They Said I'm Mr. Gu's Scandalous Affair

Chapter 82 - 82: You Need to Pay
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Chapter 82: You Need to Pay

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Are you mocking me?” fr eeweb novel

Meng Nianyao burst out laughing. “I’m not. I thought you were an all-rounder.

1 didn’t expect there to be things that President Gu couldn’t do well.”

Gu Wencheng snorted and lowered his head to kiss Meng Nianyao’s lips. His kiss was as overbearing as ever. Meng Nianyao was out of breath by the end and hit his back in protest.

Gu Wencheng bit her lip and reluctantly retreated. “If you order me around again, you’ll have to pay me. “His voice was a little low and hoarse, and the hair on his forehead was a little long. When he lowered his head, it blocked some of his eyes. It was a completely different gaze from when he was in the study just now.

Meng Nianyao snorted. “Why should I pay you for doing housework? Do you believe that 1’11 complain to Grandma?”

Gu Wencheng smiled and gave Meng Nianyao a thumbs-up. “Great. Then complain all you want.”

Meng Nianyao looked at him with a face that said, “What, you think 1 only know how to complain?” Gu Wencheng felt that he had really married a baby and nodded with a smile. “Okay, you can tell Grandma. No matter how you tell her, 1 will still collect the payment when it is time. Or you can tell Grandma that the payment is for my work?”

Meng Nianyao was speechless. She was completely defeated by his shamelessness!

After Gu Wencheng went to the company, Meng Nianyao informed Sister Wang and was ready to go out. Sis Wang wiped her hands and came out of the bathroom. Do you want me to go with you?” fr(e)ewebnov(e)

Meng Nianyao shook her head. “No need. Don’t worry, Sis Wang. I’m just going out for a while. I’ll be fine. “As she spoke, she walked to the entrance and started changing her shoes.

Sis Wang looked troubled.

Unexpectedly, the moment Meng Nianyao changed her shoes and opened the door, she saw Ping Yang standing outside. He was about to knock when he saw Meng Nianyao. He was shocked. “Madam, how did you know 1 was coming?”

Meng Nianyao was speechless. She adjusted her expression and asked, “Didn’t Gu Wencheng just leave? Did he leave something behind?”

“The boss asked me to give you this information.”

“What is it?”

” I’ve already found out who sent the two packages. The boss said to give these two documents to you.”

Meng Nianyao opened the document. Just as she had guessed, the two packages were sent anonymously by Wang Shulan. Meng Haotian had been sentenced to twenty years in prison, and Wang Shulan felt that Meng Nianyao was the one who had caused it, so she pushed all the blame onto her. She wanted to take revenge on her, but she couldn’t bear to sacrifice her own life, so she could only make some insignificant threats. Wang Shulan was going to post those photos online to ruin Meng Nianyao’s reputation. However, when she visited Meng Haotian in prison, Meng Haotian made her threaten Meng Nianyao to get him out of prison.

Gu Wencheng had asked Ping Yang to investigate this matter the last time the horrible delivery was received. He originally didn’t want Meng Nianyao to come into contact with the people from her past, but he didn’t do it well, and Meng Nianyao was hurt again.

There was no need for Meng Nianyao to go to the police station anymore. She returned the document to Ping Yang. “Go and report the case.”

In the blink of an eye, three days later, it was time to go to work.

Yesterday, Gu Wencheng had been ruthless; Meng Nianyao rested in bed for a while before she dragged her sore legs out of bed.

Gu Wencheng came out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. He saw Meng Nianyao dragging her legs and slowly moving towards the bathroom, so he couldn’t help but go over and pick her up. “If you are not feeling well, you can rest at home for a day. This is your exclusive privilege as Mrs. Gu.”

Meng Nianyao couldn’t take it anymore and punched him. “It’s your fault!”

“Yes, it’s all my fault. Of course, I also blame you for being so delicious that 1 couldn’t control myself.”

Meng Nianyao was speechless. Her poker face had not been trained yet, so she was not as thick-skinned as Gu Wencheng. Seeing that Gu Wencheng was about to put her back on the bed, she quickly said, “No, I have to go to work. Take me to the bathroom to wash up.”

Gu Wencheng stopped in his tracks. “Okay, then sit on the bed for a while to relax. I’ll go fill up the bathtub for you. A hot bath should help.”

Meng Nianyao was speechless.

After dinner, Meng Nianyao took Gu Wencheng’s car to work. Now, the whole company was saying that she was Gu Wencheng’s lover. Her relationship with him was unclear, so she didn’t let him drop her at the intersection. Instead, she asked him to send her to the door while he drove to the underground parking lot..

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