They Said I'm Mr. Gu's Scandalous Affair

Chapter 18: Have a Drink with Chief Zhang
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Chapter 18: Have a Drink with Chief Zhang

"Why are you in my room?" Meng Nianyao frowned.

Gu Wencheng slowly stubbed out his cigarette. He wasn't wearing a coat, and his white shirt outlined his chest and abdominal muscles. "Do you need me to remind you, Mrs. Gu, this is our room."

Meng Nianyao looked at him expressionlessly. Gu Wencheng smiled again. "Mrs. Gu, when Ping Yang is checking in, you should be by her side."

Meng Nianyao was speechless. She picked up the bedside phone and called the front desk. "Hello, please help me…" Before she could finish, Gu Wencheng took the phone away and hung up. freew

"Mrs. Gu, should I remind you of your identity again? Living with me is also one of the things you have to slowly accept."

Meng Nianyao pursed her lips and didn't retort. She was traumatized. She was now Mrs. Gu, so sharing a bed was her duty as husband and wife, but… She glanced at Gu Wencheng's injured leg and smiled. "President Gu, you should take a look at your own condition. People with a disability shouldn't think about such nonsense." After saying that, she got out of bed and walked straight to the bathroom.

Gu Wencheng sat on a chair on the balcony for a long time before his lips curled up slightly.

Meng Nianyao took a hot shower and changed her clothes. When she came out, she felt much more refreshed.

"Clean up and go out for dinner."

Meng Nianyao responded and took her coat. She saw the wheelchair next to her and, although she was very reluctant, she pushed the wheelchair over and helped Gu Wencheng sit in it.

Ping Yang was already waiting outside the room. The restaurant was upstairs, and there weren't many people at this time. Meng Nianyao didn't want to sit face to face with Gu Wencheng, so she got up and said she needed to go to the bathroom. This hotel was quite famous, and the restaurant's decoration style was also unique. Meng Nianyao studied interior design, so she was more curious about the restaurant's decoration. After going to the bathroom, she walked around.

After about ten minutes, Meng Nianyao was about to return to the restaurant when she suddenly heard someone call her, "Nianyao…"

Meng Nianyao turned around and saw Meng Haotian walking over in his disguise. "Nianyao, why are you here? Did he come alone? Coincidentally, I'm having dinner here with a friend. Let's go together." He reached out to pull Meng Nianyao.

Meng Nianyao felt disgusted at the sight of him. She took a step back and avoided Meng Haotian's outstretched hand. "Meng Haotian, watch your hand. Don't touch me!"

The waiters around them heard their conversation and looked over. Meng Haotian was embarrassed and wanted to slap Meng Nianyao, but he remembered the customer in the private room and restrained his temper. "Nianyao, don't throw a tantrum at me…"

Meng Nianyao looked at him in disgust and turned to leave. However, she didn't expect Meng Haotian to take advantage of her turning around to suppress her arm and pull her into his embrace. He covered his mouth and said, "Honey, I was really wrong. Don't be angry, okay? I've prepared a surprise for you. Why don't you come with me to take a look?" With that, he dragged Meng Nianyao to the private room.

When the surrounding waiters heard this, they thought that it was a young couple quarreling and all moved away.

Meng Nianyao was forcefully brought into the private room by Meng Haotian.

When they reached the private room, Meng Haotian released Meng Nianyao and introduced her to the people in the room. "Director Zhang, this is my wife. I'll get her to toast you..." Then, he warned Meng Nianyao in a low voice, "I advise you to be sensible, or I'll kill you!"

The moment Meng Nianyao regained her freedom, she slapped Meng Haotian. "Kill me? Meng Haotian, don't you think too highly of yourself?"

Meng Haotian covered his face. "As soon as he finished speaking, he grabbed Meng Nianyao's hair and slashed it at her neck!

Meng Nianyao's consciousness sank into darkness.

From the beginning to the end, Director Zhang sat on the chair and watched Meng Haotian and Meng Nianyao. From the moment Meng Nianyao came in, his eyes were glued to her. He was a lecher, but he was a lecher in human skin.

"What is CEO Meng doing?" Director Zhang pretended to be surprised and said, "How did you…" It's not good to knock him out like this, right?"

"There's nothing bad about it." Meng Haotian placed Meng Nianyao on the chair next to Director Zhang. "This wife of mine, just because she's pretty, she's always going against me. I gave her face but she didn't want it. I asked her to have a drink with you, and she even refused. Who does she think she is?"

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