she didn’t notice the change in his expression at all.

“Dear Brother. Are you alright now?” The way he looked yesterday made her a little worried.

She cared about him so much that she even forgot about the discomfort on her body.

“Dear Brother, how are you now?”

More than ten years of worry, more than ten years of searching. Shi Mengwan, who never lost hope and never gave up. When she didn’t get Zhan Haoze’s response, she couldn’t help but look up at him.

When she looked up, she met a pair of extremely cold and gloomy eyes.

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