The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

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Extra 15

Elder Sun dragged Elder Yu off and walked far away. Seeing no one around, he stopped and said with an excited expression: “I understand now!”

Elder Yu didn’t quite get it and asked: “What do you mean?”

Elder Sun said: “Did you see that attendant just now?”

Elder Yu: “Of course I saw.”

Elder Sun: “Don’t you think he looks like a certain righteous swordsman?”

Stunned briefly, Elder Yun was enlightened: “So it’s like that!”

Elder Sun: “No wonder the Sect Leader had no interest in the people we sent him. It was actually because we approached it from a wrong direction all along.”

Elder Yu: “No matter. Understanding now is still not too late!”

Elder Sun nodded: “I will immediately send people to find this kind of beauty!”

Elder Yu excitedly clasped Elder Sun’s hand: “Victory depends on this one move. Thank you for your contribution!”

Elder Sun also squeezed back excitedly.

“Don’t worry!” He said: “The position of the Sect Leader’s settled!”

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