The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 31
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Chapter 31

Ji Han is lifeless a moment, suddenly returns to his body.

The waiting Wen Zhanglao doesn't know Zhao Jiangui's appearance at all. He's the Demon Sect Leader, if the Demon Sect Leader sleeps with a man, what of it?!

He thinks like this, his heart unavoidably has the confidence of finding a solution.

"Who let you all in." Ji Han speaks coldly, "Go to the meeting hall, I'll come shortly after."


Xiao Lin gazes at the clothes on the floor and ignorantly says, "Jiao... Jiaozhu, aren't those Zhao Daxia's clothes?"

Ji Han, "..."

Wen Zhanglao asks, "Zhao Daxia?"

Hua Hufa is also somewhat shocked, "The number one swordsman Zhao Jiangui?"

Xiao Lin seems to realize he committed a grave error, thumps onto his knees on the ground, shouts, "This subordinate doesn't want to die! Jiaozhu, spare me!"

Ji Han, "..."

It's hard to say whether the expression on Wen Zhanglao's face is cloudy or clear, but at long last he nevertheless humphs strongly, turns his head toward the meeting hall.

Hua Hufa covers her face for a while smiling, opens her mouth to say, "Jiaozhu, this subordinate will go to the meeting hall first, you...get dressed then come."

Ji Han, "..."

She goes two steps, turns her head back, smilingly mends her sentence, "Your figure is pretty good."

Ji Han, "..."

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