The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 39
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Chapter 39

It's approaching zi hours,* and Ji Han has just returned from his study.

Zhao Jiangui is almost getting impatient already.

His sword isn't by his side, people are not allowed to do as they please and wear a sword when entering the Sect Leader's room, last night when Xiao Lin dragged him into this room, his sword had already been removed, put away in his own room.

Xiao Lin had just gone to fetch his sword, but he doesn't know why, until now he still hasn't returned.

Ji Han sees him, appearing extremely surprised.

Ji Han asks, "Why have you still not gone."

He finishes speaking this sentence, he suddenly regrets it after.

Zhao Jiangui certainly will use strange speech to reply to him.

Why did he have to drink last night!

Zhao Jiangui asks in reply to him, "Why do I have to go."

Ji Han doesn't want to speak.

He opens the door, calls the head maidservant outside the door to come in.

"Send him back." Ji Han says, "I need rest."

Zhao Jiangui says, "I won't go."

He's somewhat nervous, Xiao Lin had just told him, if Ji Han certainly wants him to go, he should immediately throw himself at him, rigidly clinging onto Ji Han's waist.

This way Ji Han doesn't have a method to drive him out the door.

Ji Han looks at him with a frown.

Zhao Jiangui already plans an opening to face hugging Ji Han's waist.

There is suddenly a scream outside the door.

Zhao Jiangui immediately stands up alert.

Zi hours have already arrived, Hanya cries out.


*11pm-1am (in the two-hour time division system)

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