The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Chapter 801 - Riding The Bastard To Sea
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Chapter 801 - Riding The Bastard To Sea

"I wouldn’t command a turtle for nothing! If a turtle escorts me ashore, I have a lot of healing pills in my storage ring that I can give when the time comes," Yun Chujiu said.

When the Giant Tsunami Turtle heard this, its eyes lit up. Although there were some hemostatic herbs growing on the bottom of the sea, the effect was not very good. It heard that the pills refined by human cultivators were very effective, so it might as well go with the flow and agree to escort the little girl. It would not only stop her blabbering, but it also stands to get some medicine that can stop bleeding.

When the Giant Tsunami Turtle thought of that, it howled at Yun Chujiu a few times, indicating that it agreed to escort her to land.

Yun Chujiu immediately beamed with joy. "Don’t worry, Master Godly Turtle. I won’t mistreat you! In order to show my sincerity, I’ll first give you a super-grade blood coagulation pill so you can have a look at its quality."

Yun Chujiu tossed a super-grade blood clotting pill to the Giant Tsunami Turtle. The turtle sniffed it and immediately smelled a strong medicinal fragrance.. The fragrance was different from those from undersea herbs, so it was very satisfied.

When a demonic beast reached a certain level, it would evolve and develop a storage space of a certain size. The Giant Tsunami Turtle kept the blood clotting pill and nodded at Yun Chujiu, indicating that they could set off.

"Master Godly Turtle, wait a moment! Those damn crabs tormented me last night. Let me go and harvest all the ripe coconuts so I can infuriate them to death!"

After saying that, Yun Chujiu hopped into the dense forest.

The Giant Tsunami Turtle’s face was stiff. ’It sounded nice, but she wants to anger the crabs to death? I think you want to eat it!’

Yun Chujiu brought the Flaming Three Tailed Fox king, and kept the ripe coconuts into her storage ring. She then looked at the few crabs on the ground that were not burnt. She blinked her eyes. It was said that the taste of these things was very delicious and could not be wasted. Therefore, she kept the few Azure Giant Pincer Crabs that were not burnt into the storage ring.

Yun Chujiu struggled for a while before she hopped out. "Master Godly Turtle, the coconut juice is really good. Come! Have a taste!"

Yun Chujiu threw a few large coconuts at the Giant Tsunami Turtle. It had never eaten them before. It imitated Yun Chujiu and made a hole in it, then it drank the juice inside. It was really tasty.

However, these coconuts were too small for the Giant Tsunami Turtle. After eating a few of them, the Giant Tsunami Turtle lost interest. It urged Yun Chujiu to leave quickly. It could not wait to catch fish to eat.

Yun Chujiu climbed onto the back of the Giant Tsunami Turtle with a smile—she was happy. This was the solution to the big problem. She did not need to row the raft and had a capable bodyguard. It was a great deal.

Yun Chujiu was obviously thinking too simply!

After the Giant Tsunami Turtle swam to the deep sea area, it dove into the water and began to hunt some low-level sea creatures.

Yun Chujiu was lying on the back of the turtle happily. She fell into the sea with a plop. She was so angry that she cursed in her heart. ’Damn it! It’s indeed a Big Bastard! Diving just like that. Did you consider the feelings of the passengers on your back?’

Yun Chujiu had no choice but to follow behind the Giant Tsunami Turtle sadly. As she watched the huge creature start to eat crazily, those low-level sea creatures were considered unlucky. Some of them were swallowed by the Giant Tsunami Turtle before they could even react.

Yun Chujiu watched and felt a little curious. She wanted to test if her Little Jiu Thunderbolt would work well in the sea, so she picked a Tier Three Red-spotted Swordfish and struck it with lightning!

After the strike, both the low-level sea creatures and the Giant Tsunami Turtle were dumbfounded!

Even Yun Chujiu herself was shocked!

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