To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 653 - What Kind Of Person Did He Treat Her As
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Chapter 653: What Kind Of Person Did He Treat Her As

She had met Chen Feifei before. She was a fragile person. She heard that she had a heart disease, and she looked mild-mannered and weak. She hated women like that the most. She thought they were pretentious.

She was an ambitious woman. Ling Xue never hid her ambitions.

“President Zhan, I’ve admired you since the first time I saw you.”

As she spoke, she reached her hand into Zhan Haoze’s clothes. That tan chest, even if only a small part of it was exposed, it was enough for her to fantasize endlessly.

Zhan Haoze’s breathing became heavier at this moment. He finally understood that this woman had added something into the wine he had just drunk.

“President Zhan.” Ling Xue saw his face turn red and leaned her body down. Her delicate hand pressed on his chest and unbuttoned one of his buttons.

“I really admire you. I’m very willing to have a chance to interact with you further.”

As she spoke, she had already unbuttoned his second button. Zhan Haoze grabbed her hand at this moment.

Ling Xue’s eyes widened, but Zhan Haoze pushed her away and stood up.

His movements were too fast, so fast that Ling Xue didn’t have time to stop him.

“You –” she only said the word “you” before Zhan Haoze took two steps back with his face red.

He looked down at Ling Xue’s face contemptuously. His breathing was a little heavy, but it couldn’t hide the coldness in his eyes.

“I appreciate Miss Ling’s kindness. I will also remember Miss Ling’s appreciation for me. I still have something to do, so I will take my leave first.”

His voice was a little low and a little hoarse. In fact, the medicine that Ling Xue had given him had caused his body to heat up, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

At this moment, he used his greatest willpower to endure the heat in his body.

After he quickly left the private room, Ling Xue quickly snapped back to reality after a short moment of surprise. She stood up and wanted to chase after Zhan Haoze.

However, she realized that Zhan Haoze was no longer in the corridor outside.

She stomped her feet hatefully. She knew that if she missed this opportunity today, it wouldn’t happen again. She was angry, but there was nothing she could do. Now, she could only wait for the next opportunity to come again.

After Shi Mengwan sent Tong Yan and the others away, she walked in the direction where she parked the car.

She didn’t drink. She had always followed the habit of not drinking while driving, and not driving after drinking. Tong Yan and the others said that they were going to karaoke, but she wasn’t interested.

The main reason was that even though she was easy to talk to, she was still the boss. With her around, Tong Yan and the others might not be at ease. She might as well agree to cover their expenses, but she didn’t want to go.

After leaving ChaoWen Courtyard, Shi Mengwan headed in the direction of her car.

It was nighttime at ChaoWen Courtyard, and the parking spot was a little dark. After she passed through the green plants on both sides, she would arrive at her parking space around the corner.

However, her body was suddenly pulled into the bushes at this moment. The sudden change of events frightened Shi Mengwan.

Her first reaction was to struggle, but at the same time, since her body was close to the other party’s, she smelled the familiar scent of mint.

The lights were dim, but she could see clearly. The person in front of her was Zhan Haoze.

In the dark, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was panting heavily. His hands were tightly wrapped around her waist.

“You –”

She only had time to say the word “you” before her lips felt warm. Then, it was a robbery that almost suffocated her.

He was like a leopard that was biting its prey. He bit her firmly and refused to let go afterwards.

The kiss was fierce and indulgent, as if he wanted to swallowed her.

This was Shi Mengwan’s first kiss.

She had never been kissed like this before. Or maybe she had been.

When she was kissed, her consciousness became a little disoriented. She remembered that this couldn’t be considered her first kiss.

Her first kiss was gone when she was twelve years old.

The force on her lips increased again. She felt pain and raised her leg to kick at the other party’s crotch.

However, she neglected her current position. She was pulled over by the man, and her body was half-pressed against his chest.

She was pressed against his chest and wantonly kissed. The moment she lifted her leg, her body lost balance and she got closer to him instead.

She was like a tree branch that was entangled by vines. They were intertwined. There was me in you, and you in me. They couldn’t tell one from the other.

Shi Mengwan felt her body being hugged by him and she took a step back to lean against the tree trunk next to her.

She wasn’t wearing thick clothes, so the cold and hard tree trunk made her feel uncomfortable. She struggled again.

When the other party’s hand was about to reach her waist, she couldn’t help but raise her hand and slap the other party’s face.

She was a little irritated, but more than that, she was angry.

What did he take her for? It was verbal humiliation before, but actual bullying today.

She had just seen him cuddling with a woman, and now he was pestering her again.

Had he changed? Was he no longer the person she remembered?

Or had he just shown his true colors? Was he just a frivolous person?

Either way, she didn’t want to continue.

The sound of “pa” was especially clear at night. The man’s movements stopped for a moment.

She was carried into the man’s arms. The man’s chin was pressed against her neck, and his breathing was heavier than before.

Shi Mengwan smelled alcohol, so she pushed him away.

Strangely, this time, she actually succeeded. After pushing him away, she quickly ran to her car.

She tried to open the car door twice before it actually opened. She didn’t know what she was nervous about.

When she got into the car, Shi Mengwan realized that someone was sitting in the passenger seat as well.

Zhan Haoze’s face was abnormally red. His breathing was heavy, and the smell of alcohol was strong. He seemed to be drunk.

Her face full of vigilance, Shi Mengwan leaned her body to the side of the car door and stared at Zhan Haoze.

“Mr. Zhan?”


Zhan Haoze’s voice was low and hoarse. He seemed to have seen Ling Xue come out. He didn’t want her to see him in Shi Mengwan’s car.

“President Zhan?”

“I said drive.”

Shi Mengwan gritted her teeth, stepped on the accelerator, and left quickly.

Her car drove away, and Ling Xue arrived at the parking lot in the next moment. She looked at Zhan Haoze’s car, which was still parked there.

Zhan Haoze hasn’t left yet? That’s right. He drank alcohol and was drugged. The alcohol stimulated the effects of the drug. He probably wouldn’t be able to get rid of it so easily. He should still be in the villa.

Thinking of this, Ling Xue went back to look for Zhan Haoze.


Shi Mengwan stopped her car halfway. She wanted Zhan Haoze to get lost and get out of her car, but Zhan Haoze didn’t look right.

Looking very uncomfortable, he closed his eyes tightly. Shi Mengwan’s brows furrowed tightly.

“Pre... President Zhan? Mr. Zhan?”

Zhan Haoze seemed to have heard her. He opened his eyes and glanced at her.

“Where’s your home? Tell me your address. I’ll send you back.”

The other party was her Dear Brother, the person she had always cared about and wanted to find. She didn’t want to really leave him on the road.

Zhan Haoze didn’t answer her question. Instead, he closed his eyes.

“Mr. Zhan? Zhan Haoze?”

Shi Mengwan called out a few more times, but there was no response. She had no choice but to drive the car back to her home.

When the car stopped, Shi Mengwan was the first to get out of the car. She originally wanted to just leave Zhan Haoze there and not bother with him anymore.

After thinking about it, she still went around and opened the car door.

“Mr. Zhan?”

Zhan Haoze didn’t move, so Shi Mengwan gritted her teeth.

“Mr. Zhan, can you get out of the car by yourself?”

Zhan Haoze’s eyes seemed to move. Shi Mengwan took a deep breath and bent down to look at him.

“Mr. Zhan, can you hear me?”

Zhan Haoze finally reacted and opened his eyes. Shi Mengwan was shocked by his eyes.

His eyes seemed to be more bloodshot than before.

“You...” Was he okay?

Zhan Haoze suddenly reached out and put his hand on her shoulder. She almost fell down, but he got out of the car using her as support.

Shi Mengwan instinctively supported his body. More than half of his weight was on her.

He was very heavy, and Shi Mengwan could barely move him. He was so close, and his body reeked of alcohol, as well as the faint smell of mint.

Shi Mengwan closed the car door and looked up at him. “Mr. Zhan, can you stand still?”

Zhan Haoze narrowed his eyes but didn’t say anything. He practically carried her into the apartment.

Shi Mengwan followed him helplessly and brought him upstairs.

As soon as they entered, Shi Mengwan threw him on the sofa. She was covered in sweat from the short journey just now.

Zhan Haoze laid on the sofa and didn’t move. His face was redder than before.

Shi Mengwan’s eyes flashed with worry, but it was only for a moment. Very soon, she didn’t plan to care about Zhan Haoze anymore.

No matter how worried she was, it was useless. He had a fiancée and had forgotten about her.

She turned around and went back to her room to change her clothes. She planned to take a shower and sleep. She had had enough trouble for the day.

After she returned to her room, Shi Mengwan had just taken out her pajamas before she took off her top when the door to her room was opened with a bang. She was shocked.

Before she could turn around, her body was already in Zhan Haoze’s arms.

The bed was right in front of her. He didn’t even have to think before he directly pressed her onto the bed.

“Mr. Zhan?”

Her lips were sealed. It was the same domineering and predatory kiss as before.

This time, she didn’t even have a place to escape. Behind her was the bed. In front of her was his sturdy chest.

Shi Mengwan struggled, but she wasn’t Zhan Haoze’s match at all.

“Wu wu.”

She wanted to say: Zhan Haoze, let go of me. However, she couldn’t make a sound. Other than the sound of “wu wu”, there was only the sound of the fabric of their clothes rubbing against each other. She was anxious.

Zhan Haoze didn’t speak in the car just now because he had been suppressing the effects of the drug in his body. However, in this environment, where the entire house was infused with Shi Mengwan’s faintly discernible aura, the effects of the drug could no longer be suppressed.

He kissed Shi Mengwan, as if he was gnawing on her.

Shi Mengwan was in pain. The moment Zhan Haoze’s lips left her lower jaw, she used all her strength to push him away.

She quickly got up and wanted to run to the other side, but before she could run away, Zhan Haoze pounced on her again.

Shi Mengwan was anxious. She desperately pressed her hands against his chest to force him to see her clearly.

“Zhan Haoze? Zhan Haoze, look carefully. Who am I? I’m Shi Mengwan, not Chen Feifei. Look carefully.”

Zhan Haoze’s movements paused for a moment. Shi Mengwan took the opportunity to push his body away again.

“Zhan Haoze, you have a girlfriend. Please calm down.”

She didn’t know if he would listen or how much she could get him to listen to, but she had to say it.

Zhan Haoze’s body froze there, and he kept panting. His eyes were bloodshot, and he seemed to be trying his best to control himself.

Shi Mengwan saw that his hands were tightly clenched into fists, and his body looked very stiff. A trace of unconcealed worry flashed through her eyes.

“Zhan Haoze?”

Zhan Haoze glanced at her but didn’t say anything. He stood up, as if he was about to leave.

However, his footsteps faltered at this moment, and he looked as if he was about to fall. Without thinking, Shi Mengwan stepped forward to support him.

“Zhan Haoze?”

Was he alright? Only this time did Shi Mengwan realize that there seemed to be something wrong with Zhan Haoze.

Not only was he drunk, but his skin was burning. Even through a layer of shirt, she could feel the warmth of his skin.

“You... you’re sick?”

Zhan Haoze stared at Shi Mengwan’s parted red lips and pushed her away forcefully.

“Zhan Haoze?”

Shi Mengwan took two steps back. Recalling Zhan Haoze’s actions just now, she seemed to have understood something.

“You, do you want to wash your face?”

She went forward to support Zhan Haoze, but this time, he didn’t push her away. He hugged her tightly and kept rubbing against her body.

Shi Mengwan half-supported and half-dragged him towards the bathroom.

Her house wasn’t big. She didn’t care about anything else when she got busy. There was only a shower stall in the bathroom, and no bathtub.

She supported Zhan Haoze and stood under the shower. “You, do you want to rinse yourself with cold water?”

She read somewhere that people would feel better that way, although she didn’t know whether it was true or not.

When she spoke, Zhan Haoze had already turned on the water. Shi Mengwan was caught off guard by the sudden drench of the shower.

She had always taken care of her body and never washed herself with or drank cold water. She couldn’t stay any longer after being suddenly drenched like this. She let go of Zhan Haoze and left quickly.

The sound of water continued behind her. She didn’t want to care anymore. She went back to her room to take her pajamas and hurriedly went to another guest bathroom to take a shower.

At this time, she couldn’t help but feel lucky that she didn’t connect the guest bathroom with the main bathroom and turn it into a large bathroom.

When she came out, she found that there was still the sound of water running in the bathroom. She frowned slightly and wanted to go in to take a look, but she was afraid that Zhan Haoze’s symptoms still hadn’t subsided.

After thinking about it, she decided to just ignore it.

However, this was her room, and the sound of water running in the bathroom made it impossible for her to fall asleep.

She turned around and went to the study. When she sat down, she realized that she wasn’t in the mood to draw.

She thought of her first kiss. She had lost her first kiss when she was twelve years old.

At that time, she had been living with her Dear Brother for almost half a year.

Her Dear Brother was very good to her and took good care of her, but he often had a sulky face. No, he seemed to have a sulky face towards everyone.

Even when he cared for her, he often did so with a sulky face.

That time, not long after the spring festival, it was the lantern festival. Southerners had to eat glutinous rice balls during the lantern festival.

She used to live in the countryside, so she preserved the tradition very well. The day before the lantern festival, she nonchalantly said that tomorrow would be the lantern festival, so she wanted to eat glutinous rice balls.

The next day, Dear Brother atually brought glutinous rice balls back. She was overjoyed, but that glutinous rice ball was so small.

“Is this tangyuan? Why is it so small?”

She looked at the two bowls of tangyuan and then looked at Dear Brother. Dear Brother nodded heavily and told her that it was tangyuan.

If she ate it, then she ate it. If she didn’t eat it, that would be fine as well.

It was a custom. Shi Mengwan thought that perhaps in Lin City, tangyuan was this small.

She didn’t know that the tangyuan that Dear Brother bought wasn’t tangyuan at all, but wine-fermented rice balls.

How old was she at that time? She was twelve years old, so just the little amount of alcohol in it was enough to make her drunk. Moreover, the alcoholic content of the ones that her Dear Brother bought was especially strong, but the two children didn’t notice it at that time.

“Dear Brother, you’re so beautiful.”

He was the most beautiful person she had ever seen.

Her Dear Brother had also eaten them, so his face was a little flushed as well.

The teenager had never drunk alcohol before, so the alcohol in it was enough to make him a little drunk.

He looked at the girl in front of him. She was a twelve-year-old girl who had already begun to develop. In half a year’s time, her body had grown a little taller.

Her figure was slender, and her facial features were delicate, especially her eyes, which seemed to be able to speak.

The teenager suddenly felt a little hot. After New Year’s, he could be considered 16 years old. He was a big boy.

“You’re very pretty too.”

The teenager, who was nearing the end of his voice changing period, didn’t sound as unpleasant as he did before. Shi Mengwan blinked her eyes and looked at her Dear Brother.

“No, you’re prettier.”

As she spoke, she sat beside the teenager. Her small hand gently stroked the teenager’s face.

“Dear Brother’s eyebrows are pretty, his nose is pretty, his eyes are pretty, his face is pretty. Also, also...”

Her hand landed on his lips. She blinked her eyes and sounded a little drunk. “His mouth is pretty too.”

The young man felt hotter than before. The young girl in front of him had bright eyes, white teeth, and her skin was like porcelain. He grabbed her hand and caressed her face.

“Wanwan is pretty too. Her eyes are pretty, her face is pretty, and her mouth is pretty too.”

He was mimicking her when Shi Mengwan blinked and suddenly smiled. “You’re missing one. My nose. Is my nose not pretty?”

“It’s pretty.” The teenager was happy to coax her, especially since it was the truth. “Everything about my Wanwan is pretty.”

Shi Mengwan smiled. Her smile seemed to make the small and dilapidated room brighten up.

The teenager looked at Shi Mengwan’s bright red lips and couldn’t help but move closer to her. He gently kissed her on the lips.

Their eyes met. The teenager looked at the girl’s bright eyes while the girl looked at the youth’s raised eyebrows.

The teenager suddenly realized what he had done and quickly retreated. The base of his ears were bright red. Half of it was because of shyness, and the other half was because of self-blame.

What was he doing just now? He had actually kissed her. She was only twelve years old. Even after New Year’s, she would still be only thirteen years old.

The young girl didn’t realize that she had been taken advantage of. She leaned over and held the young man’s face.

“Dear Brother, your mouth is so sweet.”

He had just eaten the wine-brewed rice balls, so his lips naturally tasted like wine-brewed rice balls.

She wanted to taste it again, so she leaned over and took the initiative to kiss the young man’s lips.

It was an immature and clumsy kiss. It was the first time for both the young man and the young girl. The young girl felt satisfied after she finished kissing him. Under the effects of the alcohol, she returned to her room and fell into a deep sleep.

She didn’t know that because of her kiss, the young man had an extremely shameful and absurd dream at night.

She didn’t know that the usually lazy young man woke up early the next morning to quickly washed his clothes, and even changed the bed sheets.

Shi Mengwan only knew that after she woke up the next day, she still remembered the kiss from yesterday.

Her face blushed slightly, but she felt happy. That person was her Dear Brother. The seed of that young girl’s extremely secretive thoughts had been planted from that moment on.

She liked her Dear Brother, so she naturally didn’t despite that kiss.

But from the next day onward, her Dear Brother started to avoid her.

He would avoid her gaze, avoid her contact, and —

Shi Mengwan thought that her Dear Brother hated her and thought that she was frivolous. That’s right, which good girl would run away from home at the age of twelve or thirteen?

What kind of girl would live with a teenager? What kind of girl would kiss a boy?

All the education she had received since childhood told her that these things were wrong and immoral.

She blamed herself, felt guilty, and felt ashamed. She felt like she had done something wrong. She shouldn’t have kissed Dear Brother. Dear Brother probably hated her too.

During those few days, she was extremely sad. In the end, she couldn’t help but wake up early one day when the teenager was about to go out and block the teenager’s path..

With a bang, she seemed to hear a sound coming from the bathroom next door.

Shi Mengwan snapped back to reality because of that sound. She hurriedly got up and returned to her room.

She hesitated for a moment and listened to the sound of water inside. Then, she resolutely went in.

She didn’t know when the shower head had fallen. Zhan Haoze sat on the ground. His clothes were disheveled, and he had torn them all off.

His body was abnormally red. The sound of his breathing was so heavy that she could easily hear it clearly.

She could even see that Zhan Haoze’s genitals were high up. He seemed to be in great pain. He was constantly struggling against himself, but he didn’t seem to succeed.

The scene in front of her was too out of the ordinary. Shi Mengwan’s face blushed a little, but she was more worried than anything else. She stepped forward and looked at Zhan Haoze with obvious concern.

“Zhan Haoze? Zhan Haoze?” She turned off the shower that was still spraying water at the wall. She bent down to help Zhan Haoze up.

Zhan Haoze was leaning against the wall with his eyes half closed. When he heard Shi Mengwan’s voice, he opened his eyes.

Shi Mengwan happened to bend down at this moment. When she met Zhan Haoze’s eyes, she was shocked.

It was a pair of wolf-like eyes. Fierce, ruthless, malicious, and deep.

Shi Mengwan instinctively stepped back, but it was too late. Zhan Haoze pulled her into his arms and kissed her right on the lips.

Shi Mengwan didn’t even have time to make any sound before she was kissed by Zhan Haoze and couldn’t speak.

His body had been drenched in cold water for so long, but not only did his body temperature not drop, but it was also even hotter than before.

He was sitting on the ground, so Shi Mengwan maintained a rather uncomfortable position.

She felt very uncomfortable and wanted him to let go of her, but how could Zhan Haoze let go of her?

He picked her up with ease and held her tightly in his arms.

Shi Mengwan tried to push him away, but this time, she failed. No matter how hard she tried, no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t escape Zhan Haoze’s grasp.

More importantly, she was at a complete disadvantage at the moment.

She was only wearing pajamas to begin with, and the thin fabric was easily lifted by Zhan Haoze.

He felt that it was troublesome, so he tore her clothes into pieces with his big hand.

“Mmm Mmm...”

As he continued his aggressive movements, she only had time to muster a very broken sentence, “No, not here, go to the room.”

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