The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

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Zhao Jiangui left Lunjian Summit, dressed up in a disguise, and traveled as fast as possible by horse to the Demon Sect.

He didn’t inform Ji Han in advance that he was going to the Demon Sect, and actually thought that it would be a nice surprise for Ji Han. But he never thought that just as he had sneaked into the bottom of the mountain of the Demon Sect, he ran into Wei Qi and Yu Xian’er head on.

Zhao Jiangui had meticulously disguised himself, and originally thought that the two wouldn’t be able to recognize him, so he hastily tried to go around them. Who would’ve thought that Yu Xian’er had such good eyes, and felt that he was extremely familiar-looking. He latched onto Zhao Jiangui and asked: “Have I seen you somewhere?”

Zhao Jiangui didn’t even have the chance to deny it when Wei Qi, who couldn’t help but smile, said to Yu Xian’er in a quiet voice: “Xian’er, just a few days ago Sect Leader had just been reminiscing about Zhao–”

Sure enough, Zhao Jiangui’s interest was piqued. He quickly grabbed his hand and said, “Wei-tangzhu,1 you said your sect leader…”

Wei Qi laughed. “Indeed, it really is you, Zhao Daxia.”


Zhao Jiangui followed Wei Qi up the mountain, simultaneously inquiring about the circumstances of the Demon Sect these past few days.

They still had not obtained any other clues from the two Hanya assassins, and still hadn’t found Wen Zhanglao. Moreover, after the two Hanya assassins had been caught, there had been several times in which people came in to test their guards. Perhaps, the person behind the scenes wanted to make an attack on Ji Han again.

After saying so, Wei Qi paused, and suddenly smiled, whispering: “No wonder Sect Leader wasn’t worried about any oversight in the defenses. It turns out, he already knew that Zhao Daxia was coming here.”

Zhao Jiangui explained: “I actually hadn’t told Ji Han before…”

Wei Qi nodded. “Then the mind and heart are connected.”

Zhao Jiangui knew that Wei Qi was intentionally poking fun at him, so he didn’t bother saying more. It’s just that in his heart, he was a little embarrassed. Wei Qi knew that he had disguised himself up until now because he didn’t want other people to know his identity. So Wei Qi randomly made up an excuse to the guards within the sect, not revealing his true identity, and brought him into the center of the sect.

Today, Ji Han was busy with official business and was in the study room handling the sect’s correspondence and documents. The head maidservant was waiting upon him at his side. Wei Qi asked her to notify the sect leader on behalf of him, but the head maidservant was in somewhat of a tough position. She said: “Just now, Sect Leader instructed me to not let anyone bother him.”

Wei Qi shook her arm, and mumbled to her in a low voice: “Just say that Zhao Daxia is here.”

The head maidservant was stunned, and questioned, unconvinced: “Zhao Daxia? Where?”

The door of the study room opened with a bang.

Ji Han, with one hand holding a document and the other holding a writing brush that had been fully dipped in concentrated ink, stretched out and looked, asking, “Zhao Jiangui is here? Where is he?”

A laugh escaped Wei Qi’s mouth, and Ji Han couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. He lightly coughed and said, “I got annoyed looking at these documents, so I just wanted to come out and take a look.”

Just as his voice fell, a drop of ink from the writing brush in his hand dripped onto the front of his robe. Obviously, he wasn’t just “taking a look” like he said, and clearly only ran out here because he had heard Zhao Jiangui’s name.

In his heart, Zhao Jiangui was very happy, and couldn’t help the corner of his mouth from moving slightly. Right after smiling, Ji Han unexpectedly glanced at him coldly. “Who are you, what are you smiling at!”

Zhao Jiangui said: “I…”

Ji Han paused. He was both shocked and delighted, saying with amazement: “Zhao Jiangui?”

1. [堂主 - Hall master/leader.]

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