They Said I'm Mr. Gu's Scandalous Affair

Chapter 57 - 57: No Need, I’ll Do It Myself
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Chapter 57: No Need, I’ll Do It Myself

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Meng Nianyao snorted.

It was then that Uncle Nan came to call them for dinner. When he saw Meng Nianyao being carried by Gu Wencheng, he thought something had happened to her, so he quickly asked, “What’s going on?”

Meng Nianyao was very embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer. She simply decided to let Gu Wencheng answer in her stead.

Gu Wencheng saw through her thoughts and smiled.”It’s nothing. The shoes don’t fit her well.”

Grandma Gu heard the noise from inside and came out. “Then come in quickly and change your shoes.”

“Grandma, I’m fine.” With so many people watching, Meng Nianyao couldn’t pretend to be deaf and dumb. She patted Gu Wencheng’s shoulder and asked him to put her down. Gu Wencheng didn’t move but walked to the living room and placed her on the sofa.

“Quick, take off your shoes and let’s have a look.” Grandma Gu instructed from the side.

Gu Wencheng nodded and squatted down.

“No need, I’ll do it myself…” Meng Nianyao quickly retracted her leg. Her rejection was a little intense to the point where Grandma Gu seemed to notice something, but Gu Wencheng’s actions were normal. He knelt on one leg, holding her ankle with one hand and taking off her shoes with the other.

The situation was more serious than she had imagined. The skin on her toes was torn and stained with blood, and the heel was also torn. The wounds on both feet looked quite serious, but Meng Nianyao didn’t think so. A band-aid would be enough for such a small wound.

She smiled at Grandma Gu and said, “It’s okay, Grandma. It’s fine.”

“How is it okay?” Grandma Gu’s face was full of heartache. If you’re not feeling well, tell me, you silly child.”

Meng Nianyao felt a warmth in her heart and smiled.”I’m really fine, Grandma. This wound will heal by tomorrow, and I don’t feel much pain.”

Gu Wencheng didn’t look at Meng Nianyao. His eyebrows were furrowed and his voice was much deeper than before. “Uncle Nan, bring the first aid kit over.”

Uncle Nan had already gone to get it without needing to be asked. He opened the first aid kit and handed it to Gu Wencheng, who disinfected the wound with disinfectant and then applied some ointment to the wound. After he finished, the food in the kitchen just happened to be ready..

Grandma Gu asked the servant to bring a new pair of slippers for Meng Nianyao before going to eat. Meng Nianyao was about to get up and walk over when Gu Wencheng picked her up.

Meng Nianyao was speechless. “I can walk on my own.”

Before Gu Wencheng could speak, Grandma Gu spoke in disapproval. “How can you walk with your feet like this? Just let him carry you.”

Meng Nianyao was speechless.

The dinner was sumptuous—the chef at the old mansion cooked very well. There were even a few dishes that suited Meng Nianyao’s tastes. After dinner, Grandpa Gu called Gu Wencheng to the study upstairs while Meng Nianyao and Grandma Gu stayed in the living room.

Because she had eaten a lot that night, Grandma Gu asked the servants to make fruit tea. After a while, the living room was filled with the sweet fragrance of fruit tea.

Meng Nianyao took a sip of the tea. It was sweet, sour and refreshing. She smiled and said, “It’s so delicious.”

Grandma Gu saw Meng Nianyao drinking happily and smiled. “It’s fine as long as you like it. If you want to drink it, come over. Your grandfather doesn’t like this kind of sweet and sour taste.”

Meng Nianyao smiled and nodded.

Grandma Gu took a sip of fruit tea and suddenly said, “Nianyao, Grandma wants to ask you a few questions.”

Meng Nianyao was stunned. She put down her teacup. (f)reewe(b)novel

Seeing how serious she was, Grandma Gu smiled and patted her hand. “Don’t be nervous. I just wanted to ask you if Wencheng didn’t treat you well or if he did something that made you unhappy.”

Meng Nianyao was stunned for a moment before she realized that Grandma Gu must have noticed something when she was treating her wound. Her resistance was too obvious.

“No, Grandma, we…” Meng Nianyao didn’t know what Gu Wencheng had told them. Judging from Grandma Gu’s attitude, she probably thought that they were in a relationship. Without communicating with Gu Wencheng in advance, she couldn’t bluntly tell Grandma Gu about their relationship. After thinking for a moment, she could only say, “Gu Wencheng is fine. It’s my own problem.” “You don’t like Wencheng?” Grandma Gu asked. Or do you not like him that much?”

This question was too straightforward and Meng Nianyao really didn’t know how to answer it. She felt that the word “like” shouldn’t appear in a context between her and Gu Wencheng.

Just as Meng Nianyao was thinking about how to speak, Gu Wencheng came downstairs and asked with a smile, “What are you two talking about?”

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