The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 37
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Chapter 37

Zhao Jiangui finishes saying this sentence. He also thinks it's extremely overly sentimental and sickening. He doesn't dare look straight into Ji Han's eyes, forcing his eyes to look down at their mutually clasped hands.

Ji Han's hands are fair and lean, the bones of his fingers are thin and long, the space between his finger and thumb as well as his palm are slightly callused, and his fingernails are trimmed just perfectly.

These are sword-gripping hands.

But with regards to the people of Jianghu who travel far and wide, these hands are a bit too beautiful.

Ji Han is likely frightened by Zhao Jiangui's statement, dumbfounded for a very long while, completely forgetting to take back his hand.

The head maidservant falteringly opens her mouth to ask, "Jiaozhu, does this servant still need to go retrieve medicine?"

No one replies.

Just then Ji Han's spirit slowly returns.

He does his utmost in wishing to draw out his fingers one by one from Zhao Jiangui's hand.

Zhao Jiangui grasps tightly, but also this speech is honestly far too sickening, Ji Han's face can't help being somewhat slightly red.

Luckily Xiao Lin comes in holding a thick pile of ledgers.

"Jiaozhu, this is this year's ledgers from Mobei's seven divisions." Xiao Lin says, "Jiaozhu, please look them over."

Ji Han nods, orders that Xiao Lin first deliver the things to his study.

The head maidservant seizes the opportunity to slip out together with Xiao Lin.

Ji Han has a serious face as he says to Zhao Jiangui, "Fine, if you don't want to take medicine, I also won't make you."

Zhao Jiangui lets out a breath.

That's just fine.

Then can we call back the head maidservant who went to fetch the medicine?

Ji Han frowns silently a while, continues stiffly, talking downward, "You... After you eat, rest a little early."

Zhao Jiangui doesn't think it's inappropriate at all, only nods.

He doesn't have to take medicine, no problem!

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