The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 33
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Chapter 33

Xiao Lin asks Zhao Jiangui, "Even though Jiaozhu's alcohol tolerance is good, he isn't at all someone who recklessly drinks too much, how did Zhao Daxia actually get Jiaozhu drunk? This lowly person's heart is honestly curious."

Zhao Jiangui is forced to talk about last night's affairs one by one.

Xiao Lin's face is strange.

"Zhao Daxia." Xiao Lin opens his mouth with difficulty, "The elders ordered you to find a weak point that isn't swordsmanship."

Zhao Jiangui is somewhat at a loss.

Xiao Lin says, "A flaw experienced in nature."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

As a matter of fact, it's this way!

Holding onto a soft part of Ji Han's heart, properly able to do his utmost because of softness and weakness, ah!

Xiao Lin fishes out a booklet from his chest.

Xiao Lin, "Presumably originally that word book already isn't enough to handle all circumstances at once, this is the new book the seniors entrusted with me to give to Zhao Daxia."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


Zhao Jiangui takes the book and carefully reads it a few times over, Ji Han still hasn't returned.

Zhao Jiangui finds the content of the book rather doubtful, "Is this actually useful?"

Xiao Lin, "Very useful! Of course it's useful!"

Zhao Jiangui asks, "Ji Han will honestly believe it?"

Xiao Lin says, "Jiaozhu and you are the same, you're sword-crazy, never close to beautiful women,* he doesn't understand this bit, he should believe it."

Zhao Jiangui is confused for a long while, his reply at last comes, "Alright, I'll try."


*美色 comes up as charm or loveliness "(of a woman)" or beautiful/attractive woman, but I think this is just to imply that neither Ji Han nor Zhao Jiangui is familiar/experienced with romance

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