The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 38
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Chapter 38

Ji Han leaves, the maidservants are once again outside the door awaiting orders, Zhao Jiangui remains inside the room alone.

He puts down the bowl and chopsticks. He temporarily doesn't know if he wants to return to his room and rest or continue to stay waiting in this place.

Earlier he had walked around Ji Han's room quite a few times, the portrait at the head of Ji Han's bed has probably already been take down, he hasn't ever seen it at all.

A moment passes, Xiao Lin stealthily slips back again.

"Zhao Daxia." Xiao Lin very carefully calls out, "Jiaozhu is busy with official business, I'm afraid he won't return very early."

Zhao Jiangui nods his head.

Xiao Lin, "I fear Zhao Daxia feels wronged as you must once again must wait a while longer."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

Zhao Jiangui, "I can't go back?"

Xiao Lin says, "Of course you can't!"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

Xiao Lin, "Circumstances now are great! It's only right we should pursue the retreating enemy and capture Jiaozhu in one go! How can we so easily give up!"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

Xiao Lin excitedly chokes on his spit, seems to carefully think a bit, mumbles to Zhao Jiangui, "Zhao Daxia, there is a matter...I still need to discuss with you."

Zhao Jiangui asks, "What is it?"

Xiao Lin says, "I just received news from Mengzhu, in the alliance they intercepted Hanya's* secret report, they've received a huge amount of money, tonight, they've been requested to assassinate Jiaozhu."

Zhao Jiangui is stunned.

Hanya is Jianghu's notorious assassin organization, no matter right or wrong both paths are unwilling to associate with them, their abilities are extremely horrible, the pupils are three great masters of astonishingly high wugong, even Zhao Jiangui cannot help but to concede, if the Hanya want to take his life, at least seven-tenths he will probably be clearly killed by them.

But he's not worried at all.

Although Ji Han's swordsmanship is somewhat inferior to his own, the Demon Sect has tight security, how can the Demon Sect Leader be so easy to just kill.

XIao Lin says, "We don't at all know which people in the sect have already been bribed, or even if Jiaozhu's closest guards could also raise their hand against him."

Zhao Jiangui hesitates slightly, "Which people want to kill him?"

Xiao Lin says, "Jiaozhu's age is too young, his base is shallow, he's also slow to agree to set out against the Haoran Alliance, so already some in the sect are resentful."

Zhao Jiangui's head is already so shaken today having seen the appearances of Hua Hufa and Wen Zhanglao.

Xiao Lin, "Zhao Daxia, if you succeed in seduction, you can still use pillowtalk to tell Jiaozhu things, drive a wedge between him and the Demon Sect's Hufa and the elders. If Jiaozhu dies, the Demon Sect's few elders and Hufa will determine who will be elected and posted as the sect leader. At this time, this move would reduce effect, they're mostly extremely shrewd and serious in their dispositions, there would be a lot of harm and no benefit for us."

Zhao Jiangui is forced to ask, "What does Mengzhu want me to do?"

Xiao Lin says, "Mengzhu naturally wishes Zhao Daxia to succeed as soon as possible, these few days...these few days, perhaps Zhao Daxia needs to be even more vigilant, take care to protect Jiaozhu a little."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

Xiao Lin stares at him anxiously.

Zhao Jiangui has no choice but to sigh a breath, "You don't need to worry, I am determined to protect Ji Han thoroughly."

Xiao Lin says happily, "Zhao Daxia, if you sincerely protect Jiaozhu, and Jiaozhu sees, his heart will also be delighted, and Zhao Daxia, he will certainly love you even more, ah!"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

Xiao Lin, "Zhao Daxia, everything depends on you!"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


寒鸦/hányā means jackdaw (a species of bird), but I left it as Hanya since it's the name of the organization.

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