The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

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Wei Qi was still present, so Ji Han couldn’t help but feel shy, and blushed with embarrassment. He hurriedly avoided his gaze and, and said: “Whatever you want.”

Although he had said whatever, in his heart, he was very happy. Simultaneously, he said: “Since you want to stay here, you’ll eventually need an identity.”

All the people of Jianghu knew Zhao Jiangui was still supposed to be receiving punishment at his school. Moreover, these two people were on opposing sides. It truly wasn’t appropriate for Zhao Jiangui to openly use his own identity while staying in the Demon Sect.

Zhao Jiangui then asked: “Then what should I do?”

Just as Ji Han was about to reply, the head maidservant had already knocked on the door, saying: “Sect Leader, it’s time.”

After Ji Han became the sect leader, he replaced the old hall masters and elders with new people, thinking that this way he could support himself with trusted subordinates. Today he had an appointment with a few notable hall masters, but when Zhao Jiangui came, he almost completely forgot about it.

Ji Han looked at Wei Qi and said: “This matter will be handed over to you and Hua Hufa to prepare.”

Wei Qi nodded in agreement. Ji Han first turned toward Zhao Jiangui to bid a temporary goodbye, and then he and the head maidservant left the room.

Wei Qi then took Zhao Jiangui to stay at the Eagle Hall; at the same time he continued saying: “If Zhao Daxia wants to stay by Sect Leader’s side to protect him, then you won’t want to leave Sect Leader’s side whether it be day or night. I’ve thought it over, and there are only these few identities that would be able to suit Zhao Daxia.”

Zhao Jiangui asked: “What?”

“Either Sect Leader’s impassable guard, attendant,” Wei Qi held up his finger, “or his male lover.”

Zhao Jiangui: “…”

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