To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 242 – Sprinkle
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TDADP chapter 242: Sprinkle

17th district Ponte. Tencassi, the royal capital of Udon Kingdom, is divided into twenty-four districts and its seventeenth district, Ponte, is one of the best slums in the Udon Kingdom. Most of the people living in this slum are criminal groups and humans with special circumstances, as well as other races despised as demi-humans. Lawrence, the leader of the criminal organization that dominated the royal capital, was taking advantage of them.

Two men were walking along the lonely road of the slum, horrifyingly, threatening the surroundings.

「The executives said,「I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of work to do in the near future」」

「Oh, it seems so. This time, it’s a story that Comer city is conquered completely――step aside!! Idiot!!」

A Lawrence man kicks off a vagrant sitting on the side of the road. Originally unwilling to resist, the vagrant spills blood from his nose and rolls on the ground. However, the men’s assault on the vagrant continues. There were people who watched it in the surroundings, but there was no one who stopped it, as it was a daily spectacle in the slum. The men’s violence finally stops when the vagrant stops moving.

「Good grief. When you see Lawrence´s men, shut up and clear the way or hide」

「That’s right. Nevertheless, it seems that we are unable to get in touch with Stool-san of the 6th branch after we went to Comer City」

「That person had a terrible female habit for a long time. He probably found a woman he likes and went into an inn with her」

「Aaah. If you don’t want to pay money anymore in this slum. I wonder if the central city is better」

「If you get in the way of Lawrence´s men, then you will be in trouble. Even if you don’t panic, if you keep silent, it will end quickly」 fr(e)ewebnov(e)

While chatting with each other, the men were collecting the only nominal bullying charges, such as place bills and bouncer bills, from those who traded in slums. In fact, paying a fee for Lawrence is of no use. No, it might make sense if you think about being subjected to unreasonable harassment and violence if you don’t pay. No one was convinced by the unfair charges, but there was no one to oppose Lawrence. A few years ago, a merchant from Comer City confronted the Finance Minister and Lawrence. However, he escaped within a year. Even earlier, the employees and their families were all murdered and the only surviving daughter was messed up with acid and exposed. Those who live in the royal capital do not know whether the daughter is alive or dead now.

「Yosha. The next place is the last」

When they were about to head to the next stall, a boy bumped into the men.

「Hey! Stupid kid, watch where you go」

「What? You, that outfit, you’re not a slum dweller」

Didn’t the information reach the end of Lawrence´s men? The boy who bumped into them――the men didn’t realize that it was Yuu.

「That’s my line, isn’t it? I´m a big figure and you´re in the way」

「――Ha? ......Haaa!? You, now what. Ooouu!! Say it again!!」

「You stupid brat! Do you know who you are talking to!!」

The men who didn’t expect to be called back started to yell like a fiery fire after being set for a moment. The slum inhabitants are sensitive to dangerous odors. The stalls owners who have been giving money to the men have disappeared and the slum residents are observing the situation from behind the buildings and there are those who look around in a long distance so as not to damage themselves.

「That kid will be killed」

One of the vagrants, who was looking through a hole in the wall, murmured with his mercy at Yuu. It is known that Lawrence´s men kill without hesitation, even if the other person is a child.

「That’s okay」

「What are you talking about? I’ve seen Lawrence´s men killing brats in the middle of playing――who are you」

On the fingers of the acquaintance who came to the vagrant, there was a silver or gold ring that was disproportionate to the slum residents.

「Heehee. Is this it? Well, I’ll tell you later. Look over there. I’m sure something interesting will happen」

The vagrant wanted to ask a question, but it’s certainly not the case right now. When he looked into the hole again, one of the men gazed at Yuu’s forehead with his face so tight that his forehead would stick.

「Stupid brat. Are you imitating an adventurer? Say something!」

「Don’t talk in front of me because of the smell」


The shoulder of the man who tries to hit Yuu is grabbed by his partner and he is pulled away.

「Well, wait. With such a threat, this kid will wet his pants from fright. Remember you killed a beastman kid the other day, because you didn’t like its attitude. Let me do it this time」

With a sickly smile, the man stares at Yuu’s whole body as if he had an bad idea.

「Hey, are you listening? Give it to me――what happened?」

There was no reaction from the man who was threatening Yuu and when the partner looked into that man´s face from the side――

「Uoooooooo!? Fa, face!!!」

There was a oval carved into that man’s face, as if he had scooped his face out with a huge spoon. Blood squirts from the area where the man’s screaming screams and he falls on his knees. To such a terrible scene, the stains on the man’s pants spread quickly. He was incontinent with fear and surprise.

「O, You, killed him!? Ho, How? Do, Do you understand!! Acting like know we´re Lawrence´s men!!」

「I know」

That was the last word the man heard. Like the first man, the man’s head that had eaten Yuu’s back fist had vanished neatly over his neck.

「 That kid, he killed Lawrence´s men. Did he know who they were?」

The vagrant man, who was watching the whole story through the wall hole, trembled with his whole body from excitement and fear.

「I think he knows. Come here for a moment. You’ve got good eyes, aren’t you?You can see it even if it’s from here」

The street different from the place where Yuu was comes into view when following the acquainted vagrant as if he knew this beforehand.

「Hey, take a look」

When the vagrant looked closely, there was a figure of a person lying naked. It’s not unusual. Those who died in the slums are stripped of what is likely to be a gold denomination. As a result, all that remains is a naked body. Yes, it’s an everyday event in the slums. However, there were too many bodies.

「......Five, way, that’s all」

「Hehehe. Yeah, they’re all Lawrence´s men lying there」

「Did that kid really killed so many alone?」

「I was surprised when I first saw it. It wasn’t like a slum and that was because the kid was walking alone. Isn’t it strange for me to say that? Actually, there were a few other people who had the same idea. And then, hi......uhihii. This is a chance to get the corpses from this kid, hiding behind the scenes. I was going to wait. It’s just a blink of an eye, isn’t it? The heads were blown off in such a short time!!」

The man seems to be overwhelmed by his excitement and his words become enthusiastic.

「The kid was aware of me and the other guys too. I thought it wasn’t going to work anymore. Instead of saying that he will take the corpses of Lawrence’s men, he said, "Well, there’s no reason to go against it. I’m so grateful that Lawrence’s men were stripped naked"」

The man raises the ring put on the finger of both hands to show off. Perhaps he was proud of it once more, but when he tried to continue talking,

「Hey! Where is the kid who is picking a fight with Lawrence´s men!」

「Get out of the way!!」

「Garbage is in the way!」

Lawrence´s men were approaching, yelling from afar.

「Lo, Look. It’s Lawrence. That kid will be killed!」

「Hehee. It’s fine. That kid said it himself」

「Are you serious! It’s still a child! We’re scraps that can only live in slums. But we’re not as bad as Lawrence’s men」

「What’s going on? You don’t like Lawrence, do you? You were scolded and beaten up before. You were imitating a dog and eat leftovers from the bottom the day before yesterday. And your friends were killed by fun. That kid is going to kill them」

「You! No matter how strong he is, it’s a kid! I suppose you know that Lawrence´s men are made of former adventurers and mercenaries!!」

The man who was grabbed by the chest scratches his cheek with a bad feeling.

「Let go of me. I know what I’m doing. That’s why I said that. Lawrence has adventurers who don’t just hang around, but also like to kill. Then......what do you think that kid said? He, Hehe. He said, 『It saves trouble』. I laughed unintentionally, about what he said ! Dozens of people are hired to deal with monsters and demons! But now that I know, I’ve been spreading the words and the other guys just opened their mouths」

「Th......That’s stupid. That......there was a guy picking a fight against Lawrence and that guy was a kid......」

The wrath of Lawrence´s men grows larger than the standing vagrants. They may have been in contact with Yuu. However, the yell turns into a scream. And the scream quickly subsides.

「What happened....... It’s quiet now」

「It’s too early to do anything」

When he looked into it from the shadows, dozens of Lawrence men’s corpses lay there, and there was the appearance of Yuu standing in the center without a drop of returning blood.

「It’s over, so you can strip them」

Yuu speaks to the residents of the slums as if nothing had happened. However, the inhabitants of the slums, who would normally be willing to flock, were stuck. The tremors from fear attack their whole bodies and they cant even move a finger.

「Hurry up. When you’re done stripping, bring the next trash」

At the frustrating Yuu’s words, the residents of the slums finally flocked to the corpses as if the time when they were at rest had begun.


「Hey~, it’s tough!」

In the corner of Ponte, the slum, murderous men were playing around to kill time. Suddenly a man rushes over there.

「It has begun」

「What happened?」

「That. I saw a mountain-like giant」

Is that the usual thing? Men do not fight each other and laugh at each other.

「Hey, hey! This time, I’m serious!!」

「You....... Don’t make a lie every time」

「That’s why! This time it’s really serious! It seems there is an idiot who picks a fight with Lawrence´s men」

The eyes of the man who speak with a real expression, are serious. But――


The place was wrapped in a whirlpool of laughter.

「I don’t think there’s anyone in Udon Kingdom that picks a fight in the capital city of Tencassi」

「If you want to boast, just make it a little better」

「Don’t say that. But, a few years ago, C rank and B rank adventurers picked a fight」

「That’s probably because they didn’t know it was Lawrence, but at the beginning they killed about ten people in a vigorous manner, but when they heard Lawrence’s name and saw his men, they would sit down and apologize」

「It was a pity. If it’s just that the people were beaten up it would be fine, but it’s a matter of fact, that their wives and children were raped and sent to the brothels」

「What do you say? Everything happened in front of the adventurer’s eyes, they saw how Lawrence´s men laughed and raped their crying wives and children before taking them to the brothels」

「Was it like that?」

The man who came to bring the report to the men who talked about those who picked a fight with Lawrence the last time breaks into the conversation with frustration.

「That’s why! I’m not boasting, but telling the truth!!!! That’s why I came to inform you!」

The men who were skeptical of the man’s words believe that it wouldn’t be a lie if he becomes so angry.

「It was about an hour ago. Well, there were about thirty people there, but they are probably all dead by now」

A man shrugs his shoulders and laughs.

「What the hell is that!」

「Damn. It was a serious story」

「It wasn’t the time to play here that something interesting was happening. Hey, you think so too, don’t you?」

That was when one of the guys turned around with a nasty smile to a strange scene. Two thick wooden poles are pushed against the ground and wooden beams connect the wooden poles. It has a simple structure, but if you know its role, everyone who saw it can’t help but frown. It was an thing which did not fit in the corner of the slum.

「N, Apart from, keep your promise!」

A beastman boy barks while staring at Lawrence’s men with an expression which seems to be painful. The younger sister’s feet were still on the shoulders of the beastman boy who distorted his face. The little girl has a rope tied around her neck and her hands are tied behind her back, so she cannot move. Without the support of the beastman boy, the rope would soon bite into the girl’s narrow neck, literally tying her neck.

「Oh, I’ll keep my promise. It’s a man’s promise!」

「Hiihi. If you endure this hourglass to fall, your cute, cute little sister will be saved」

Originally, it was a crest that was set up to execute and show off those who disobey Lawrence, but now that there is no one who disobeys Lawrence, it was used as a tool for killing time. The beastman siblings didn’t do anything wrong to Lawrence´s men. However, they have encountered such unreasonable experience with a difficult habit just by looking at them.

「Hikku. Nii-chan......I’m scared~」

「It’s fine! Have a little bit of patience」

I felt like I would die if I slipped from my brother’s shoulder even a little, and the tears and runny nose on my little girl’s face made me tired, and my legs were trembling due to fatigue, and I was about to collapse.

「Hey hey~, do your best, older brother~」

「Kuhaha. That’s right. Your sister’s life hangs on your shoulders」

「What the hell? Older brother’s legs are also trembling. He’s a sloppy guy」

The voices of Lawrence´s men who make fun of him does not reach the ear of the beastman boy. He can’t afford to listen to such voices. Even though he has already reduced to near the limit of his physical strength, he is enduring by focusing on his younger sister. The hourglass on the table has 90% or more of the sand falling, and if he bears a little more, he and his younger sister will be released. The beast boy was staring at the hourglass as if to pray, screaming in his heart that the gradually falling grains of sand shall fall down quickly.


One of the men stumbled and throw the hourglass down on purpose.

「Aaaahhh. Well, we’re in the middle of a match」

「Then we will start from the beginning」

「From the beginning? But will it be fine」

「It’s a pity. Please do your best!」

The man who throw down the hourglass resets again, mocking the beastman boy.

「Do......Don’t be silly!」

「Don’t get angry. I´m sorry, pu, pupu. I think」

「Don’t laugh, Kuhahaa」

「Pupuu. What about you!!」

The beastman boy is physically and mentally exhausted. It’s the same with his younger sister standing on his shoulders, so it’s not amusing if she falls at any time. From now on, the hourglass is reseted and he tried again, but he couldn’t bear it.

「You’re doing something interesting. Let me join in」

In front of the beastman boy who was in despair, a human boy――Yuu stood there before one was aware.

「What is it?」

「Where did you come from? If you didn’t want to be killed because you´re so annoying, quickly――uoo!?」

When Lawrence´s men, who had been disturbed by their fun, tried to get rid of Yuu, Yuu dropped a small cloth bag on the table. Then, gold coins were scattered on the table, with a sound like it didn’t come from that small cloth bag.

「It’s gold coins」

「Is it a noble brat? Or a merchant?」

「Well, I don’t know who he is. This kid said he wanted to join with the bet. It’s up to him to put out such a lot of money. Hey, kid. We’re letting you join the bet and fun」


The men look at each other and smile.

「The rule is simple. It’s just whether or not the kids can endure until the hourglass falls. As you can see, the kids seems to be exhausting. Of course, let’s bet on the unbearable. Oops, don’t tell me you’re quitting now, right? Kuhihii. I don’t want you to leave the stakes」

「Wahahaa. You´re gonna give us a lot of money, so I’m very grateful」

As the men laugh at each other, Yuu approaches the beastman siblings without paying attention.

「You can do it, right?」

「 yes.! I can do it!!」

The beastman boy who has already reached the limit screams loudly to Yuu´s question. As if to inspire himself. But his younger sister cant.

「Uhhh. Ol, Older brother......I´m my limit~」

「Hold on! Nii-chan will do his best too!」

The beastman boy encouraged his crying younger sister, but his sister was already close to the limit. In order for his little sister to have a little bit of easy, the beastman boy tried to move his shoulders in spite of his pain and held his sister’s ankles firmly with his hands to support them. Yuu gently puts his hands on both hands.

「Okay. You can do it」

The beastman boy who wanted to scream, saying that he was selfish, but mysteriously his painful body had become so comfortable as if its a lie. No, on the contrary, his power increases. It seemed that not only himself but also his younger sister, who was supported by his shoulders, felt like to stop crying and wondering about her physical changes.

「It’s cruel to go out of your way to talk to them, even though it’s not funny when they fall. You just wanted to see a dying person, didn’t you? Yes? By Accident? Kuhahaha!!」

「Alright. Let’s start」

One of the men sets the hourglass. Can the men who are convinced of their victory not endure laughter? They had a smile that made the viewer uncomfortable, but their smiles gradually froze.

「L......Lie, what happened?」

「Why haven’t they fallen down yet? It’s strange!」

「Damn it! Fall down quickly!」

The beastman siblings remained calm without losing their posture. As Lawrence´s men screamed, the hourglass had little sand left.

「It’s bad. If they hold on as it is......」

「Don’t be successful」

When the men nod with their eyes, one of the men approaches the table with the hourglass. And――


Yuu’s kick struck into the man’s knee, who was trying to throw down the hourglass as before.

「Ouuucchhh! Ah, my legs, my legs!!!」

「What are you doing!」

「This stupid brat!!」

The men threaten, but no one seems to be attacking Yuu. They couldn’t see how Yuu moved and broke the knees of their companion, so they felt some fear.

「That’s my line. Don’t approach the hourglass during a match」

As Yuu watched, Lawrence’s men couldn’t deal with the beastman siblings and only time passed. Finally, all the sand of the hourglass fell down.

「My win. Get those kids off right away」

No one was against it. The frightened beastman little girl hid behind her brother when she was taken off the gallows.

「Come on, give me the money」

「We don’t have that kind of money......」

The amount Yuu bet was so much that Lawrence’s men couldn’t pay it even though they rule over the slum.

「Get all the money and gold you have」

「Yo, You´re kidding!! We――gyann」

Blood gushes from the complaining man’s nose. He doesn’t even know if he was hit or kicked, but the man holds his nose. Lawrence´s men reluctantly put money and decorations such as rings and bracelets on the table. Then, Yuu grabs the silver and copper coins and hands them to the beastman boy.

「Eh? Wh, Why」

「Your share」

Many times, the beastman boy confirms Yuu’s face and gold alternately, so that the money given by Yu is seen even if it is unbelievable. It was too much money for a beastman boy who had no parents and had a hard time living the day in the slum.

「Woowww! Can we eat with this much?」

「Ye, Yes. We can eat. We can eat a full meal!」


Forgetting that they was dying a while ago, the beastman siblings happily hugs each other. Looking at their figures, Yuu overlays the figures of Hende and Letel siblings from Nameless Kingdom. He hides his mouth with his hand as the angle of his mouth seems to go up unintentionally and he makes a rugged expression.

「You got your share. So leave quickly」

「B, But you. Hey, why you helped us」

「It’s okay, so go quickly」

Even though Yuu drove them away by hand, the beastman siblings left while showing their gratitude many times.

「That’s strange」

「I’m sure you’ve done something dirty with magic or something

「That beastman kid was completely exhausted. Very strange」

「Damn I just bought my ring and necklace」

「I just wanted to renew my bracelet」

Yuu approaches Lawrence’s men who complain.

「Ah, I was healing and strengthening them with magic, but what’s the complaint?」

「Yo, You!!」

「Just as I thought!!」

「Stupid brat!!」

Several men attack Yuu, but when their legs are broken, they scream in pain and fall to the ground.


「Gugaa......a. He, Hehee. This slum is like our garden. We’ll find those beastman kids in no time!」

「That’s right! They’re Not free! We have done this much for Lawrence. You know what’s going to happen――gubee?」

The head of the man who was boasting disappears. Yuu’s left arm extended horizontally. He flew off his nose with a back fist.

「Why do you think I won’t kill you?」

Speaking up indiscriminately, Yuu then kicks again. There is a gap in the chest of another man.

「A, Aahh....... Wait! Waitttt」

「You know what? Your parents and acquaintances are all in a bad place」

「I’m sorry. You can’t play with the beastman kids anymore」

Among Lawrence´s men who were executed by Yuu one after another, only one was kept alive.

「Hey. Hey! I know. You’re not gonna kill me, are you? Yeah, I didn’t go against you. They were cursing, threatening, or even looking at you, so they had to die」

「Do you not know why I don’t kill you?」

「He? Isn’t it because I didn’t go against you?」

「Do you remember Mago´s shop?」

「Mago´s shop? I don’t know」

「Don’t you remember that you killed an employee there?」

「I don’t really know! I don’t remember each person I killed! Hey, believe me!!」

「There were traces of a woman being raped and a man being relentlessly hurt」

「Please. I´m sorry. I’ll reflect on it! I won’t do anything wrong!!! Is it okay? I just apologize. Please forgive me~」

Yuu shook his head and steps on the man who tries to lick Yuu’s shoes.

「No, I can’t. Did you think trash like you would die easily?」

You can see that Yuu is moving, but you can’t tell what the man whose head is pressed down is doing.

「Torcher, it’s a new toy. You can love it as much as you like, but don’t break it」

At the back of the gate created by Yuu with space time magic, Torcher raises his hand and protests that he is out of mind. His hand was holding a favorite hook. The hook is pierced into the man’s orbit, and Torcher pulls him to himself with all his power.

「Gyaa! Do, Don’t do it!! Hiii. Someone help me!!」

Where is such power in this delicate body? The man is laid down without resisting the power of Torcher.

「Keep these corpses alive, because they will be revived later by undead magic」

Yuu throws away the corpses of Lawrence´s men who he killed earlier. With such words from Yuu, Torcher hits his chest. Today’s Torcher has been in good mood for a long time. After all, Yuu gave him dozens of new toys just for today. Besides, it’s no wonder that Torcher is pleased with the fact that there are still more toys in Yuu’s story.


「I’ve been waiting」

Balue was unable to control his excitement when he was informed that he had obtained the long-awaited item in a room in his mansion.

「Thank you very much」

François, a civil official who serves Balue, gives the item to Balue without giving emotions contrary to the words.

「This is it」

「Yes. It’s the timeless item pouch」

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