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Chapter 414 (end)
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Chapter 414: Weiwei’s Past (2)

Weiwei’s grandmother passed away during the summer vacation that followed. His father and mother decided to return to the countryside to take care of her funeral. Ever since he was a baby, his fortune was never compatible with his grandmother’s, so he’d never received any affection from her. Now, after she’d passed away, he still wasn’t allowed to go back to visit her one last time. Left with no other choice, he was placed in his neighbour’s care for the time being.

If Weiwei could go back in time, he’d definitely have chosen to live on his own instead! That way, he wouldn’t have found out about Wei Heping’s improper thoughts towards him, and it also wouldn’t have given rise to the years of regret that followed.

One night, when he was on the way to the toilet, Weiwei heard something coming from Wei Heping’s room. Curious, he snuck over and eavesdropped. When it came to certain things, boys his age knew a lot more than the adults thought they did. Weiwei immediately knew what Wei Heping was doing from sound alone. Just as Weiwei was thinking to himself about how even someone like Wei Heping would do such a thing, he suddenly heard Wei Heping cry out his name, and a strange panting that followed afterward before the room fell silent.

At that moment, Weiwei felt his scalp go numb.

The next day, Weiwei was kicking up a fuss about wanting to go home at first light. He refused to change his mind no matter what Wei Heping’s parents said. In the end, the sight of Wei Heping standing by the door and giving him a meaningful look scared him so much that he ran home without even bothering to take his luggage.

From that point onwards, he started avoiding Wei Heping. The distance between them grew, and they didn’t even contact one another anymore.

During the opening ceremony after he advanced to his third year in middle school, Weiwei suddenly heard that the all-star from the high school division, Wei Heping, had gotten into a fight outside of school and received several stab wounds from a knife. He was now lying in hospital and had also received a huge demerit for it. There was a good chance that he wouldn’t even be able to attend his university exams.

At the time, Weiwei was shocked when he learned of the news, but he didn’t dwell on it. All he thought was that Wei Heping had no relation with him anymore, so he didn’t bother about it. Later that day, he saw a moving van outside his neighbour’s house when he got home. When he asked his parents about it, he found out that Wei Heping had gotten mixed up in something really bad, and the whole family had no choice but to move back to their ancestral home. Otherwise, he might not even be able to finish high school, let alone get into a university.

When his mother told him to say his farewells to Wei Heping, he argued with her and refused to go. Just as he was about to enter the house, he glimpsed Wei Heping standing on the balcony with his gaze fixed on Weiwei. Weiwei rushed into his house in a panic and locked himself in his room.

When Wei Heping had completely removed himself from Weiwei’s life, it felt like he’d never even been there in the first place. At first, his parents were always reminiscing about him, but they stopped bringing him up not long after.

Weiwei followed a normal progression path, and moved on to high school after graduating from junior high school. Ironically, Fanghe, who’d bullied him in the past, attended the same high school as him and was even his deskmate.

He later learned of something he should never have found out about from Hefang.

"Weiwei, do you still keep in contact with that bro of yours? If you do, could you help me apologise to him? I went too far in the past and I’d like to apologise for it," said Fanghe. free webno vel

Fanghe said that he’d always harboured resentment towards Wei Heping after he beat him up. But, since he wasn’t strong enough to take Wei Heping down, all he could do was swallow his dissatisfaction and occasionally curse at Wei Heping and Weiwei when he was playing around outside. There was one time when he was hanging out with a particularly fearsome hoodlum and he was cursing both Weiwei and Wei Heping as they played around. The hoodlum himself was gay, and he maliciously suggested how Wei Heping and Weiwei might be together in a relationship. They happened to run into Wei Heping as the group was laughing their heads off, and a fight ensued.

Wei Heping beat the hoodlum to a pulp, but he’d received two stab wounds in turn. Fanghe was scared stiff, and remained frozen on the spot till a passerby saw the scene and dialed an ambulance for Wei Heping.

Weiwei didn’t react at the time, but he bawled his eyes out when he returned home. It felt as if his heart was about to explode. His mother remained outside his room by the door, not knowing what happened, but refusing to enter.

Weiwei changed after this incident. He was no longer the meek boy he was before. Now, he actually hit back when someone bullied him, and redoubled his efforts in his studies. In the end, he surprisingly managed to make it into an unexpected university.

It was the one that Wei Heping said he wanted to get into the most.

After entering university, Weiwei joined a club and made many friends. He even started playing games with his dorm mates, and met a girl he liked in-game.

She was a very cute girl. She was slightly plump, but she had the most adorable smile. She liked radio dramas, and for the sake of sharing a common interest, he started participating in web dubbing circles. That was when he got to know the 2D web dubbing star, Vv, that she was so infatuated with.

Vv, Weiwei, two very similar-sounding names.

At the time, he mused about how this Vv might be his long lost godbrother. Vv’s voice sounded very familiar, and he was sure he’d heard it somewhere before.

Later on, he heard that Vv was holding an offline event right beside his school. For the sake of getting an autograph for the girl he liked, he woke up at the crack of dawn and ran over to queue up. The girl in front of him received an autograph and Vv looked up to thank her. Upon locking eyes with Weiwei, they froze.

It was Wei Heping.

Weiwei brain suddenly drew a blank. All other sounds around him faded into nothingness, and the person in front of him started to become blurry.

He saw the man’s thin lips open and close, and he heard a very familiar voice escape from the man’s mouth.

"Weiwei, long time no see. Have you been well?"

At that moment, Weiwei broke into tears.

Epilogue: The God, Vv, had once again been reunited with Weiwei. Old flames die hard, and Vv’s desire was once again rekindled. However, it was not meant to be. Weiwei was straight, and he refused to bend the other way, even if he was beaten to death. In fact, this caused him to spend even more time in-game with that girl he liked as they beat monsters, leveled up, and deepened their relationship. Vv, in a fit of rage, decided to step out into the limelight and start cosplaying. His goal was simple: he refused to believe that the girl Weiwei liked would continue to like him after she saw Vv! And, once she rejected Weiwei, he would be there to slip in through the cracks!

In addition, by using his relationship as Weiwei’s brother, he invaded all aspects of Weiwei’s life.

I’m going to force you to get used to having me around so that you never leave me again!

Although Weiwei felt stifled by this, it also warmed his heart a little.

No, I’m straight! I Like girls!

Weiwei would always tell himself that whenever he felt himself faltering. This was why he continued to stay by the girl’s side like an infatuated puppy even after he was rejected by her.

Upon seeing this, Vv sighed. It looked like his road of romance was going to be a long one.

Feeling helpless, Vv set aside his improper thoughts and decided to leave the cosplaying circle so he could focus on chasing after his ’wife’.

Never fear! With enough effort, even a straight man can become a bride!

--- THE END - --

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