The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

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Ji Han ordered the head maidservant to stand outside the door. At the same time, he dragged Zhao Jiangui and Wei Qi inside to talk.

He was in such a good mood that he walked with lively steps, and he even actively made tea for the two. Wei Qi was overwhelmed by his attention, and even Zhao Jiangui felt amazed.

“I was just about to write you a letter,” Ji Han said, “and then just by chance, you’re here.”

He gradually controlled his appearance, and then discussed the current situation with Zhao Jiangui.

So much time had passed, and yet the Hanya assassins were still being guarded in the Demon Sect’s prison. Before, Wen Zhanglao’s interrogation yielded no results, so after Ji Han returned, he switched with Wei Qi to investigate the matter. The Demon Sect’s punishment was severe, and only a small number of people could survive it; Shi Ge and Xu Jingying were no exception.

These two people quickly confessed everything they knew, but unfortunately, the Hanya only communicated one-way, so they just took the money for the job, and didn’t know much information. They were afraid to say that only the head of the Hanya Organization would know the identity of the employer behind the scenes.

However, in Jianghu, the identity of the head of the Hanya still remained unknown.

Zhao Jiangui still hid what his old mengzhu kept from Sect Leader Ji Han. He told Ji Han about the remaining speculations. He frowned, and with rapt attention, said: “If this is really the case, then they will definitely come to try to kill you again.”

Ji Han nodded: “I know.”

Zhao Jiangui: “You’ll be in a lot of danger.”

Ji Han: “I’ve already made preparations to face their attack head on.”

He really had prepared completely; these days the Demon Sect had increased their patrol and guard, and the Hanya’s three experts were being held in the Demon Sect, so Ji Han wasn’t at all worried about being in danger.

However, when he finished saying these words, he felt even more that Zhao Jiangui appeared to be slightly displeased. He couldn’t help but frown as he asked: “What’s wrong?”

Zhao Jiangui said: “I’m worried.”

This startled Ji Han.

Zhao Jiangui: “I will remain by your side.”

Ji Han: “…”

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